More Olympic Spirit

There nearly wasn’t a divers’ edition of the fictional homoerotic wrestling competition in my imagination and on the pages of this blog.  But the boys of the boards have some hardcore wrestling fan lobbyists.  In case you’re new to the Olympic Spirit series, keep in mind that this is fiction. I don’t imagine that many/any of the athletes are, in fact, accomplished professional wrestlers.  These characters’ proclivities toward sadism, masochism, underhandedness, petulance, or homoerotic wrestling kink are entirely inventions of my imagination.  With one notable exception in this particular round robin, the actual sexual orientations of the boys featured are unknown or at least largely uninteresting to me.  It’s fiction, and in my imagination, all hot, hard-bodied hunks love homoerotic wrestling as much as you and I do!  So set the pro wrestling ring up poolside, pack the stands with the likes of you and me, and bring out the diving speedo boys. They’re done with diving and ready to throw down for the gold that matters most to us.
American Troy Dumais – 5’6″, 150 lbs., 32 y/o
American Troy Dumais has been a fixture in world class diving for over a decade, but he reached the top tier of homoerotic wrestling divers in just the past three years.  He competed in the final gold medal match following the diving World Cup six months ago, suffering a brutal loss to the Australian megastar, Matt “M ‘n’ M” Mitcham.  Despite the humiliating defeat, it was Troy’s best showing in his homoerotic wrestling career.  The rip and strip match also earned him the nickname “D-Train,” and all eyes are on his biggest bulge in the competition when Troy strolls out of the locker room and climbs into the ring wearing navy blue speedos with a red pouch accentuating his two handfuls of fun stuffed in his trunks.

