“…a complete stranger’s secret masturbation shrine.”

A link to this post from Thought Catalog was forwarded to several of us with an overlapping interest in blogging and BG East.  It’s a clever, well-written post from some straightboy in California who stumbled across a particularly indicting… well, let’s just say indicative… scene on a recent walk in the woods in SoCal.  The author, I’m sure correctly, surmises that this is what is left of a remote jackoff session, with the remains of black-and-white computer printouts of “semi-nude male wrestlers.”  Referring to this as “a masturbation shrine,” the author marvels at the untold story of these artifacts.  Why, for example, did the owner of these images travel to such a remote spot in the woods to settle in for a moment of private ecstasy?  With the obvious availability of these images from the internet, why leave the color computer screen behind and surreptitiously carry black and whites 4 miles up a hiking trail and into the bushes to possess them for gratification?

The stuff of fantasies: Kid Karisma wrings the sweat out of Jake Jenkins in Hunkbash 12.

The reason this perhaps tongue-in-cheek blog post was forwarded to several of us was not so much for the words, but the images attached.  Take a look, and you’ll see that these are not simply printouts of “semi-nude male wrestlers.”  These are shots of some of the finest, sexiest BG East boys (with copyright intact, no less) going at it in the ring!  The close-up photo from the blog post is easiest to identify.  It’s quite clearly my top contender for the status of my favorite homoerotic wrestler, Kid Karisma, bearhugging achingly pretty, barefoot beauty, Jake Jenkins and showing absolutely no mercy in Hunkbash 12.

Barefoot beauty Jake Jenkins looks achingly vulnerable under Kid Karisma’s control

Studying the more wide angle on the scene, I’ve managed to identify 2 of the other 3 images.  Both also come from Kid K and JJ’s smokin’ hot match in Hunkbash 12.  One shows Jake looking for the world like a reincarnation of barefoot gladiator babyface Kevin Von Erich from the 80’s, getting his arms stretched out behind him as Kid K takes advantage of JJ being flat on his fine, fine ass.

Kid Karisma feels Jake’s hot body melt in a sweat soaked Boston Crab

The other image I can make out (anyone else decipher the badly “soiled” image on the bottom?) is an exquisite shot of Jake sweaty and slapping the mat in agony as Kid K torques the living shit out of JJ’s gorgeous lower back in a spine-snapping, ass-bonanza Boston Crab. Readers of neverland may remember that this is the match that, at the time, Kid Karisma identified as easily his favorite. In my interview with Kid K, he marvels at the memory of “getting a hold of that body!… I mean, I truly got to work him over completely!,” Kid Karisma enthused. “But when I had him in the Boston or bent over my knee…God, you can just feel his body melting and weakening…pretty epic.”

Pretty epic.
Epic indeed! This is quite clearly the stuff of fantasies, clearly a fantasy match for Kid K, absolutely a fantasy match for me (it’s one I come back to again and again!), and obviously a fantasy match for the creator of this masturbation shrine in the woods. I don’t know if necessity is what drove this person to find such a remote site to let the fantasy take him, or if he has a particular thing about black and white homoerotic wrestling images enjoyed in the woods. Or perhaps, as the Thought Catalog author suggests, perhaps this is making an ironic artistic statement on the disposability of culture and passion.

Fueling fantasies near and far.
Whatever it is that explains or describes the person who left these images behind, I know one thing for sure: he’s a homoerotic wrestling fan like you and I are.  And perhaps like the Gideons and like me, he’s just spreading the word about what he’s passionate about, leaving behind some provocative images that, while lost on a straightboy remembering sorting himself out as a kid to National Geographic boobies, may yet inspire another hiker to catch a glimpse of what turns him, and me, and you on: hot, hardbodied hunks wrestling for our enjoyment.
Worth a 4-mile hike.
If the kindred spirit who left these images in the woods happens to read neverland, let me know you’re out there, buddy.  Let’s strategize a better way for you to access the beauty of Kid Karisma making Jake Jenkin’s muscles melt under his control in a Boston Crab.  And I’ll personally do my best to get you an autographed, color photo from at least one of these fantasymen.  A 4-mile hike to spend time with them?  You deserve at least that!

11 thoughts on “Shrines

  1. I'm with Woods Guy. I just can't…you know…not at a computer. (TMI? Sorry.) Down with downloads, up with DVD's. Even wrestling fiction, I prefer to print off to read rather than read at the screen (when I have the choice, depending on if there's ink in the printer). Why? I don't know.But Jake Jenkins suffering? Good taste, Woods Guy!

  2. Can’t argue that the woods guy has taste. Watching Jake get worked over in the ring is pretty much an instaboner. Just wish there was more matches than there are. It’s hot watching that sexy body getting stretched and pounded on. Love him especially in matches when he wrestled barefoot

  3. Wish there were more matches than there are with Jake getting squashed. Few things in wrestling are hotter. I love when you get a camera angle and get to see those toes curl while in a painful hold. I’ve always had a thing for barefoot wrestlers, but damn his feet are hot

    1. Jake, barefoot, was iconic. Like, I immediately saw it as an homage to Kevin Von Erich, but JJ seriously owned the look until he became that crushable, sexy as fuck icon.

  4. Hey dudes, it was me. I did it to make a statement that we can go into the woods to muscle to, and not just families and dogs. Let em see bubble and gear, get a load a that. So yeah sidelined if u can get me an autographed shot from Kid I will own that big time. For those of u who know the spot, look for a 6 ft 5 silver fox lean and tight and come to my fight.

    1. The spot is above the tennis courts in Griffith Park, Los Angeles. At the overlook looking down on downtown LA. Come and take in the view and my side headlock.

      1. This is a blast from the past, and I love it, Roy! I don’t know if Kid K still reads this blog (I know he used to), but I’ll be happy to do my best to put in a good word for that autographed pic. Keep evangelizing for homoerotic wrestling!

      2. PS the Ringside At Skull Island blog is blocked with a “Age Restriction” pop up message when you click it. every browser is the same, this is the 2nd time its been blocked…

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