I’ve marveled here already about the first two in the truly fantastic collection of BG East matches in their latest release in the Gazebo Grapplers series.  The marquee match pits Mr. Rush’s little trust fund baby, Damien Rush (looking hunkier than ever) against Canadian sex-bomb and friend of this blog, Ben Monaco.  Ben graciously sat down with me to talk about his latest outing for BG East and speculate about all sorts of hot topics concerning homoerotic wrestling.
Ben Monaco: 5’10”, 175 pounds, 100% Canadian

Bard: Ben, thank you for agreeing to another interview for the homoerotic wrestling fans at neverland. And I want to publicly and directly thank you again for all of the juicy behind the scenes news and candid pics you shared with us from the taping you did for BG East in September. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: You rock! And speaking of you rocking and that September hunk-fest in Pembroke, am I right in guessing that your most recent match for Gazebo Grapplers 14 against gorgeous trust fund baby Damien Rush was filmed at that time?

Just a little of the eye candy at BG East

Ben: My pleasure Bard! As always, you are too kind with your compliments. I’m more than happy to give the fans my behind-the-scenes look at things, having been (and still being) a homoerotic wrestling fan myself. My match with Damien was filmed during that hunk-filled weekend, you are correct. There definitely was a lot of eye-candy around during that shoot!

Bard: That’s twice in just the past few days that someone has accused me of being too kind in my compliments. I don’t think you appreciate how much I appreciate you, your insights into the homoerotic wrestling business, and your extremely hot wrestling. Speaking of which, your match with Damien was incredible! Tell me exactly, in every prurient detail, what was going through your head when Mr. Rush’s son came strutting into the Gazebo in those skin tight, royal purple trunks and his designer shades looking (though I’d have never believed it if I didn’t see it) even hotter than he did when he got squashed and stripped by Morgan Cruise last spring?

Which celebrity most resembles Damien Rush?

Ben: Well, I knew I was going to be facing off with some punk. At least the Boss sent me a hot looking one. He did look at least 10 times better than his match with Morgan, I’ll give him that. One way or another, I knew that I’d have some fun with that body of his, win or lose.  I also kept trying to figure out who he reminded me of. There’s a vague resemblance to a celebrity but I couldn’t put my finger on which one. Am I crazy?

Bard: I’m sure you’re not crazy. Damien’s definitely got the face of a leading man, but I can’t put my finger on it either. We’ll have to make this a contest on the blog to identify which celebrity hunk Damien resembles most. Although you can’t put your finger on whom he looks like, you certainly did a truly inspired job of getting your hands all over Damien’s hot and hairy bod! And holy shit, when you snatched his shades off his face and made that stunning little rich boy literally whine, I nearly popped my cork before the action even started. Same for when you rip his trunks off of him – the panic in his voice suggests that this trust fund baby is entirely unaccustomed to getting his possessions forcibly removed. Was there a particular moment in this match that was hottest for you?

A good bicep really gets Ben going

Ben: He did have a whiny way about him didn’t he? Despite that, I did enjoy feeling every inch of his hairy body pressed up against mine. Favorite moment…definitely has to be the part where I ended up licking and kissing his bicep. I’m an arm-man. A good bicep really gets me going and Damien has quite the set of guns on him! Could certainly feel some other parts of MY body awakened in that moment…I mean who wouldn’t want to get their mouth on that slab of meat (among his many slabs of meat to choose from, the man is a muscle deli).

Damien can gladly park his ass
anywhere on Ben’s body.

Bard: What a beautiful way you have with words! You should blog. Seriously. And that moment when you’ve taken a serious pounding – you’re looking a little worn thin from getting repeatedly pec smothered deep in Damien’s hairy chest – and he barks at you to kiss his muscles… that’s truly an iconic homoerotic wrestling moment, I think. Were you surprised by that turn in the action? I didn’t know Damien had it in him to possess a longing for an oral muscle worship session. And then that finish, with his thonged/bare ass planted across your face… I’m swooning just a little replaying the scene in my head right now! Tell me you were holding on to enough consciousness to describe the view!