China’s Kai Qin – 5’7″, 143 lbs., 26 y/o
Troy’s opponent is the Chinese terminator, “unstoppable” Kai Qin.  On the 3 meter springboard, at least, Kai’s been dominating the world like a fucking machine!  However, the master of the boards stayed out of the extramural homoerotic wrestling competitions until the World Cup this past February.  Although China’s national athletic program has been determined to dominate the world in everything they set their mind to, Kai went down in a brutally one-sided mauling in the early qualifying rounds in February, choking out a wailing submission with Mexico’s Yahel Castillo Huerta’s cock halfway down his throat.  However here in London, Kai cleared the qualifying rounds easily, and the rumor mill is buzzing that  China has hired top-tier wrestling porn stars to make sure that the gold is their’s this time around.  Kai is cool as ice as he strolls along poolside, slowly but confidently, approaching the ring in minuscule black and red speedos.
The moment he climbs through the ropes, the Chinese superstar sneers across the ring at Troy and flexes his biceps.  He studies his muscles adoringly for several seconds, pumping his arms and making the veins on his baseball bi’s rise to the surface.  Finally, his gaze returns to his opponent, tilting his head inquiringly as if to ask silently, “What do you think of that?”  Troy strolls across the ring and flexes his right bicep directly in front of Kai’s, giving a head-to-head comparison for the applauding crowd.  The American is strong, but there’s no denying that Kai’s bi’s are bigger.  Kai shoves Troy’s arm away dismissively and laces his fingers behind his head, slowly contracting his muscles in a wave extending down his torso and legs.  His peaked abdominals flash rock-hard, his muscles narrowed around his wasp-thin waist.  Rising to the challenge, Troy does likewise in a side-by-side comparison.  Again, the American’s abs are carved beautifully, but his muscle development is less symmetrical, his hips wider, his physique less aesthetically perfect. Kai points his right toe, squeezing his massive quads and slowly rotating his leg back and forth, displaying his gorgeous lower body.  Troy follows suit, again unmistakably falling short in a side-by-side.  The Chinese hunk contemptuously steps in front of him, places his fists on his hips and strikes a beautiful lat spread.  His width isn’t stunning, but his shoulders are molded, his lean pecs become a roadmap of stunning vascularity.  Troy steps in front of him and strikes an identical pose, demonstrating his wider wingspan and slightly broader shoulders.  Like lightening, Kai jabs his heel into the back of Troy’s knees, dropping the American to his knees.  A split second later, the Chinese hunk flings him backward by two handfuls of the American’s hair.  Troy’s head bounces of the mat and he quickly rolls into a ball on his side, cradling the back of his head.  Kai moves as if to pounce on top of his stunned opponent, but the roar of the crowd catches his attention.  One hand behind his head, he flexes his abs and a single bicep and plants the sole of his right foot on Troy’s head. The typically stoic diver cracks a one-sided grin as he soaks in the rising cheers from the stands.  The fans from behind him begin to stomp, and Kai turns around and flexes a double bicep for them, his speedo revealing that he’s turned on by their adoration.  He steps into the nearest corner and climbs to the middle turnbuckle, making his baseball biceps bounce in another double bi.  The gorgeous Chinese hunk is already intoxicated with the taste of victory when he feels the right fist of his opponent pounding his balls. Troy has easily snuck up from behind the over-confident diver and like the calm, cool veteran he is, he makes the most of Kai’s mistakes.  He hoists the Chinese stud across his shoulders for only a second before bouncing him back off and sending Kai soaring through the air and crash landing on his side in the middle of the ring.
Troy is far too savvy to give his opponent even a second to recover.  He drags Kai up by a fistful of hair and then drops him back to his knees with a vicious knee to the balls.  Immediately, Troy drags him back up by his hair, only to drop him again with still another nasty knee lift to his testicles.  A third time up by the hair and down again with a knee to the crotch leaves Kai weeping, leaning limply into the American.  Holding him up by a fistful of hair, Troy digs deep into his own trunks and pulls out his legendary D-Train, hooking his trunks underneath his massive balls.  The crowd is on their feet as the chant begins, “D-Train, D-Train, D-Train!”  Kai winces as he’s humiliatingly dick whipped across the face, each slap making Troy’s cock swell.  A shove to the forehead and the Chinese hopeful topples weakly to his back.  Immediately, Troy straddles his chest, folding Kai’s legs over, pinning his shoulders to the mat.  Troy pivots his hips backward and plunges his hard rod into his opponent’s mouth.  Kai chokes and sputters, but he’s securely pinned as the American slaps down a slow 3-count, playfully sliding his cock in and out with each count.  Victoriously, he climbs to his feet and pumps his fists in the air as the crowd rages, celebrating the American’s win and fiercely appreciative of his fully erect cock pointing toward the nose-bleed seats.
Australian Matthew “M ‘n’ M” Mitcham – 5’9″, 148 lbs., 24 y/o
Aussie rower Sam “Spock” Loch – 6’2″, 193 lbs., 29 y/o
Once the combatants from the first match make it back to the locker room, there’s considerable confusion amid the cacophony that greets the next athletes to emerge.  The Australian contender for the individual gold, “Marvelous” Matt “M ‘n’ M” Mitcham, wearing solid yellow square cuts, is led to the ring by gold medalist homoerotic wrestling rower, and fellow Aussie, Sam Loch.  Sam is in the Aussie national team green warm-ups as he leads the way across the pool deck.  When they reach ringside, Sam firmly rubs down his lean countryman, massaging Matt’s muscles from head to toe while offering last minute coaching.  Matt shakes his limbs loose as Sam climbs up to the ring apron and sits on the middle rope, pressing the top rope up to assist Matt as he climbs into the ring.  Sam reaches through the ropes and lands a sharp slap across Matt’s hot, hard glutes, and then hops off the ring apron to take a seat the in the front row of the stands.  Oddsmakers have put Matt as the prohibitive favorite in this match up, after having largely dominated homoerotic wrestling diving competitions for the past three years.  He’s famously known to have promised that he’d retire from diving if it weren’t for the fact that he’d no longer qualify for the wrestling competitions that follow the world class diving meets.
Britain’s Tom Daley – 5’10”, 163 lbs., 18 years (and 2 months) old
Matt’s opponent is making the most hotly anticipated homoerotic wrestling debut in history.  British it-boy, Tom “The Bomb” Daley has been competing in world class competitive diving since he was 9 years old, and he made his biggest/smallest splash competing in the 2008 Olympics at the age of 14.  The other divers have been circling “The Bomb” like sharks for the past two years, waiting for the minute the babyface Brit turns 18 and is eligible to compete in the homoerotic wrestling circuit.  The magic day occured just two months ago, and the teen dream’s debut in the ring comes in front of the biggest audience in the world in his own hometown. His qualifying  matches packed in standing-room-only crowds as the hometown hero babyface shocked highly ranked Mexican Yahel Castillo Huerta, and then followed up with an equally shocking hogtied humiliation all over Aussie Ethan Warren.  Tanned, toned, and sexy as hell in his bulging white trunks with red and blue trim, for the gold medal match Tom walks the distance between the locker room and the ring like he owns the place. Between the hometown crowd and fans of hot young meat, the roar from the stands is deafening as he climbs up to the ring apron and steps through the ropes.  Matt smiles and nods appreciatively, head tilted as he looks his beautiful young opponent up and down. A quick adjustment to the pouch of his trunks suggests that Tom seems to like what he sees, as well.  The hungry hunks circle the ring briefly before jostling for position in a collar and elbow tie up.  The young Brit takes advantage of his extra muscle to press his opponent, step by step, backward into the ropes.  Matt lifts his hands, calling for a clean break off the ropes.  Tom gently pats the Aussie’s chest good-naturedly and then releases him, taking a step backward.  When Matt pushes himself off the ropes, the Brit prodigy suddenly swings his right fist, driving it deep into the Aussie’s lower abs.  Matt stumbles backward and sags in the ropes, his right arm clutched defensively across his abdomen.  Tom drags him by his right wrist off the ropes and sends the Aussie sprinting across the ring, catapulted off the ropes, and sprinting back.  The Brit dives forward and lands a pounding shoulder block high into his opponent’s chest, knocking the Aussie to his back with a loud bang.  Tom “The Bomb” demonstrates remarkable ring savvy and maturity as he presses his advantage.  He stays focused on the Aussie’s core, dragging him into a corner to use him as a punching bag, then delivering a barrage of knee lifts in the ropes, and finally lifting the Aussie off his feet only to drop him, abs-first, across his outstretched thigh.  His pacing is impeccable. He’s methodical and unhurried, but the teen dream sets up each move well before his opponent has time to recover from the last.  The fans are on their feet and driven wild with excitement for their hometown hero.  No one predicted the rookie could so dominate the most successful homoerotic wrestling diver on the circuit.  Matt is clearly wearing thin from the sustained assault when he finds himself on his knees in front of the teenage phenom, unable to defend himself from having his head locked between the Brit’s lightly hairy legs.  It’s the first element in what has quickly become Tom “The Bomb’s” signature finisher: the powerbomb.

