Adorably Mason Brooks looks like he just stepped off the train.
Ben Monaco, bless his soul, mentioned in his embedded report from the front lines of a marathon BG East taping bonanza in September that there was a particular new slice of of babyface gold with magic nipples.  No, he clarified, it’s not the same jaw droppingly hot muscle-face that boys were sneaking peeks out of the 2nd story windows to watch his photo shoot in the backyard.  That stunner, we’ve since learned, was pretty Pete Sharp (who hates being called pretty).  No, there was a different magically nipped newbie who Ben mentioned will grab attention right around and to either side of the sternum area.  I don’t yet have independent verification (though I’m working on Ben to give me an interview any day now), but I’m strongly compelled that said rook is lean, lovely Mason Brooks, also seen in a behind-the-scenes candid shot from Ben’s camera that weekend.
Accomplished erotic wrestler Blaine Janus is unmistakably happy to see his rookie opponent.

The first BG East staple to get his fingertips on Mason’s nipples is astonishingly blue-eyed Blaine Janus, facing the raw rookie in Gazebo Grapplers 14.  My question is whether Blaine is horny for anyone who steps on the wrestling mat with him, or whether he has some sway with the BG East back office boys to get to handpick the hotties he faces.  Because one thing seems as regular as rain, Blaine is HOT for his opponents.

Blaine is very, very happy to get his hands all over Mason Brooks.

Mason is no exception to this rule.  There’s a hunger in Blaines’ eyes the moment he struts onto the mat and finds young Mason stretching his muscles.  Blaine also seems to have a taste for the freshest meat, wanting to be first to put his scent on debuting rookies like Mason.  The moment the action begins, the look of a starving man eyeing a T-bone washes over Blaine’s face as the anticipatory grin slowly stretches from ear to ear.  He wants this handsome boy in his hot wrestling singlet.  He wants to muss up his gelled hair.  He wants to dial up those nipples with both hands.  He wants to make this gorgeously innocent rookie sweat buckets so that he can skip the lube and slide straight into place.  And as is Blaine’s way, he’s not going to be happy until he’s been the first at BG East to taste this hot rookie’s sweet, sweet lips.

Not so fast!  This rookie isn’t so innocent after all.

But wait.  Did I refer to Mason Brooks as innocent?  Mere minutes into this match, the rookie neutralizes Blaine’s offense, takes him down, uses his surprisingly powerful legs to wrap up the veteran’s arms behind his back like a twist tie, and then, with a confident, easy grin of someone who’s been down this road before, he wraps his fingers slowly around Blaine’s pouch, pauses a moment, and then squeezes. I guarantee you Blaine did NOT see this coming!

Blaine wants Mason to get a good taste of humiliation.

So lovely Mason Brooks isn’t as green as we might have thought.  That doesn’t mean, of course, that Blaine Janus is any less dangerous, or passionate, as we’ve come to know and love.  I’m guessing Blaine has been in psychoanalysis, because he seems to have fully embraced his oral fixation, specifically his fixation on sweet Mason’s mouth.  Mason does not make it easy, but eventually, carefully, with several starts and stops in the mean time, Blaine finally manages to slide into place in a fantastic folded schoolboy pin, pivoting his hips forward into Mason’s face.

Surprisingly ripped Mason serves up his own dish of humiliation!

Even when young Mason was stretching out before the match, I thought this kid was delightfully handsome.  He exudes a sort of “high school kid makes a bid for erotic wrestling fame” sense about him.  He’s extremely lean.  He looks so young.  But when Blaine forcibly yanks Mason’s singlet straps off his shoulders and peels him down to bare torso, I have to reassess the situation.  Holy shit, this kid is hot!!!  His pecs are seriously sweet, and damn it all if Ben wasn’t absolutely right, there’s just something about those nipples that makes me have to swallow.  “Mouthwatering” is a good start at describing them, but just a start.

Blaine cannot keep his hands (and claws) away from the rookie’s meaty pecs

Blaine sees it too.  He grows fixated on pushing those alluring buttons on Mason’s surprisingly meaty pecs.  He also relishes clawing the big, broad, strong pecs themselves… and clawing the kid’s crotch… and taunting, daring, luring the hard fighting rookie to give Blaine’s nips some oral attention in return.

Mason’s got the situation well in hand!

But I tell you, Mason is no varsity standout thinking that amateur wrestling credibility will automatically translate to the BG East Gazebo.  The kid has either done this before, or he’s a fucking savant, because Mason draws a straight line between seriously vicious underground wrestling tactics (crotch claw, face-to-crotch head scissors, both at the same time, etc.) and homoeroticism.  He’s got a great poker face that leaves me wondering just what’s going on inside his head as Blaine gets more and more erotically explicit in his wrestling assault.  Is he flattered?  Is he as turned on as his opponent clearly is?  Or is he just one fabulously focused competitor with a truly awesome rookie arsenal for playing a randy veteran like Blaine like a player piano?

Nighty-night, Mason!

There’s nothing you can take for granted about where this match is headed, because neither hunk looks ready to admit defeat.  They get deliciously sweaty.  They’re clearly starting to wear each other out as the minutes grind by in one test of strength and skill after another.  Blaine’s got a tiger by the tail, and hard pounding Mason is just not the doe-eyed, barely legal amateur-in-over-his-head that I (or I’m guessing, Blaine) thought he was at the start.  No, he’s a seriously sexy tactician with a ground game of both amateur and underground wrestling skills that are an intoxicating mix with his unflinching, cool as ice demeanor.   Even when Blaine catches him off guard in a beautifully intimate sleeper and the rookie starts to slide into Neverland, I’m still left guessing whether Mason is as hot for this type of wrestling as he is hot at it.

The thrill of victory… the agony thrill of defeat…

Then he rouses at the touch of Blaine’s lips on his.  His hands rest at the base of Blaine’s ass.  His mouth opens slowly, but hungrily.  Mason’s on board, boys.  And with a solid foundation already in place, paired with some intimate tutoring sessions from the likes of Blaine and the other boys at BG East who I’m certain will want a piece of this kid, I think Mason, and his nipples, could make a very, very big name for himself with fans of unmistakably gay homoerotic wrestling.

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