Ben: Thanks, I might just take you up on that…I could use a blog. For now, I’m content to tweet from time to time but I might venture into blogging if I have some more spare time in the new year. Damien may not have the most skills on the mat, but his continued smotherings in his sculpted physique distracted me a bit from my own skills I think. With his flexed bicep rubbed up against my face, I think I completely forgot how to wrestle. Then the ass…well, those glutes truly are a thing of beauty. Especially from the angle I was in, I got to see just how broad he was from below. Next time we meet, he can gladly park that ass anywhere he wants on my body.

Ben nearly rips Damien’s head off his neck.

Bard: I’ll link to your Twitter account here so that your neverland fans can follow you if they aren’t already. Let us know if you start blogging, because I’m first in line to follow you. I think any sane wrestling fan would forgive you for being distracted by how… intently… Damien crushed your face into his body over and over again. Hell, any sane homoerotic wrestling fan is insanely jealous! However I don’t want to give anyone the impression that this match is all about muscle worship and bicep licking. The wrestling in this match is wildly hot and majorly intense! There are moments there where I swear you’re going to rip his skull off his neck or, alternately, rip his balls from his body. With a battle that gets this heated on camera, what’s it like when they turn off the cameras and you’re sitting there in a pool of sweat with this guy who you were moments ago making scream like a whiny bitch in a spine-snapping camel clutch, or who seconds earlier had his gorgeous, bare ass planted across your face?

Ben: It actually was quite strange but I think we gained respect for each other after tearing each other apart. There was a certain chemistry bewteen us before and after the match. Who knows, perhaps a tag-team match could happen in the future.  It’ll be up to the fans to petition the Boss to see us as a tag-team I guess. Could be fun, I’d certainly be open to it. With our combined skills and muscle, we’d be pretty fierce together I think. We’d have to think up a fantastic tag-team name though.

Sex and Candy?

Bard: I’ll lobby for that tag team pairing, and I’m first on the record to vote for the tag team name, “Sex and Candy.” You’d make a blazingly hot duo in the ring! I’m picturing Damien holding them down and you feeling them up. Watch that ego of his, though. I don’t know if the concept of “sharing” was ever something this Damien’s nannies ever taught him, so trying to share the limelight with him could be dangerous. So tell me some more about the rest of the cast of dizzyingly hot eye candy that was on hand in September. You’ve told me privately that the outrageously hunky newbie that made jaws hit the floor was, indeed, Pete Sharp who also appears on Gazebo Grapplers 14. Can you name any more names for us regarding who got your heart pumping behind the scenes?

Ben: Sex and Candy! Love it! Oh trust me, I could convince him to share. Among my other talents, I can be quite persuasive in the right situations. You pretty much know all the guys who were there by now, I think I’ve told you all the names and such in that e-mail I sent you. However, one guy that I was very upset I missed was Braden Charron who showed up the day AFTER I left! I’d have killed to meet him in person and probably commit even more unspeakable acts to get a match with him. But I guess he’ll be on my hit list for another BG East session. Aside from that weekend, I did introduce two new hunks to BG East recently as well who should be making their BG debuts in the near future. And Bard, I think you know from candid pics I sent that these are two big, hot, hairy hunks. But don’t spoil the surprise right away by posting the pics I sent you.

Bard: I’m the paragon of discretion. And possibly blackmail as well, so we can discuss later what I’ll get for restraining myself from showing neverland readers the studs that you’ve recruited into the BG East ranks. Talk about jaw dropping! If there one thing that I’ve learned from our exchanges over the past few months, it’s that you’ve got an incredibly skilled eye for spotting hot wrestling talent. You also mentioned to me that there was a particular slice of rookie gold who had nipples that drove you insane in September, and I believe I’m correct in identifying said magically nippled newbie as Mason Brooks who also debuts on Gazebo 14. This is one stud-packed collection of matches! What was adorable young Mason like off camera, because on camera, he was a fucking wildcat going up against your fellow Canuck, Blaine Janus?