The crowd begins chanting, “Bomb! Bomb! Bomb!” as Tom laces his fingers behind his head and swivels his hips, showing off his hot abs while cranking painfully on his opponent’s neck trapped between his thighs.  His trunks are tented and liberally stained with precum.  He leans forward and yanks on the back of Matt’s trunks, giving him a wedgie as he pulls the Aussie off his knees.  Quickly, he hooks his arms around the Aussie’s waist, lifting him off his feet and rolling him over his shoulder, suspending him across his back by his shoulders.  Matt hangs in a crucifix, fear in his eyes as the ripped teenager parades him around the ring. Tom hoists him high overhead, positioning him for the powerbomb.  He starts to lean forward to drive Matt’s upper back to the mat when he freezes.  The savvy Aussie has hooked his ankles around the top ring rope, just within reach.  Tom’s arms quiver, and suddenly buckle from the strain of holding his opponent up.  Matt drops to his knees behind him, nearly toppling the Brit backward.  By the time Tom rights himself and turns around to face his the Aussie, Matt has gathered his wits and swiftly yanks down the teenage phenom’s trunks.  Tom’s lovely, long cock and hairy balls tumble out, his hot rod hard and pointed directly at Matt’s face.  The Aussie grabs the shaft of the British beef in both hands, and almost instantly Tom winces, nearly doubles over, and then shoots a jet of cum that splashes off the Aussie’s chest and ricochets to the mat.  Matt yanks the teen dream’s feet out from underneath him, and Tom slams to his back just as a second jet of cum erupts, shooting up and over his shoulder and staining the mat next to his face.  His trunks are violently yanked off his ankles and even as an astonishing third pump of cum dribbles out, Matt spreads the Britboy’s legs wide, capturing Tom’s left leg between the Aussie’s legs and prying wide Tom’s right leg with one hand.  With his free hand, the Aussie claws the beautiful Brit’s hairy balls, making The Bomb’s lower back bridge off the mat and a scream rip from his throat.  The teen dream slaps the mat frantically and begs to be let go. “P-p-p-uh-lease!  Oh fuck! I give up!”  The submission instantly subdues the crowd.  Boos and grumblings pepper the stands.  But they grow nearly silent when Matt lets go of the ball claw, but maintains the crotch ripping spread-eagle, stroking his free hand down the length of the Britboy’s lightly hairy, sweaty legs lustfully. The Aussie veteran is taking full advantage of delivering the teen dream’s first humiliating defeat, owning his body and playing him like a musical instrument.  The Aussie’s hand slowly finds its way back to the teen’s still erect cock, and another two minutes of working it strokes Tom to yet another, slightly less productive eruption.  Tom lies in a pool of his own sweat and cum when he feels Matt’s lips brush his own.  He opens his eyes just in time to see the Aussie’s foot stomp down on his chest as Matt flexes his biceps for the reluctantly impressed crowd.

20 minutes later, Troy jogs confidently out of the locker room and arrives for the gold medal match in a navy blue thong.  His pouch swings wildly with each step, and each pendulum swing makes the stands roar that much louder.  Leaping into the ring and pumping his fists in the air, he acknowledges the chants already beginning to pulse through the crowd: “D-Train! D-Train! D-Train!”  He bounces his bulge in the palm of his right hand, shooting the stands a sly wink that makes them chant louder. With the fans solidly at his back, Troy perches atop the top turnbuckle in one corner to await his opponent’s arrival.

Matt’s choice of gear is inspired!
The wait grows awkward as minutes pass by.  The chant of “D-Train” starts to die out when finally M ‘n’ M walks out of the locker room and across the pool deck, once again accompanied by his gold medalist countryman and muscle beast companion, Sam Loch.  Matt has a towel wrapped around his tiny waist as he strolls up to ringside.  Both he and Sam climb up to the ring apron as the crowd grows hushed.  Both Aussie studs slip inside the ring, and the stands erupt into cheers when Sam suddenly grabs Matt’s wrist and pumps his fist overhead. The noise nearly busts eardrums when abruptly Sam yanks the towel away from Matt’s waist to reveal that the Aussie has arrived to wrestle for the gold completely naked.

