Friday Fashion

Flavio wore it best.

I believe last week’s Friday Fashion poll was the closest yet! Several times that I checked in on the voting, it was a dead heat between hot ginger hunk Steven Ponce and bronzed fitness model Flavio. But Flavio poured on the heat in the last 24 hours to pull out 54% of the vote and determine, conclusively, that he wore those insanely tight baby blue trunks best!

Flavio’s massive muscles abuse those trunks about as brutally as he abuses lightweight Lorenzo Lowe!

This week, we have two long-time infatuations here at neverland going head-to-head, or, more precisely, trunk-to-trunk.  The first 3-time homoerotic wrestler of the month around these parts, Eli Black, showed up for his first match at BG East wearing adorkable white briefs with an ominous comic-book “POW!” screen printed across his gorgeous ass. Talk about POW! The beating Eli took from Morgan Cruise was more a mugging than a match. Little wonder Eli retired those trunks, but none other than long-time overall favorite homoerotic wrestler around here (and only recently deposed) Lon Dumont showed up in Tag Team Torture 15 wearing the very same trunks, with that very same “POW!” printed across his bodybuilder sculpted glutes.  I’m infatuations with both Eli and Lon are well-documented, despite them representing starkly contrasting wrestling styles, personas, and physiques. But the question isn’t which of the two do I like best.  The question is which of the two wore IT best?  Check them out and vote below.

Eli didn’t know just what was about to hit him in his Gut Bash 9 BG East debut, but all eyes were on that astounding ass of his, nestled snugly in those white trunks. He wore the hell out of them, but did he wear them best?
Lon Dumont dug up a newbie to partner with in Tag Team 15, but I think he’d of had his babyface opponent’s reading the writing on his ass singlehandedly if need be. Lon’s outing in those same “POW!” trunks was significantly more successful than Eli’s, but the issue isn’t their win-loss record. The issue is who wore it best?


Friday Fashion









Tyler Reese wore it best!

I tend to never bet against Aryx Quinn, particular when it comes to a completely non-scientific reader poll.  The stud can drum up votes like absolutely no one.  I believe he’s has ALWAYS come out on top in a reader poll here at neverland… until now.  I’m shocked, SHOCKED I tell you, to announce that babyface hardbodied Tyler Reese kicked the living shit out of perennial heel Aryx Quinn, at least as far as which of these beautiful homoerotic wrestlers wore those yellow and green N2N biker shorts best. It’s not like it’s a mystery, of course. Tyler looks nearly superhuman, whittled down to nothing but bulging, carved crystal muscles poured into the biker shorts like milk. But I can’t think of this as anything but an upset for the relative newcomer to the homoerotic wrestling scene.  I hope this is a harbinger of seeing much, much more of Tyler (sans biker shorts, please)!

Jobe Zander squeezed every ounce of sexy hotness out of gorgeous Tyler in Jobe’s Justice.

Today’s Friday Fashion poll turns to two stunningly hot rookies who had the temerity to make their mat debuts at BG East not only against the same opponent, but in the same powder blue undagear. Steven Ponce hit the scene first in a sizzling hot X-Fights 35, getting initiated into some of the most erotic homoerotic wrestling to hit  the streets this year.  Lorenzo “Jake” Lowe apparently developed a taste for those hot, baby blue briefs, because he seems to have decided his next opponent for the year, Flavio, should sport the same gear (to start) their Undagear 20 mat match. Who pulls these made-for-trouncing briefs off best?  The hot, furry ginge or the smolderingly sexy fitness model? Check out the options and vote below

Steven Ponce looks luscious in baby blue with white trim. Pale skin, red fur, bulging muscles, and low hanging package… did he wear it best?
Cocky as hell and built to dazzle, Flavio may have worn them last, because these briefs are busting at the seams with his bulging muscles struggling to break free. He’s about as pretty as they come, but does that mean he wore them best?

Davids and Goliaths

Lately, I’ve been drawn repeatedly to a few matches across different producers that keep calling me back. Suddenly, this afternoon, my mind abruptly saw an extremely obvious pattern that I was missing. I couldn’t see the forest for the trees (or the tree trunk thighs). Although it didn’t occur to me initially, each of these infatuation matches of mine has a quite apparent common factor: David vs Goliath.

Naked Kombat’s Doug “the Destroyer” Acre (5’6″, 150 lbs) stares up at Marcus “Titan” Ruhl (5’11”, 210 lbs).