Nipples to make a man salivate: Mason Brooks

Ben: Of course Bard, you are a true gentleman! Indeed, you can’t tell too much from the photos, but Mason certainly has nipples that can make a man salivate. Trust me! He’s actually really quiet and polite off camera. I’m almost on the verge of making him an honorary Canadian for those virtuous qualities! His wilder side does come out on the mats for sure. We’ve kept in touch actually since that weekend. In fact, he texted me yesterday night and told me you were also planning an interview with him. So I guess you’ll have more rookie-perspective on BG East and all the goings-on behind the scenes. To add to what you said, yes Gazebo Grapplers 14 is really a fantastic video. The Boss really knows how to combine matches into a product that has something for everyone on it. I guess that’s why he’s the Boss after all!

Bard: It’s absolutely true, I’ve got Mason on the line for an upcoming rookie interview. You don’t have to convince me about his nipples. He sent me a close-up shot of his torso, and ooo-baby! Dial me up some fun! Blaine also made note of Mason’s lovely nipples in their match, as well, so clearly the boy has got some sweet morsels there that are attracting a lot of attention. Was this round of taping for BG East different for you this time, now that you’re one of the guys who’s been there before? Was there any difference in what it was like for you in action or behind the scenes now that you’re no longer a newbie? Play any upperclassmen pranks on the brand new rookies?

Ben: Well first off, yes it was different. I was in Pembroke, gay-wrestling Mecca if you will. Plus there were about 3 times more guys in the house than my last session in Florida. In action, the feeling was still the same: nerves, excitement, heart pounding, blood racing. Off camera I tried to be as welcoming to the newbies as I could. After all, I know what it’s like being the new kid in town. We all did our best to make the new “kids” welcome. Of course, some are my age or older but since they’re newer than me, I consider new guys “kids.” No pranks this time, but perhaps the next time around now that I think of it…

Bard: It sounds like there’s a great deal of camaraderie when BG East pulls together crowds of wrestlers like that. I interviewed Ken Canada who was a classic jobber from very early in the BG East days who talked about the good vibe both on camera and off, and friendships that endured even after shooting was over. It sounds like that sort of esprit de corps still exists. What do you think accounts for you all in the “business” of homoerotic wrestling building real friendships like that? I could imagine it wouldn’t “have” to turn out that way, some boys just punching the clock, some boys being egomaniacal dicks, etc. But you seem to be part of some seriously sweet community building out of these shoots.

BG East boys play hard off camera (photo via Kid Karisma)

Ben: It is very much a little community. When I was in Florida for my first shoot, there was a BG veteran Scott Williams who just happened to be visiting Florida and stopped in to check out what was going down on our shoot. Anyone who’s met Scott knows he’s a big kid at heart. Naturally, Scott and I were instant buds. We went out for supper a few nights and on random food runs for the gang too. One night at supper, Scott simply said “I’m so happy you’re part of the family!” which indeed is true. Once you’re part of BG East, once your first match is taped, it’s like being part of a family. That shared experience and bond bring us together. It’s never about big grudges off camera, it’s often good natured boys-being-boys friendship. On the mats of course, it becomes a bit more serious, but off camera there are lots of laughs and good times.

Bard: Ohmygodohmygodohmygod! Scott Williams as in Ultra Fight 2 Scott Williams!? Tall, lean, hairy chested, devastatingly handsome Scott Williams who could milk every ounce of agony out of a hold like absolutely no one else!? Scott Williams, who, after I saw him wrestle in Ultra Fight 2, shocked me to realize that I’d kick young Brad Rochelle to the curb to get my hands on his fantastically hairy pecs and nibble on that leading-man chin of his?! You’re now instant buds with that Scott Williams!? So as a new BG East wrestler you just run chores and sit around shooting the breeze with guys who have permanent positions in my pantheon of homoerotic wrestling god infatuations? My mind was just blown to bits. What an incredibly hot fraternity/family you guys comprise!