Sam gives Troy a wink as he steps through the ropes and drops to the pool deck, carrying Matt’s towel across his shoulder as he takes his seat in the stands.  It’s lost on no one that this is a rematch from the gold medal match at the World Cup just a few months ago.  Troy remains perched in the corner, staring impassively down at his naked opponent as Matt stands with his hands on his hips, staring back.  When the American finally hops off the turnbuckle, the action starts fast and furious.  Troy puts Matt to his back with a sweep of his right leg, but he can’t press his advantage before the naked Aussie is back on his feet.  Matt snaps on a side headlock, grinding his knuckles into Troy’s temple for a few seconds before hip tossing him to his back.  The Aussie tries to maintain the headlock on the mat, but the American kicks free and both hunks get to their feet at the same time.  An approach for a collar and elbow is just a feint, as Troy drives the ball of his right foot into his opponent’s lower abdomen.  When Matt doubles forward clutching his gut, the American hanks the Aussie’s elbows backward, pulls him off his feet by his trapped arms, and drives Matt face-first into the mat.  Troy clamps on his own side-headlock, returning the favor for the knuckles to his temple earlier.  The Aussie fights his way to his knees after a couple of minutes and busts free from the hold with two sharp elbows to Troy’s ribs.  Both wrestlers simultaneously sprint toward the ropes on opposite sides of the ring and are catapulted off the ropes toward one another.  Both savvy veterans clearly have the same idea, right arms outstretched and catching one another at exactly the same moment with identical clotheslines across the throat.  They’re both driven hard to their backs, their heads bouncing off of the mat, and neither wrestler moves for a moment.  The crowd is on their feet, now evenly divided in pulling for either stud.  Troy is the first to pull his head off the mat groggily, but Matt is first to climb to his knees.  He dives on top of his opponent, straddling Troy’s chest and slamming the back of his head to the mat by his ears.  Matt’s cock dangles directly over head as Troy’s eyes roll into the back of his head, seriously dazed.  Reaching behind him, Matt rips the navy blue thong off of him with one violent jerk.  Pressing it to his nose, the Aussie breathes in his opponent’s scent, making his eyes flutter.  Then he stuffs the string and pouch into Troy’s mouth.  Before the American is fully aware of what’s happening, the Aussie climbs over Troy’s head, sitting down directly overhead.  He positions Troy’s head between his legs, resting on the Aussie’s swelling cock.  Matt squeezes his opponent’s captured head between his silky smooth thighs and then reaches forward and snags Troy’s left leg by the knee.  He folds Troy up by his captured leg, stretching the American’s hamstring until his ankle is hooked under the Aussie’s arm and Troy’s hamstring quivers in agony.  The American champ is locked up tight, his naked ass rolled up humiliatingly as he desperately attempts to kick his free leg to yank himself free.  He’s going nowhere.  Matt lands a couple of taunting punches to the American’s vulnerable chest.  Troy’s energy is fading and, more importantly, his confidence that he can escape and continue to battle on wanes.  Matt signals for silence, and the crowd obediently grows hushed after about 2 minutes of the stump puller.  “Time to give it up, old man!” the Aussie barks down at him.  “Your ass is, once again, all mine, mate!”  Troy whimpers like a wounded animal, his body convulsing in a fresh wave of desperation.  But when Matt pulls back on his captured leg another fraction of an inch, the American wails, “I submit!!!!”  The Aussie gold medalist releases the leg and scissors and climbs up, pinning Troy’s shoulders to the mat underneath his knees.  The gorgeous gold medalist lowers his naked ass across the American’s face, slides left and right to really shove Troy’s nose up between his cheeks, and then flexes a double bicep pose that brings the crowd to their feet, unquestioningly delighted by the gold medal victory.

Kai is back for another try at China’s first gold medal.
Mexico’s Yahel Castillo Huerta – 5’6″, 146 lbs., 25 y/o

A half an hour later four teams make their way to the ring to determine the tag team gold.  Curious applause greets Kai Qin when he climbs up to the ring apron with his chosen partner, Mexican hottie Yahel Castillo Huerta. Kai passed over his highly accomplished Chinese diving teammates to select the hot Mexican stud who handed him his first homoerotic wrestling defeat.  Standing on the ring apron by their corner, Yahel holds the back of Kai’s head and speaks feverishly in his ear as the Chinese superstar nods.  The two wear matching black and red speedos.

Troy Dumais anchors team America.
American David Boudia – 5’8″, 154 lbs., 23 y/o.

Troy Dumais earns an enthusiastic roar of appreciation from the crowd for his outstanding showing in individual competition when he comes jogging across the pool deck with his young partner, fellow American David Boudia. Troy wears a navy blue and white speedo, and his partner sports a complimentary red and white speedo.

Tom “The Bomb” Daley is feeling the heat for gold.
Britain’s other teen dream, Chris Mears – 5’8″, 154 lbs., 19 y/o

Once again, the loudest welcome is for team Great Britain, as semi-finalist sex bomb Tom Daley trots across the pool deck side by side with Britain’s other teen dream, smoking hot 19 year old pretty boy Christopher Mears.  Both handsome hotties wear matching white speedos with blue and red trim.  They’re the youngest team in Olympic homoerotic wrestling history, and what they lack in ring experience they more than make up for in hometown advantage. The stands are shaking with the stomps and shouts of excitement when Tom and Chris climb onto the ring apron. They pump their fists in the air, acknowledging the roaring crowd.

