A Few of My Favorite Things

This ad from the Göteborg chapter of RFSL (the Swedish federation involved in lobbying, public health interventions, counseling, and support for LGBT communities) cross my desktop a couple of weeks ago. It combines 2 of my favorite things: Swedes and naked wrestling. Or naked Swedes and wrestling. Or Swedes wrestling and nakedness.  It’s all near the top of my favorite things list. I’m a little sketchy on how they are drawing a direct link between naked wrestling while slathered in sweet spreads, but damn it all if I’m not ready to get tested twice a week for the rest of my life if they produce more elimination tournament naked wrestling videos!  Tack så mycket, Sverige!


So here’s the quick premise, as best I can tell with my broken Swedish language skills. They bring in 8 hot Swedish guys (redundant, I know), have them coat themselves in “jelly.” Your fighters are raspberry jam, buttercream, “frosting,” vanilla cream, chocolate, “jelly,” caramel and “glaze.”  For those interesting in the brackets (you know I am!), in the first round, raspberry jam kicks buttercream’s ass, vanilla cream licks frosting, jelly beats chocolate, and that bastard glaze knocks my favorite, caramel, out of contention.  In round 2, vanilla cream brutalizes my second favorite, raspberry cream, and jelly knocks that bastard glaze out like a light. The championship match is hairy bear jelly against blond, smooth (delicious, I’m sure), vanilla cream. These two both look like they’ve got hot, thick, powerful legs. In the end, it’s jelly with his hands raised in naked Swedish sweet spread wrestling victory.  Well played, RSFL.  Well played.

The champ, Jelly, takes a first round victory over bearded twink Chocolate.
Rasberry Jam (“Hallonsylt”) certainly catches my eye with that hot ass, but that hot ass gets sent to the sidelines by Buttercream.
Lusciously hot, hunky Caramel (“Kola”) was robbed, ROBBED I tell you when lean twink Glaze took him out of contention.
Now, when do we get to see Jelly defend his title!? And how much do you (RFSL) want me to pay to see the full-length matches? And get tested, wrestling fans. The hot, naked Swedes wrestling in sweet spreads are doing it, so you should, too!

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