Credit where due, it was Naked Kombat’s description for their Wednesday new release that mentioned David vs Goliath, which was, in turn, what made it click in my mind that I’ve been tokin’ off of catchweight competitions hard lately. Like somewhere around the 3rd season of Lost, I’m no longer even trying to keep up with the narrative of NK’s “Summer Smackdown” tournament, which was bizarre from the start because it was apparently starring 10 men (in a single elimination tournament…. hmmm, math, people), 2 of which apparently had bys until the semi-finals, at which point the final round would be a tag team match. What the hell?  When I saw that this week’s match was Marcus Ruhl facing Doug Acre, the holes in the plot didn’t matter to me anymore. A month ago I called this match, predicting that Doug Acre was precisely the giant killer who could fell the mighty Titan.


At the end of round 1, they’re almost even, but holy shit is Doug making the mighty beast work!  Sweat is pouring off of Marcus like a waterfall! In round 2, Doug starts to open a lead, primarily banking off of winded Marcus seriously slowing down. The final score after all three wrestling rounds gives Doug a convincing and, as far as I’m concerned, well earned upset victory over the mountain of muscle Marcus.

marcus3I don’t know if I’ve ever been quite as thrilled by an NK pony ride as I am to watch Doug use his newfound beast of burden for a leisurely lap. When asked in the post match debrief for his thoughts on the match, Doug’s mouth just gapes open for a moment before nervously chuckling and answering, “Damn! He’s a big guy!” Where it counts, Doug, you’re even bigger!  And, as I promised back when I called this match last month, Doug pounding Marcus’ defeated ass in a pool of sweat is now my screensaver!

Can-Am’s Drake Wild (5’4″) stands in the shadow of massive bodybuilder Tyler St. James (6’2″, 240 lbs).

Can-Am doesn’t report the stats on their new big little man, Drake Wild, but elsewhere, he’s reportedly 5’6″ and nearly 100 pounds lighter than 240 lbs, blue-eyed bodybuilder Tyler St. James in Pro Sex Fight 10. When I first saw this match advertised, I thought there was no way I’d get into this.  The differential was too much to suck me into the competitive narrative.  But just like he does with massive Tyler, Drake grabs me by the balls everytime I push play, and I just can’t tear my eyes away!


Honestly, I typically find myself pulling for the little man in a massively mismatched catchweight contest. However, there’s something almost disturbingly erotic about watching Tyler absolutely manhandle and bully his petite opponent. I’m totally caught off guard by the tension Tyler builds, leaving me to wonder if he’s going to snap the hot little lightweight into at least two separate pieces.  The golden bodybuilder is so fucking cocky, so completely dominating, stroking, spanking and kissing Drake’s ass, celebrating his certainty in victory from the moment the match starts.  “You don’t stand a chance,” Tyler mutters, not even threateningly, because its just such a flat out statement of fact.


While I’m not sure why I’m enjoying watching this muscle brute mugging quite so much, I’m just that much more deeply ambivalent when little Drake turns the tables.  Watching mighty muscles conquered, decisively owned even, is a deeply satisfying scenario 9 times out of 10.  And yet watching the lightweight punk get crushed and shot-put all over the ring works me so hard this time out!  Like most Pro Sex Fights, the post-victory fucking releases most of the competitive tension anyway, but for some reason I’m left wishing musclegod Tyler could get another crack at putting the lean little scrapper in his place.

BG East’s Flavio (5’10”, 180 lbs) faced down Lorenzo Lowe (5’5″, 135 lbs)

And then there’s the grand finale of this unexpected trilogy I’ve been caught up in lately, BG East’s Undagear 20 pitting stunning vision of golden, muscled beauty, rookie Flavio against the ever dangerous Lorenzo “Jake” Lowe.  LJL is “merely” 5 inches shorter and 45 pounds lighter, so compared to the first two catch weight matches I mention above, this one is relatively neck and neck at the tale of the tape.  LJL keeps writing bigger and bigger checks for that hot, lean, lightweight body of his to cash, and you have to wonder when Flavio effortlessly muscles his way free from LJL’s opening assault and, quite literally, picks him up off his feet and throws him into the wall, whether the mat veteran has bitten off way more beef than he can chew this time.

flavio2Watching every inch of Flavio’s body bulge and flex as he steamrolls right over top of LJL is powerfully mesmerizing. Those glutes alone could very well displace Doug Acre riding Marcus Ruhl’s ass as my screensaver. He absolutely owns LJL’s hot, lean bod in one humiliating hold after another.  The spinning full nelson that leaves LJL’s feet flailing a foot off the floor is an incredibly hot muscle bully moment that makes me doubt my persistent secret wish (9 times out of 10) that the little guy will climb on top of all those muscles and plant a flag in the bully on behalf of all of us who’ve been pushed around.


