Get Well Soon

My reigning favorite homoerotic wrestler, Lon Dumont, has been guaranteed entertainment for me from the first moment I saw him strike a mouthwatering side chest pose in the BG East wrestling ring before setting the standard for forced-to-flex matches. When I scored neverland’s first wrestler interview with Lon 2 years ago, my infatuation with this polished pro wrestler-turned competitive bodybuilder-turned homoerotic wrestling star merely intensified. I discovered that Lon is an incredibly thoughtful, even philosophical man with strong opinions about masculinities, being an object of lust, and the timeless lessons of Rocky. When Lon also revealed his compassion and passion for rescuing/being rescued by shelter animals, I was pretty much done for. The only question left was whether this is the sexiest, or just one of the sexiest hunks haunting my wrestling fantasies. At the moment, this beautiful baritone body beautiful bad ass is firmly in the “sexiest” category.

Sadly, Lon recently had emergency minor surgery when his appendix flared up. Of course, even minor surgery feels major when it’s your rockhard abs that are getting sliced into. This unwelcome intrusion into his health equation comes at a particularly inopportune time, namely as he’s starting to zero in on some bodybuilding competitions this spring. Word is that Lon is on strict doctor’s orders to avoid strenuous exercise (particularly anything requiring he crunch his washboard abs) for another 3 weeks or so.

If it were me, I’d be kicking my feet up, sucking down comfort food, and happily leaving my abdominal muscles fallow, enjoying the excuse to skip a few weeks of tending to the more apparent health of my body while my insides heal. I’ve never been one to seriously enjoy working out. I do it, and I feel better physically and self-esteem-wise for it. However, it’s something that always requires being put on my to-do list, rather than something that I look forward to. I get the impression, however, that Lon is a different beast altogether. He seems to have his physical conditioning (all aspects, including working out, psyching up, and dieting down) down to a near-exact science. He whittles down every spare fat cell to oblivion through a systematic and, it appears to me at least, obsessive infatuation with carving up his body like a master builder. Handing over that masterpiece to a surgeon to, more literally, carve open and sew back up again, seems like quite the exercise in giving up control for a physique artist like lovely Lon.

Personally, I’d like to offer my help in nursing Lon back to health, including any assistance he might need in bathing, dressing, and undressing. I can’t imagine that his surgeon should have any objection to a full-body, well-oiled massage, as long as I steer clear of his lower abdomen. While I wait by the phone for his call to take me up on my offer, perhaps you’d like to pass along your get-well wishes (and any additional offers of home health aid). I know that he periodically checks in here at neverland to stay abreast of what his number one fan (that’s me, and don’t you forget it!) is musing about when it comes to Lon’s most natural habitat of all – the homoerotic wrestling ring. So if you aren’t already directly in contact with Lon (and I, for one, am always ready to be in direct contact with Lon… particularly in contact with is pecs), drop him a get-well note in the comments below.

Sincerely, get well soon, Lon. And let me know if I can be of any “assistance.”

15 thoughts on “Get Well Soon

  1. I've only met him once–and we didn't wrestle–but he's a great guy with a great sense of humor.And that body. Fuck.I'd whup his ass, of course, but he'd give me a battle, no doubt.

  2. Fuck, indeed. The term "great guy" seems to come up anytime I talk with someone who's met him, as does his humor. And I'm a big fan of talking about his ass, as well.

  3. Yes, Lon, by all means, get well soon! And do consider letting Bard nurse you back to health and strength because it sounds like Cage Thunder might be gunning for you.

  4. So sad to hear! I wish him a speedy recovery. Probably keeping his body in such a great shapes will accelerate the healing process tremendously. My best wishes to my favorite wrestler!

  5. As I understand it, the more fit you are the more rapid surgical recovery is. So, Lon, I hope you breeze through this minor set-back before you can say "sexy stud". And I hope you're back in primo shape in time for your contests.And Caged Thunder, pleeze, Lon will serve you your balls for a light snack! You ain't bad, but not at the elite level of Lon.

  6. Hey guys, thank you all so much for the kind words! I'm definitely banged up and out of shape right now (and I'm not supposed to lift anything heavy for an entire month), but c'mon, like I'm NOT gonna be back to my superhero self before long! Life is all about challenges, and this is merely a small one.Thanks again; your words mean a lot.Respectfully,L.D.

  7. Thanks for the update, Lon!BTW, the hair length in 3/4 of these pictures is just right for you. Didn't care for either the bald or long versions.Best of luck in your continuing recovery and future BB competitions.

  8. Unfortunately, I probably won't see them. I can't afford my iPad after next Thursday. The Library blocks adult content. So, it'll all have to be my imagination and watching your BG DVDs that I own.

  9. Oh, I almost forgot! I'm glad that I'd find your current hair length pleasing. I remember that when you grew out some expressed reservations. But I immediately thought it suited you better. It's not always the case, but for you the baldness distracted rather than enhanced you. And while i very much approve of long hair, usually, again on you it was a distraction.If I close my eyes and pretend, I could almost imagine you read my other posts and decided I was a very wise fellow! 🙂

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