Everything That Yet Could Be

Cameron Matthews continues to carve out those abs and look more and more dangerous.

Can-Am is previewing in Can-AmMax a new pro wrestling-themed product that looks like it’s yet to be released. At least I can’t find it yet on the main page. I’ve been excited over the past year or two to see Can-Am return to the ring. Ring wrestling certainly isn’t the only thing that strokes my wrestling kink, but it’s the most dependable. This newest yet-to-be-release from Can-Am stars two of the most prolific studs in homoerotic wrestling, Cameron Matthews and Jobe Zander, starring in “Pro Challenge.”

Jobe Zander and his most prominent muscle (hint: not the bicep)

Enjoying photo previews of soon-to-be-released matches feels a little like that giddy moment when you know someone well enough to ask them out on a first date.  There’s definitely something attractive about the glimpses Can-AmMax gives of Pro Challenge, but we have precious little to really go on.  So, in the meantime, we’re left to fantasize about what’s yet in store, what we’ll learn and witness and, hopefully, fall in love with when we get our eyes on the actual action. I feel confident that we can expect to see some all-in, extremely well-formed homoerotic wrestling characters, because both Jobe and Cameron have resumes longer than my arm proving that they know how to sell a story.  Based on the photos, both hunks look like they were in seriously fit shape for this taping.  Of course, it seems like a solid guarantee that there will be an abundance of trunk-spectacle, considering Cameron has one of the most eye-catchingly luscious asses in the business and Jobe has one of the most eye-catchingly packed pouches.

The beautiful bubble butt and the notoriously massive dick.

Whether its implied or I’m projecting my hopes and desires, I fully anticipate this to be a highly entertaining, hard hitting, joint wrenching, ball busting, trunk pulling, trash talking extravaganza, considering the aforementioned arm-length resumes these two sport. Cameron has been on a bit of a bid to turn heel, which is an uphill (upheel?) battle for a hunk as babyfaced and bubble-butted as he is. Jobe, on the other hand, has been official heel-in-residence at Can-Am for quite a while now, ripping hot, pornboy musclestuds apart, piece by piece, generally starting with their balls.

Jobe pulls the trunks and batters the babyface from behind. Such a heel…

If it were up to me, I’d love to see Jobe work up another wave of crushing, humiliating, cheating, vicious brutality all over the mouthwateringly hot bod of perpetually babyfaced Cameron for about 25 minutes of jaw-dropping, total-sell action.  I’d even give Jobe the green light to ham it up (because, really, who’s going to be able to restrain him from doing so?), even though he frequently tips right over the top into caricature that pulls me out of the fantasy a bit in past performances. Because after that 25 minute steam roll of beautiful Cameron, during which that monster crotch of Jobe’s would absolutely be required to press provocatively against Cameron’s glorious glutes in a ton of reverse bearhugs, back suplexes, and flat-out butt-humping, Cameron would finally get pushed over that elusive edge and go fucking nuts all over Jobe and his bieberesque Hollywood highlights.

Had enough!? Cameron looks like he’s ready to rip Jobe’s face off!

Yes, I harbor a deep longing for Cameron to boomerang around that heel turn with a vengeance! And an epic heel turn like that, in the ring with such a loudmouthed, (quite literally) cocky bully like Jobe, would require some boundaries to be pushed.  For example, Jobe’s jackhammer has, as far as I’ve seen, never been seen. In my fantasy telling of Pro Challenge, Cameron goes ape shit all over the bleached blond badass and rips Jobe’s trunks off by the seams.  Don’t waist a Cameron heel turn on Jobe-as-usual, damn it!  Let’s see the contrapuntal epic jobber-turn for Jobe, crushed, humiliated, stripped, tied up, tied down, spread open wide, and face smothered by the most smotherable ass on the planet. Jobe’s been an oddly demure son of a bitch for having his hand down the trunks of so many hotly muscled pornboys. If ever there was a comeuppance due, I say it would be Jobe’s SoCal tanned bod naked, cornered, and forced to jerk himself off while Cameron keeps him teetering on the edge of being sleepered out cold.

Suck on that, Jobe!

I know, I know.  The probability that just about any of my fantasy reading of the preview pics for Pro Challenge actually resembles the product to be released is almost non-existent.  Both Cameron and Jobe have kept at least a modicum of modesty (i.e., trunks or, at least, thongs) throughout their careers, again, as far as I’ve seen (please correct me if I’m wrong).  While Jobe’s been handily crushed a few times, particularly at BG East, Can-Am has been pushing him as quite the terrifyingly unstoppable heel, so messing with that momentum probably isn’t in the cards.

Cameron’s been building both a fierce attitude and smokin’ hot muscles… but how far will that get him against Jobe?

But it could be.  It could be absolutely perfect.  It could be the perfect fit to my fondest fantasies. So despite disappointments in the past, I pluck up the courage and ask the hot studs so full of potential and possibility, “Wanna go on a date?”

2 thoughts on “Everything That Yet Could Be

  1. Jobe rubs one off on the Can-Am title Trouble Tights, part of their Hard Heroes series. It is HUGE! ( although we kinda knew). The title is available on can-am.tv .

  2. Cameron has done numerous solo JO videos and some of the screen caps are on flirt4free.com under “Cameron Wrestler”

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