On the First Day of Christmas, Santa Brought to Me…

About a third of the world is of the variety to celebrate Christmas, which seems neither here nor there with regard to this blog.  However, I’m never one to pass up the opportunity to sit on a big, burly, mature bear’s lap and ask for goodies that I’ve done absolutely nothing to deserve.  So I found the nearest mall Santa about a week ago.  He had a real beard, but his breath smelled like onions, so the illusion was a little ruined for me.  However, when he asked if I’d been a good boy, I crossed my fingers and swore up and down that I was an angel all year.  Thus assured, he went for the money shot: “So what would you like for Christmas this year, little boy?”  At precisely the moment that the mall photographer snapped a shot of the two of us, I proceeded to describe in specific detail my list of lustful obsessions.  Santa got awful quiet.  His face turned a little rosier than usual.  I have no idea how often he gets requests for candid shots of homoerotic wrestlers showing off their best (and my favorite) assets especially for me.  I thought the old guy might have been a little scandalized, but I swear  to Jack Frost that Santa sprouted wood (and sitting on his lap, I should know!).  Santa patted my balding head gently with a bit of a dazed and befuddled look in his eyes.  He didn’t even say goodbye!  I walked away with no promises made and perhaps just a little anxiety that I was about to be chased off the property.  However, I was not led away in handcuffs by a big, burly mall cop (perhaps that’ll be on next year’s wish list).  Like so many fantasies of magical thinking, I woke up this morning prepared for my dreams to be shattered.  And then, to what did my wondering eyes should appear, but possibly the sexiest Christmas gift… ever!  Santa came through, and BIG time!  On the first day of Christmas I got the very first item on my wish list!

“On the first day of Christmas, Santa brought to me…”

From Santa to me, via my long-reigning #1 favorite homoerotic wrestler (who is as generous as he is dizzingly sexy!), the first day of Christmas brought me a photo shoot starring one of the (or just the?) sexiest asses on the planet which belongs to, of course, perfectly naughty erotic wrestler Kid Karisma.

I must have been a very, very good boy!

Santa, BABY

Clearly Santa and Kid Karisma know exactly what’s on my list of favorite things!
Sexiest sight on the planet: Singlet straps off the shoulders and sliding down Kid Karisma’s world class ass! 
Seriously, I asked for “a candid pic of Kid K showing his ass just for me,” but Santa brought me an entire Kid K ass montage!
And gravy on top: Kid K sharing a gratuitous shot of his 8-pack and tree trunks!  I’m feeling extremely warm and toasty right now!
Oh… my… god!  Yes, without a doubt, I believe in Santa… and I just had an extremely messy Christmas  morning wank! Thank you (a thousand times) Santa and his #1 sexy helper, Kid Karisma!

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