Friday Fashion

Flavio wore it best.

I believe last week’s Friday Fashion poll was the closest yet! Several times that I checked in on the voting, it was a dead heat between hot ginger hunk Steven Ponce and bronzed fitness model Flavio. But Flavio poured on the heat in the last 24 hours to pull out 54% of the vote and determine, conclusively, that he wore those insanely tight baby blue trunks best!

Flavio’s massive muscles abuse those trunks about as brutally as he abuses lightweight Lorenzo Lowe!

This week, we have two long-time infatuations here at neverland going head-to-head, or, more precisely, trunk-to-trunk.  The first 3-time homoerotic wrestler of the month around these parts, Eli Black, showed up for his first match at BG East wearing adorkable white briefs with an ominous comic-book “POW!” screen printed across his gorgeous ass. Talk about POW! The beating Eli took from Morgan Cruise was more a mugging than a match. Little wonder Eli retired those trunks, but none other than long-time overall favorite homoerotic wrestler around here (and only recently deposed) Lon Dumont showed up in Tag Team Torture 15 wearing the very same trunks, with that very same “POW!” printed across his bodybuilder sculpted glutes.  I’m infatuations with both Eli and Lon are well-documented, despite them representing starkly contrasting wrestling styles, personas, and physiques. But the question isn’t which of the two do I like best.  The question is which of the two wore IT best?  Check them out and vote below.

Eli didn’t know just what was about to hit him in his Gut Bash 9 BG East debut, but all eyes were on that astounding ass of his, nestled snugly in those white trunks. He wore the hell out of them, but did he wear them best?
Lon Dumont dug up a newbie to partner with in Tag Team 15, but I think he’d of had his babyface opponent’s reading the writing on his ass singlehandedly if need be. Lon’s outing in those same “POW!” trunks was significantly more successful than Eli’s, but the issue isn’t their win-loss record. The issue is who wore it best?


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