Evoking Eli

Eli & Jake don’t stay in their singlets long in Mat Rookies 1

I got a message this morning from none other than 2-time homoerotic wrestler of the month and all around homoerotic wrestling stud extraordinaire, Eli Black.  It seems that Blogger was acting up (yet again) and not allowing Eli to post a comment to my recent post on “Making Jake…,” the a-b-c’s of Jake Jenkins in action.  Here’s Eli’s 2 cents on the subject (or, knowing Eli, let’s just agree that the value of his thoughts are priceless):

Hey I got a comment for your Jake Jenkins post! So, ok, it was all nice to give someone else the spotlight, but enough is enough! Eli Black is here to turn your frowns into cheers! I could totally write a book, nay, a bible on the Eli Black abc-to-z’s! 1) It’s Eli Black’s world, in case you forgot. 2) I’m the best there is, plain and simple, and 3) I will be until anyone else can beat me fairly! Finally, 4)(z) my picture perfect abs, followed by my amazing ass! Point proven!!!

The extensive rivalry and, at the same time, grudging respect between Eli and Jake has been extensively documented.  But it seems there’s a limit to the Eli’s willingness to let Jake soak up the attention!  Fuck, I love it when my favorite homoerotic wrestlers grab us by the ears and demand our total loyalty!

Eli puts Jake in his place!

As is my way, I absolutely have to parse out Eli’s comment in agonizing detail.  My first observation is that some smart-ass might try to point out that Eli seems to be confusing a-b-c’s with 1-2-3’s.  I, however, could easily picture me getting my ass kicked for being that particular smart ass, so I’m on board with any way at all that Eli wants to countdown his credentials to utter greatness!

“…Primus, meaning number one!”

I’m also compelled to point out that a wrestler who goes out of his way to trash talk even the mere musing of fans about other wrestlers is h-h-h-ot!  Damn it all, Eli’s ego alone could put a match-ending rear choke on most opponents.  For any poor bastard who hasn’t seen Eli in action, let me just assure you that his wrestling and MMA skills are every bit as devastating as his razor sharp wit and soul crushing banter.

Picture. Perfect.

And finally, I love a man who appreciates his own assets, and Eli’s put his finger on precisely why he’s got an army of homoerotic wrestling fans salivating like Pavlov’s dog the moment we hear he’s got a new release.  Picture perfect abs.  Truly amazing ass.


Point taken, Eli.  I still plan to continue the Making Jake series, but I’d be completely insane to miss the opportunity to also initiate an “Evoking Eli” series to review even more of the a-b-c’s (or 1-2-3’s) of living in Eli Black’s world!

Eli treats the rookie Namen to an up close look at his amazing ass!  Lucky son of a bitch…

Thanks for the read and the reminder, Eli.  We’re truly awed to have you here to turn our frowns into cheers!

Eli’s watching us to make sure we’re watching him. You’ve got my attention,  Primus! 

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