Australian Ethan Warren (5’8″, 159 lbs., 20 y/o) joins Matt Mitcham in pursuit of team gold.
When team Australia strolls across the pool deck, the crowds are divided in their reaction.  There’s plenty of enthusiastic cheering for the bare naked beatdown that gold medalist Matt “M ‘n’ M” Mitcham dished out all over Troy Dumais, but a furious contingent of Brit loyalists boo the gold medalist, still resenting his crushing defeat of the hopes and dreams of their barely legal Brit champion, Tom.  Going for team gold, Matt has selected his highly competitive countryman, Ethan Warren, to accompany him into battle wearing matching, minuscule green speedos.  As the Aussies take their corner, Ethan glares furiously across the ring at Tom. The proud Aussie is clearly still smarting from his humiliating loss to the teen dream in qualifying rounds, in which Tom “The Bomb” knocked him senseless with a powerbomb, pinned him for the 3-count, and then stripped Ethan on the way to using his trunks to hogtie his arms and legs and leave him in the ring, relying on the medics to extricate him. Glaring across the ring, Ethan points threateningly at Tom and shouts profanities that are drowned out by the roaring crowd.  Matt grabs his teammate’s face in his hands until Ethan calms down.  The gold medalist plants a kiss on Ethan’s mouth, which makes the furious Aussie finally crack a smile. The two embrace, Matt patting the back of Ethan’s head consolingly.
Aussie hunk Ethan has his sights set on revenge.
Handsome young American hunk David is eager to bring home the gold.
Ethan and David square off to begin the 4-way gold medal match.  The two are nearly perfectly matched pound for pound and inch for inch. As they begin circling the ring, Ethan veers toward the Brits’ corner and takes a wild swing at Tom’s face, but the teen dream easily backs away out of reach and smiles coyly as the Aussie continues to circle, keeping his eyes primarily on the American in the ring.  When the game of cat and mouse finally concludes, the two lean hunks crash together in the center of the ring, jockeying for position and leverage.  The Aussie catches David off balance and pulls him forward, dropping the American with a thud to his knees.  A spinning kick to the back of the handsome hunk’s head sends David toppling like timber, clutching the back of his head and writhing on the mat.  Ethan points at Tom and then at the American at his feet, signaling that he’s got the same plan in store for the “The Bomb.”  For the next five minutes, the aggressive Aussie unleashes one devastating, high impact move after another all over his opponent’s beautiful body.  Repeated scoop slams tenderize the American’s lower back.  Leaping knee drops into David’s spine makes his limbs jerk and spasm uncontrollably.  Flung across the ring and bouncing off the ropes, a foot to the gut followed by a rapid fire bulldog leaves the American in the fetal position, far from the reprieve of any corner.  Ethan is like a machine, each devastating maneuver followed by an icy cold stare and wordless promise toward Tom.  His over the knee backbreaker makes David wail, but when he scoops the American back up and drives him down again, and again, and again across his thigh, Ethan nearly knocks the junior partner of the American team out cold from the pain.  Troy climbs the middle turnbuckle and stretches himself over the rope as far as possible, pleading for his partner to tag him in, but even if he could reach, David is bashed nearly to oblivion.  When Ethan yanks the Yank’s trunks down in yet another over the knee backbreaker and grabs hold of his shaved balls, David screams.  After a half a minute of squeezing the claw with the American draped limply over Ethan’s thigh, David passes out from the pain.  Rolling him off his knee and planting his foot on the lovely American’s chest, Ethan counts out a humiliating 3-count while flashing a most muscular pose aimed squarely at the British corner.
Quickly, Troy finds himself without a partner.
Troy dives through the ropes, but comes up short when Ethan crouches low, arms raised, ready to take on the senior American partner.  Matt shouts for his partner to tag him in, and Ethan obediently backs to his corner cautiously, eyes on the American, and tags in the gold medalist for yet another show down between Matt and Troy.
M ‘n’ M is hungry for more

As they begin circling, the American is unmistakably unsettled.  Matt grabs his own crotch and gives Troy a wink.  When the Aussie takes the initiative and charges, the American backs away, clearly intimidated by the gold medalist eyeing him like a steak dinner.  Matt bounces Troy off the ropes and sends him sprinting to the other side of the ring.  As Troy turns and leans into the top rope, preparing to be catapulted back, from the ring apron Ethan lands a brutal kick into the American’s lower back.  Troy drops face first to the mat, his right hand stretched behind his back.  A half a second later, Matt drops a knee into the back of his head.  Troy’s head bounces off the mat and the American rolls to his side, revealing his crushed nose spewing blood like a faucet.  He’s defenseless, but the gold medalist takes the time to drag him across the ring on his back and stack David, still out cold, on top of him.  Straddling David’s ass, the Aussie pumps his finger in the air as the crowd joins in the count.  “ONE! TWO! THREE!”  The American’s are summarily dismissed from gold medal contention.  While the remaining two teams eye one another to decide who faces the imposing Aussie team next, Matt and Ethan drag the Americans from the ring and leave them in a heap on the pool deck.

Kai takes coaching from his corner.