But Flavio is a rookie. And LJL has clearly been taking notes from the master himself, BG East Boss Kid Leopard. Because it’s KL’s own signature finisher that snatches victory from defeat for LJL, making all of Flavio’s mouthwatering muscles go limp. It’s the look in LJL’s eyes as he puts the gorgeous fitness model all he way out that reminds me just how incredibly moving and sweet it can be to watch the “little guy” make a dominating specimen of physical perfection and arrogance his bitch!

There must be something in the air, because I’ve been hankering for muscle-taming catchweight homoerotic wrestling, and Naked Kombat, Can-Am, and BG East have set such a fantastic feast!

Old, New, Borrowed, Blue

I’m not going to apologize for a moment for taking an extra day or two to savor and study the new releases I’ve got in my hands now from BG East’s catalog 100, before I make my pick for homoerotic wrestler of the month. There are just too many instantly credible candidates to rush this decision. So I’ll make that call tomorrow. Maybe the next day. Depends on whether I need an IV drip to replenish fluids as I go.

But I will marvel briefly once again at the momentousness of BGE100. Celebrating 100 catalogs of the highest quality homoerotic wrestling, BG East has given more than a passing nod to both their past and future with their choice of wrestlers and matches to be featured for the anniversary edition. Marrying the best of homoeroticism and the best of professional wrestling takes a lot of heart, a lot of art, and maybe even a little good luck to be as successful as BG East has been. So here’s my nod to whatever it is that adds up to their formula for a long and healthy relationship with their avid fans, in this case: something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

Old School BG East Matmen: Robin Carter and Big D!

Something “old”:  I’m calling out another epic revival to accompany the earthshaking return of both Brad Rochelle and Kid Leopard to the BG East ring. Almost/even more anticipated is BG East’s grab bag of mat matches “from the vaults,” highlighting out most notably for me a Matmen 24 match featuring classic matman Robin Carter and the living legend himself, “Big D” Ward. Big D was awarded a lifetime achievement award at the end of Wrestlefest 2 which was, what, 10 years ago at least!? Big D’s dominance on the mat was always AMAZING to watch, and his sudden and long absence from new releases was marked by many with grief and mourning. Bringing this “old” gem out from the vaults and dusting it off for catalog 100 is fulfilling the wishes of hundreds of Big D fans clamoring for more of the legendary master of the mats for years!

Trey Dixon is just one of the rookies debuting in catalog 100

Something “new”: I think one of the things that BG East does simply better than just about anyone is constantly recruiting top quality new talent, and they did not spare new faces in putting together catalog 100. I’ve already noted the jaw dropping looks of new fantasymen Kip Sorrell and Lane Hartley from Fantasymen 35. Also eye-catching (to say the least) is g-g-gorgeous newcomer Trey Dixon getting every impressive inch of his mouthwatering body squeezed through the ringer of Jake Ryder’s erotically sadistic will in X-Fights 36.

Lorenzo “Jake” Lowe borrows muscle hunk Flavio’s trunks to towel off, but don’t worry, he gives the sweat-soaked undagear back.

Something “borrowed”: So Lorenzo “Jake” Lowe’s opponent in Undagear 20, Flavio” could be something new and something blue as well, but I’ve settled on celebrating the “something borrowed” in this match. LJL has his hands full of the bulging muscles all over incredibly built Flavio, but happily both of these boys get stripped to barely mentionable thongs. Owning a massively constructed hunk of beauty like Flavio is no small feet for “little” LJL, so it’s no wonder the hot BG East executive has sweat pouring off his body in streams before long. Fortunately, Flavio’s baby blue and incredibly sexy trunks serve as suitable towel to soak up LJL’s perspiration. Like the gentleman he is, though, LJL returns the garment… in the rookie’s face… where it lands with a splat.

Marco Carlow’s blue trunks, like his groin, are nearly ripped apart by Jake Jenkins!

Something “blue”: It looks like Joe at Ringside at Skull Island is as captivated by the main event on Undagear 20 as I am: muscled babyface beauties “the original” Jake Jenkins and Marco Carlow. There’s so much right about this match, including but not limited to the change of wardrobe about halfway through. Before that, though, I could stare for days at the most amazing battle of all in this contest: the seams of Marco’s blue trunks nearly ripped apart time and time again as JJ ties the muscleboy up like a Stretch Armstrong doll. There’s so much goodness packed inside that blue fabric, and JJ displays it from every angle physically possible. And I’m the master of spoilers, so stop reading now if you don’t want to know too much…. because Marco’s blue trunks nearly could have counted toward “something borrowed,” except for the fact that JJ does not give them back!

So I need to get back to sucking down gatorade and staring at more of catalog 100 until my eyes burn. Catch you on the other side of ecstasy.