Well, my review yesterday of Thunder’s Arena’s Halloween Havoc match between Brendan Cage and Braden Charron generated the thoughtful conversation and, perhaps, a little bit of controversy.  Controversy is probably much too strong a word for it, but it’s a word that sounds like something serious and important happened, so I’ll stick with it just for the gravitas.  However, no one seemed to be too negatively provoked by my marveling at Thunder’s Arena’s Austin Wolf doing Randy Blue a few days ago, so for the moment, I’ll go back to more unanimous territory there.

Austin Wolf wrestles himself

Yowza!  I still haven’t re-upped my “premium” membership in RB, but I just discovered that my lapsed pay membership from years ago reverted to a free “basic” membership that gives me free preview pics and videos.  Score.  So I’m able to get my hands all over portions of Austin’s delightful performances, including both his solo video and his (by all appearances) aggressively hard pounding sexual domination of Nicco Sky.

Nicco Sky isn’t sure what he signed up for when Austin shoves him to his back
The closest that Randy Blue appears to get to stroking my wrestling kink with Austin is that he seems to shove and bully Nicco a bit.  Hot? Yes.  Wrestling, not quite.  He pins Nicco’s wrists over his head and climbs on top, a little fear playing across Nicco’s face as the 6’4″ muscle monster mounts him without a smile.  Damn hot? Hell yes.  Wrestling?  Still not quite.
Does this shot come in a wall-size mural format?
I’ve only seen the preview (I’m still toying with where to squeeze money out of my porn budget), so I don’t know exactly how the boys choreograph the approach to this truly awesome work of art constituting a bearhug/cock-suck/rim-job combination with an added bonus of enjoying the sight of Nicco massaging Austin’s beautiful glutes in the palms of his hands.  Wildly erotic?  Oh, fuck yes!  Wrestling?  Well, I need more context, but bear with me here…  Paint out the living room, the sofa, the rug, the sketchy art, the lamp, the houseplant.  Now paint this scene inside a wrestling ring, Austin’s feet planted in damp sweat stains, Nicco’s wrestling trunks ripped to shreds near one corner, and Austin’s trunks carefully folded on a top turnbuckle.  With me?  Why has this beast not yet been seen climbing into a wrestling ring!?
“The Wolf” would make an epic fuck-stakes finisher!

This standing fuck similarly strokes me so close to my wrestling kink that I’m left a little breathless.  Do the same background readjust, and slap the title “Catchweight XXX-Fight” on it and tell me how I’d be able to do anything other than slap Skrapper’s ass into 2nd place and crown a new favorite wrestling pornboy!? Seriously, crowdsource this question for me: has there been a standing victory fuck like this celebrating an all-stakes homoerotic wrestling ring match?  Because if not, this finisher could easily be dubbed “The Wolf” for all eternity… if a producer with vision signs this stud and get’s those gorgeous glutes inside a pro wrestling ring!

Sign this muscle hunk up yesterday!
So perhaps we don’t all agree on the line that wrestling for a gay audience shouldn’t cross when it comes to potentially sublimated wrestling kink.  But surely, in the name of all that’s good and beautiful, we can all agree that this gorgeous ass, in full contact, fuck stakes ring wrestling, would be a stroke of pure genius, can’t we? 

Austin surely knows the fickle tastes of gay fans.

Oh, who am I kidding?  There’s nothing that we can get 100% of gay men to agree on, even gay men who all have a particular hard spot for wrestling.  Austin Wolf is a slam dunk for me.  I’m tempted to just state imperially that he is, objectively, an essentially perfect specimen of a hunk who everyone in the universe MUST agree would make an earth-shattering, game changing character in the world of dicks-out homoerotic wrestling.  I will this to be true for you, dear reader!  I could be adamant, bordering on shrill, in pursuit of opening your eyes to the Platonic ideal embodied in every inch of Austin Wolf’s body and wrestling demeanor.

The homoerotic wrestler platonic ideal: Austin Wolf
Every so often I get a comment or an email essentially laying out precisely that argument for some hot stud I’ve horribly shortchanged in my reviews.  I’ve been called ignorant, tasteless, blind… any number of supposed deficiencies have been proposed to explain why my tastes are so impaired as not to recognize the perfection of the object of someone else’s raving fanaticism.  So I’ll try not to insist that you’re seriously damaged if you don’t jump on the bandwagon of pleading with the powers that be to transform this muscle god into the homoerotic wrestling god that he was meant to be from birth.  You don’t have to agree with me here.  I’ll be okay with it if you aren’t as much an Austin Wolf fanatic as I am.  But for those of you who are, and I know you’re out there, write your favorite producer of homoerotic wrestling products today (and tomorrow) and tell them to find this hunk of meat and get him in the ring.  He’s got a date with destiny, and I’m telling you, remember the title “Catchweight XXX-Fight!”

2 thoughts on “Destiny

  1. Wow, those are some hot pics! Austin is a stunning man. I'm always surprised at what so many of these guys do outside of the wrestling world, as I never even look at porn that doesn't involve wrestling or superheroes.

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