Kai finally ducks through the ropes to take up the challenge, as Yahel rubs his shoulders firmly and shouts last minute coaching advice.  Matt eyes the Chinese hunk with a sideways grin as the two begin to circle the ring, but rather than lock up, Matt suddenly tags in his partner instead.  Ethan quickly climbs back in and charges.  He backs Kai into the ropes and drives a stunning knee to the Chinese hunk’s lower abdomen.  A whip off the ropes sends Kai sprinting across the ring and back again.  He smoothly ducks under the Aussie’s clothesline attempt and bounces off the ropes once more.  A second clothesline attempt from Ethan earns the Aussie two soaring feet to the face as the leaping Chinese stud lands a flying drop kick.  The crowds are on their feet cheering the stunning display of athleticism, but as his partner coaches him from the corner, Kai remains focused on capitalizing on his advantage.  He attacks the Aussie’s powerful legs, lifting his ankles and driving heel strikes into Ethan’s hamstrings.  Ethan flops like a fish, trying to kick free, but Kai translates every command from his corner into instant, vicious destruction.  “Side of the knee!” Yahel barks and in a flash the Chinese hunk kicks savagely into the side of Ethan’s right knee.  “Twist the ankle!” the Mexican stud shouts, and instantly Kai drops the Aussie’s left leg and pins that ankle to the mat with his foot, then sharply twists Ethan’s right ankle outward, prying on the Aussie’s toes to add that much more agony.  Ethan reaches for his right knee, whimpering, but another command barked from Yahel results in a smooth, fast transition to a figure-4 leglock, with Kai arching his back to make the trapped Aussie scream.  Bridging off the mat, the Chinese hunk’s trunks are stretched to capacity. He may be a rookie, but he’s clearly got a taste for dominating the competition!

The Teen Dream Team isn’t about to lift a finger to help Ethan.

Ethan strains to reach his partner’s outstretched hand, but they’re miles apart.  The Aussie suffers, his face contorted in silent agony punctuated by wails uncontrollably escaping from his throat.  Yahel applauds his partner from the corner.  It’s all going Kai’s way until the tenacious young Aussie slowly begins to stretch his shoulder off the mat, twisting his torso and slowly prying both wrestlers to the side.  Kai’s hips drop to the mat and he flexes his rock hard thighs, trying to rip Ethan’s knee apart before he can mount any further attempt at a counter.  But the Aussie’s legs are freakishly strong, and he endures the tendon-stretching agony to slowly, finally muscle himself over to his stomach.  Abruptly the pressure on the knees reverses, with Kai’s knee suddenly stretched to the limit.  Ethan lifts his shoulders off the mat, adding leverage to the reversed figure-4 and making the Chinese hunk cry out in anguish.  Slowly, Kai rolls to his side, twisting Ethan to his side with him.  The balance teeters back and forth as they struggle for top.  Suddenly, Kai’s fist drives into the side of Ethan’s quad.  Their legs spring apart and both men struggle to drag themselves across the ring.  Ethan is close to the British corner, and he easily makes it there well before Kai can reach Yahel.  Ethan stretches his hand out, pleading for a tag-in, but the Teen Dream Team fold their arms across their chests and turn their backs on him, both lovely young hunks refusing to take the tag.  Ethan is still pleading when Yahel’s heel drives into the middle of his back.

Dominating an opponent makes Yahel excited!

The Mexican stud stomps the living shit out the Aussie!  From head to toe, Yahel pounds inch by inch down the length of the Aussie’s body, lingering for several nasty stomps to Ethan’s already damaged right knee. The crowd grows hushed at the depth of brutality. Ethan’s limbs bounce and quiver even after his opponent takes a step back for a quick breather.  He’s still well within reach of the British corner, but the Teen Dream Team continues to adamantly refuse to make any attempt to take the tag he continues to plead for.  Yahel places each foot on the back of the Aussie’s knees and laces their ankles together, snags Ethan’s wrists, and pries the Aussie hunk’s upper body rolling off the mat.  Slowly lowering himself to his back, Yahel suspends Ethan overhead, effectively using the Aussie’s own weight to pry apart his shoulders and knees.  The Aussie wails in agony as his teammate pleads with him from across the ring to endure, but it only takes about 10 seconds before he’s screaming, “I GIVE! I GIVE!!!”

Matt’s back to redeem team Australia

Matt dives through the ropes in an instant, but the savvy Mexican diver dumps Ethan and swiftly rises to his feet to defend himself.  Tom and Chris delight in dragging Ethan under the ropes and stomping on him a few more times before dumping him to the pool deck. Inside the ring, Matt and Yahel eye one another warily.  They’re old adversaries, and 9 times out of 10, the Aussie has bested Yahel.  But a quick snag of Matt’s head, and he’s bent forward in a skull crushing side-headlock, being dragged to Yahel’s corner.  A quick tag-in and Kai climbs to the top turnbuckle and drops an elbow down between the gold medalist’s shoulder blades.  Matt drops to his knees, his upper back arched in pain.  Now on the ring apron, Yahel reaches through the ropes and grabs the Aussie by the hair, banging his face into the middle turnbuckle.  Matt is dazed as Kai drags him by his ankles farther into the ring, leaving him flat on his back as the Chinese high flyer leaps over him and climbs to the top turnbuckle again.

