Don’t forget, you’re buying the popcorn!

Eli Black faces Cameron Matthews in BG East’s Mat Hunks 9
I haven’t thought of Eli Black as a flirt before.  A sexy, dangerous, vicious grappling machine, yes.  A flirt?  No.  But BG East, in their wisdom, brought out some awesome new sides of my first (and so far only) 3-time homoerotic wrestler of the month by pairing him with one of the most engaging, flirtatious, wittiest grapplers on anyone and everyone’s payroll, Cameron Matthews, in new release Mat Hunks 9.

An ass-lovers feast for the eyes!

First let me just get the most obvious out of the way and say connoisseurs of fine, athletic, aesthetic wrestling asses will be in heaven.  Cameron was barely edged out of the title of best ass of 2013, and no one, including Eli Black, has failed to notice that Eli’s lean, lean, lean rump is simply phenomenal.  In many ways, this is a study in contrasts, with Cameron’s meaty, round bubble butt juxtaposed next to Eli’s anatomy chart muscle glutes.  On the surface, this just begins to describe the apparent contrasts in this bout.  Cameron is much better known for his extensive indy pro wrestling credentials, compared with Eli’s high performing amateur wrestling and cage fighting MMA resume.  Cameron is a champion smart-ass, slapping down both trash talk and flirtatious double entendre in an intoxicating mixture that no one I’ve ever seen before can quite duplicate.  Eli, on the other hand, seems to approach his matches with a more upright, straightforward mental approach, testing himself and his opponent until he finally finds 5th gear and goes ape shit all over whatever slice of beef gets trapped in his arsenal of holds.  I can’t remember Cameron ever failing to speak directly to the homoeroticism of his wrestling, while I can’t remember if I’ve ever seen Eli name the homoerotic tension in his work out loud.

Cameron brings out something new in Eli
That’s the last time I can write those words, because well before these two mat hunks get their hands on one another, Eli has more than risen to the occasion of Cameron’s flirtation-laced psych-up/out pre-match trash talk.  As they snarl back and forth at one another about talk being cheap and whether it was worth Cameron’s wait for tardy Eli to show up, Eli smirks, “I can more than pay for something!”  Like a lightening strike, Cameron makes his move to knock Eli on his heels with a pick-up line. “Good! You’d be a pretty good date, you know?”  Lesser men have been caught flat-footed in the line of fire of Cameron’s double entendre offense, but Eli just cracks the slightest smile and tosses it right back in his face. “Don’t forget, you’re buying the popcorn.”  
Voluntarily and forcibly compromised positions abound
In a different context, this could be a train wreck about to happen.  If either one of these beauties uttered the phrase, “No homo,” I swear I’d have turned off the DVD player in an instant.  But not only do they not back down or apologize, the sexual tension and double entendre grow more explicitly peppered throughout some incredibly beautiful mat wrestling.  Eli offers to start the second fall with Cameron in his guard, meaning all of the sudden Eli drops to his back, lifts his knees, and invites the indy pro veteran to climb on board.  “I don’t know if I know you that well!” Cameron protests half-heartedly, his gaze lingering at his opponent’s waiting crotch.  It’s only about 2 seconds of apparent indecision, but holy shit, I think somebody just out-eroticized Cameron Matthews!  A smart-ass retort, either verbal or physical, isn’t on the tip of Cameron’s tongue.  He has to think about it, ever so briefly.  Oh my god, Eli Black just out-flirted Cameron Matthews!
Saddle up!
It’s a rare, possibly unique moment to see in a Cameron Matthews match: he’s ever so briefly the one caught flat footed by an overtly homoerotic offense.  Again, the wrestling action that ensues is intense, powerful, and incredibly gorgeous.  But not long after Cameron brings the pinfalls back to even, it’s the indy pro veteran who grabs the bull by the balls, so to speak, and ratchets up the sexual tension much, much more than I’ve ever seen in an Eli Black match.  Dropping to his hands and knees and shaking that stunningly hot bubble butt, Cameron muses that Eli looks like a man who likes to be on top, so he’ll offer to start the next fall in referee’s position.  “Saddle up!” Cameron chuckles, spreading his legs and arching his back just a bit.  It’s Eli’s turn to raise his eyebrows and have to think for a second.  And perhaps we find the edge of the envelope, as far as Eli can go.  Rather than hold the erotic tension, he finally just shakes his head and marvels at the technical mistake Cameron is making by starting the fall off in such a vulnerable position for someone as skilled and proven-dangerous as Eli is.  The upright, straight-spined Eli kicks it into high gear, as the flurry of holds and counters gets nastier, more vicious, and stretches both boys to their limits.

Eli wrings the sweat out of Cameron’s gorgeous muscles
Bodies and experience like these two bring to the mat guarantees that this is astonishingly entertaining wrestling.  While I love, love, love the smart, whip-cracking homoerotic banter, and I’m always a fan of the explicitly homoerotic side of homoerotic wrestling, when push comes to shove, it’s wrestling that tops me off.  And the wrestling in this match is a delight, with notorious sweat-stud Cameron glistening starting at about the halfway point.  There are wrestling products in the universe that leave me unconvinced that either pain or hard work were actually involved as the suspension of doubt wears thin for me, but this is the opposite of one of those matches.  I buy every second, as big, beautiful egos and powerful bodies pound and crush and rip and wrench each other with such force that it hurts just a little to even watch.
Cameron teaches the new kid a little humility (just a little).
The explicit storyline is that Cameron is here to teach relative newbie Eli a lesson in humility.  So much love, so much attention has been heaped on Eli, and not just by me!  It’s been, what, a year and a half since the stud puppy first climbed into the Rock Hard Wrestling ring and introduced the homoerotic wrestling world to the fatal mistake of underestimating the damage this brutally lean gladiator can inflict?  A year and a half, and he’s been my homoerotic wrestler of the month 3 times, mentioned in 24 posts (this makes 25) here at neverland and elsewhere interviewed and broadly admired.  Which perhaps puts Cameron’s initial response to me when he won my homoerotic wrestler of the month title into perspective.  “It’s about time,” he said simply.
Flirtatious banter and play turn joint-cracking serious

Their match in Mat Hunks 9 is a barnburner to the very end.  The power moves and muscle-against-muscle holds stubbornly persist until the very last moment of this match, when one truly astonished hunk takes a bruising blow to his ego by being forced to utter the final and decisive 3rd-in-a-row submission.  This is extremely high quality mat wrestling, entertaining glimpses into both the intellectual and kinetic smarts of both boys, and chart-topping sexy, sexy, sexy viewing.

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