Ben: Indeed, THAT Scott Williams! It is a little bit of a mind-blowing situation when you first enter the “family”. You become friends and stay in touch with this plethora of hot guys you fantasized about for what seems like your whole life. I mean, it still boggles my mind that I have Cameron Matthews’ cell phone number and a year ago I didn’t even exist in the gay-wrestling scene. BG East really is a welcoming place for all its wrestlers and that’s why I really encourage people to work for them if they have the chance. We’re always looking to expand the family with hot new guys.

Bard: I know some Cam fans who’d do some naughty things to you to get that phone number! Hell, I’d do naughty things to get Scott Williams’ phone number. Oh, who am I kidding? I’d do naughty things just for the fun of doing naughty things to you. Since I know for a fact that you’re actively and successfully recruiting new studs for the stable, what do you think are some essential qualifications for joining the family? I’m guessing the physical demands alone aren’t something that just anyone could jump right into.

Ben: You wouldn’t be the first to want to do naughty things to me and you’re surely not going to be the last [laughing]. As far as joining the ranks of BG East, no matter what I think of a guy, the final decision always comes down to Kid Leopard and/or Kid Vicious. I know they have their own demands and criteria when it comes to their selection of men. As for me, what I tend to look for is a love or interest in wrestling at the very least. From there, I specifically try to hone in on looks or types of guys that aren’t already present in the active roster on BG East. Why would I try to recruit another Skip Vance? There’s already one! I try to find something completely new and original in either style or personailty. Plus, if I can imagine myself hitting the mats with a guy, he’s already got a head start. And as for experience levels, if the guy is relatively new, I certainly don’t mind sacrificing some time to train privately with him…as was the case with my two recruits…one of which is my personal trainer.

Doing naughty things with Ben Monaco

Bard: I’m certain that I’m in a long line of guys thinking about what naughty things to do with you! Since you brought it up, I’ll just say that I’ve seen a photo of your personal trainer, and I’m breathless in anticipation of seeing him wrestle! I love your approach to thinking about looking for wrestlers who bring something new and original to the scene. That’s one thing that I think BG East does possibly better than anyone else – recruit a broad variety of wrestlers across all sorts of measures, including appearance, wrestling experience, and personality. So as always you’ve been incredibly generous with your time in taking my questions again. Now that we’ve grown to know more about you in the past 6 months, what’s one more thing that fans may not yet know about you that you can tell us? Is there one more little personal detail that you can share with us to satisfy our fixations on a new wrestling fantasyman?

Ben: Always happy to take the time out for an interview with you. Now for one last little detail…hmmm…well, I guess a personal detail that I can share is that I’m single [winks]. But I suppose it’s also worth mentioning, more on the wrestling side of things, that my two recruits only have one match under their belts as of now and are itching to get even more. My trainer especially is looking for someone big enough and man enough to toss him around. Keep in mind, he’s 5’11” and 195lbs of solid, hairy beef.

Bard: Well I hope you’re single because you chose to be, because otherwise, that’s just bat shit crazy. Next interview, we’ll have to explore in more detail what qualifications it would take to get your hot ass off the market. Just to make neverland readers hate me a little (more?), let me point out that I’m looking at a photo of your personal trainer right now and swooning… a lot. However, I will honor your request not to post this photo of one of the meatiest, muscliest, hairiest cuts of prime beef I’ve seen flexing in a long, long time. I hope you’ll keep us posted about your ongoing adventures in homoerotic wrestling and recruiting. I’m following you on Twitter, and I’m crossing my fingers, hoping you start blogging on your adventures soon!

Ben: I will try to start up a blog ASAP. For now, time for me to get my winter boots out! It’s snowing here in Montreal! Have a good one Bard and we’ll talk again soon.

Ben beats the cold with memories of hot times at BG East!

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