Kai’s acrobatics off the top turnbuckle

Facing outside the ring, Kai jumps straight up, spinning in a blur of a double sommersault before splashing down belly to belly on the Aussie.  He quickly hops off, and Matt’s body pikes, his head and feet levitating off the mat as he clutches his arms across his abs breathlessly.  Again, Kai positions himself on the top turnbuckle, pauses, and then leaps.  The double sommersault is stunningly fast and perfectly executed.  His muscled body is a blur as he spins in mid-air and then stretches himself for the splash down.  Unfortunately for Kai, the veteran Aussie lifts his knees to his chest at the last possible second.  Kai’s chest crashes into his opponent’s shins, knocking the air out of his lungs and sending the Chinese hunk sprawling, half inside and half outside the ring, draped across the middle ring rope.

Yahel squats on the ring apron trying to rouse his partner when the Aussie, coated in sweat and breathing like a freight train, is on his feet and dragging Kai back inside the ring by his ankles.  He rolls the Chinese hunk to his back and drops his ass down hard across Kai’s world famous abs.  Kai still struggles for air when he feels Matt’s fingers dig deep at the edges of his pecs, grinding his thumbs into the meaty center of the muscle and pulling hard, threatening to rip him apart.  If he had any air in his lungs, Kai would be screaming.  But he doesn’t, so his mouth gapes open dumbly as the Aussie punishes him, sweat pouring down off of Matt’s brow into Kai’s eyes.

The brutal pec claw lingers long enough for Kai to finally inhale again, the precursor to his scream of pain.  Matt lets gravity do most of his work for him, leaning on his claws clamped tightly to his opponent’s lean pecs as the Aussie recuperates from his own hard knocks.  After a couple of minutes, Matt abruptly releases his claws and swings a vicious right hook cracking into Kai’s left check.  The Chinese hunk’s head lolls to the side.  He blinks rapidly, struggling to hold onto consciousness.  Matt is running close to empty still, though, and the savvy Aussie quickly climbs to his feet and marches across the ring to the British corner.  The Teen Dream Team have managed to stay completely out of the fray, unharmed and at full strength, to the determinant of Matt’s partner.  The Aussie will have no more of that shit, and even as Tom and Chris cross their arms to refuse the tag, Matt swings his fist into handsome Tom’s jaw.  The sex-bomb phenom is stunned, dropping to one knee and clutching his jaw in his right hand.  Reaching over the rope, Matt grabs Tom’s left hand, holds it up, and slaps it disgustedly.  Like it or not, team Great Britain is now officially in the match.

Time for the Teen Dream Team to get into the ring

As Matt climbs through the ropes and walks the ring apron to his own corner, a reluctant Tom climbs into the ring, still cradling his jaw in his hand.  Kai pulls himself up to a seated position, clutching his bright red pecs.  In a flash, the Brit closes the distance and drives his foot into the back of the Chinese hunk’s head.  At first Kai’s upper body is thrust forward, and then he falls to his back, his arms limp and outstretched.  Yahel pleads with is partner, barking commands that the Chinese hunk is too disoriented to understand.  Tom is fresh as a daisy and firmly established as a seriously vicious son of a bitch, so the crowd is on the edge of their seats anticipating his destruction of his opponent.

Tom eggs on the fans to show the love

They aren’t disappointed.  The teenage phenom stomps Kai into senselessness for a couple of minutes before picking the limp diver up by his hair and flinging him into the ropes.  Bouncing off the ropes and nearly collapsing, Kai is quickly snatched up in the young Brit’s arms, lifted off his feet in a bearhug, but then immediately driven to his back in a brutal powerslam.  Kai’s got nothing left.  He can’t even lift his head off the mat, until it’s yanked off the mat in the hands of his tormentor.  Tom shoves it between his lightly hairy thighs and locks it in tightly with Kai kneeling helplessly at his feet.  The crowd is on their feet again as Tom laces his fingers behind his head and swivels his hips, showing off his lovely abs.  He signals to the stands that he wants to hear their encouragement louder, and they obediently comply. The Chinese hunk is just so much dead weight when the Brit hoists him up, rolling him over his shoulder, and suspending him in a crucifix from his back.  Careful to stay clear of the ropes this time, Tom delivers “The Bomb” perfectly, driving the back of Kai’s head and shoulders into the mat.  The Chinese hunk sags, his knees on the mat by his head.  The Brit rolls him to his back, plants his crotch across his face, and slaps down a 3-count.

Yahel is pleased to control the Teen Dream

Yahel dives into the ring and manages to slap on a side headlock before the teenager can reach his feet. A rake across the eyes, makes the Brit drop to one knee and cry out in protest.  A thumb to his throat makes his protests dissolve into choking and sputtering.  Yahel’s foot planted in the middle of his back shoves Tom to his stomach, and the position quickly develops into a standing surfboard as the Mexican diver stretches the Brit’s arms behind his back.  It’s Chris’ turn to plead with his partner to hold out. With a stomp, Yahel releases Tom’s wrists and immediately drops his elbow between the teen dream’s shoulder blades.  The Mexican is on his feet quickly, but he waits for his opponent to climb weakly up to his hand and knees. Chris tries to warn him, but Tom doesn’t see it coming when Yahel lands a nasty kick between the Brit’s legs, actually lifting Tom off his knees a couple of inches and sending the teenager sprawling on his side, his hands tucked protectively over his balls and his knees pulled up to his chin.

