Alex introduces us to a new masked rookie.

Continuing the theme of provocatively told stories of homoerotic wrestling, I’ve updated both of the wrestling fiction sites I administer.  Over at Sidelineland, the communal collection of fiction from multiple authors, Alex’ newest chapter in The Cave Undercard series is up, introducing us to a new rook named Skull, breaking into the business of high stakes internet erotic wrestling.

Determined to break in the newbie is the return of Thunder.

Skull is up against a juicy cut of beef Alex introduced to us before, who wrestles as Thunder.  Can Cody’s protege, Skull, do any better against Thunder than Cody managed as the Pink Punk?  I’ll try not to spoil it for you, but I will say everyone (starting with me) finishes this story satisfied.

Ben Godfre inspires yet another of my homoerotic wrestling fantasies.

It’s been ages and ages since I pulled together a new match in my other fiction group, Producer’s Ring.  This collection of stories is about 95% authored by me, pulling from a recurring nightmare/erotic fantasy combo of a post-apocalyptic world in which homoerotic wrestling matches frequently determine the fate of geopolitical power across the globe.  This new story, in the Secretarial Pool series, picks up were “Global Cooperation” left off.  The executive assistants to Eli Brody (coincidentally all fitness and fashion models with insanely savvy business sense) are back at it, doing their best to play nice with executive hardbodies from rival empires.  One of my longest running fictional celebrity wrestling infatuations, Ben Godfre, is back in action and has more than his hands full.  Whereas Alex gives us a taste of beef and bears, this Producer’s Ring match is a battle of pretty boys.

Jislain Duval debuts in the Producer’s Ring.

Ben’s antagonist was specifically handpicked by a reader and fan of the Secretarial Pool.  The French Canadian sexpot, Jislain Duval, heads into the lion’s den of Eli Brody’s headquarters to hammer out a profitable partnership with Brody Productions, one way or another.  Of course, this is my imagination and the Producer’s Ring, so the one way is a sweat-soaked battle of bodies and will with suits watching on and the balance of world power teetering (and there is no other way).

Producer’s Ring fans of the character Jared will get a glimpse of what he’s been up to, as well.

I have a ton of projects started, as well as a few writing obligations currently demanding my attention, but I’m thrilled to have some new material in both Sidelineland and Producer’s Ring to share.  You can keep the Sidelineland group fresh by send me your pieces of original homoerotic wrestling fiction to share.  And members of both groups are reminded that a little feedback and a reasonable does of positive reinforcement (as in comments) goes a long way to nurturing the writing bug for folks like Alex and me and other potential authors.

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