The gold medalist wants another crack at possessing Tom’s body

Matt catches Yahel’s attention with a commanding shout. “I”ll take out that trash, mate!” Yahel shrugs and tags in the Aussie, apparently signaling an alliance against the Brits.  For the second time tonight, Matt grabs Tom’s trunks at the hips and forces them down his legs.  “The Bomb” tries to keep hold of his gear, but soon enough he’s once again naked and on his back in the middle of the ring.  “Damn, boy!” Matt laughs, “you can’t keep a good man down, can you!?” True enough, Tom’s cock is swelling even as the crowd strains their necks to get the best view they can of the veal cutlet.  Matt drags the naked hunk to his feet by his hair and yanks on his wrist to send the Brit sprinting into the ropes.  On his way back, Tom gets a knee to his lower abdomen that sends him skidding to a halt on his knees.  Dragging his opponent up by his hair again, Matt whips him into the rope and at the same time sprints backward, using the ropes behind him to launch him back into the ring and clothesline the young hunk viciously across the throat.  Tom’s body is wracked with spasms as he lies in the layers of sweat from so many shattered dreams.  Not satisfied quite yet, Matt drags the boy wonder up by his hair again.  He sends Tom sprinting into the ropes as the Aussie charges backward into the top rope on the opposite side.  But Yahel is hanging from that rope.  Matt just keeps leaning backward until he’s tumbling out of the ring, his right shoulder crashing into the ring apron before the rest of him tumbles in a heap on the pool deck.  Chris and the entire crowd of Brit fanatics scream for Tom to rally as Yahel lands a barrage of kicks to the dazed gold medalist’s head.  Tom has managed to make it up to one knee when the Mexican tosses the Aussie back into the ring by his trunks.

Tom rallies after an assist from Yahel
“The other teen dream” thinks he’s
packing more than the competition can handle.

Both men legally in the ring are brutalized, and it’s another race to make it to a corner to tag someone else in.  But having been stabbed in the back by Yahel, Matt realizes he’s got no where to turn even as Tom’s long arm reaches out and tags in the only man yet to have even lifted a finger so far, Chris.  Chris delivers a rolling series of snap suplexes that pound Matt’s back to the mat as he flops helplessly around the perimeter of the ring.  Taking a taste of retribution on behalf of his partner, Chris strips the gold medalist of his trunks and shoves them in the Aussie’s mouth before sitting on Matt’s face and pounding his fists into the his lobster red core.  The one sided squash goes on for a few minutes before Tom is on his feet on the ring apron.  When he sees his partner drag the Aussie to his feet and lock on a full nelson, leaving Matt hanging limply and totally exposed, Tom dives back into the ring for a 2-on-1 mugging.

The Teen Dream Team brutalizes the Aussie completely unfairly, but in front of this crowd, with Yahel not lifting a finger from his corner to protest, no one but Matt is complaining.  Tom drives fists into the gold medalists abs. He claws his lean pecs.  He uses Matt’s naked scrotum as a speed bag for a minute.  Chris whips the Aussie into the ropes and catches him in a bearhug when he bounces off, twisting and then powerslamming him to the mat.  As he climbs off, Tom drops a leg across the Aussie’s throat.  Chris rolls the gold medalist up, cradling him in his lap as he winds his right arm across the Aussie’s throat.  With his teammate choking the Aussie out, Tom kneels between Matt’s legs and strokes the Aussie’s cock vigorously until, nearly unconscious, his body jerks and quivers as cum shoots up onto his smooth, pale pecs.  Matt’s eyes close. His face goes slack.  Tom lifts the Aussie’s right hand and lets it fall lifelessly back to the mat.  Tom insists on counting the gold medalist out while straddling his neck, his cock shoved in the unconscious Aussie’s slack mouth.

The crowd is roaring and on their feet as the Teen Dream Team climbs to their feet and hug, congratulating one another.  It’s a touching scene for the hometown pretty boys until they both turn just in time to take a double clothesline from Yahel, soaring off the top turnbuckle.  Before the world stops spinning for Chris, he finds himself locked up tight in a figure-4 choke, Yahel’s shin pressing squarely across his throat.  The British fans are screaming in protest, but the Mexican stud simultaneously wraps his right arm around Tom’s neck, clamping on a perfectly positioned sleeper.  Tom is out cold in less than a minute, but it takes another minute to squeeze consciousness out of handsome Chris.  The chorus of boos rises threateningly as Yahel positions the Teen Dream Team side by side in the middle of the sweat-soaked ring.  With one hand planted on each Brit hunk’s chest, he does push-ups, counting out the dream-crushing pinfall. “One!  Two!  Three!”  He hops to his feet and pumps his fists in the air.  Catching sight of Kai on the pool deck, leaning on the ring apron, he helps his partner climb back inside the ring and together they stand hand in hand, fists raised in victory.

Kai climbs back in the ring to celebrate team gold
Yahel makes homoerotic wrestling gold look easy!

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