Astro-Ninja is in Trouble, and He Kind Of Likes It

Things are on a steady boil over at Eye of the Cyclone, where you can get your wrestling superhero fix in any number of different scenarios. Their most recent weekly update included some new profile photos of Astro-Ninja, who is currently in extreme jeopardy in the serial titled “Jewel in the Dark.”

The mysterious, tightly packed muscle twink hero, Astro-Ninja

Astro-Ninja is described as “a masked soldier drone from the stars.” In addition to having the superpower to throw “astro light stars” from his fingertips as weapons, he also has superhero fighting abilities and superhero stealth (he is a ninja, after all). On his mission to track down the Cosmic Crystal, the gem that is deadly dangerous to so many superheroes, he finds himself in high stakes combat with big, burly, bear super villain The Huntsman. There’s some sweet back and forth, but come on! This is Astro-Ninja! Astro stars thrown at the beefy bad boy’s head knocks him out for a while, giving our hot, lycra-ed hero time to get his hands on the dangerous Cosmic Crystal.  But The Huntsman has a superpower of his own. Flexing his pecs and stimulating his own nipples, The Huntsman dials up his own mirror image, a second big, burly, bear super villain of identical hotness and villainy!

A bear daddy 2-on-1 battle for Astro-Ninja’s cock!


That’s right, this just turned into a 2-on-1 bear daddies schooling a muscle twink cub!  The Jewel in the Dark is already 13 chapters and still going, and The Huntsmen are just getting nastier and more erotically offensive by the minute. Astro-Ninja is far from helpless, mind you. The bulging hunk under that floor-to-ceiling body suit is resourceful as hell and incredibly acrobatic in bringing both bear daddies to their knees. But this melodrama is veering in all the right directions as soon as you spot Astro-Ninja’s mammoth erection responding to the Huntsmen’s persistent attention, followed soon by the unmistakable spotting of precum. As with all hard bodied muscle twinks, the real jeopardy lies in the dizzying defenselessness of getting turned on, tied up, and… wait for it… wait for it…

More of Astro-Ninja to adore!


…stripped out of his super suit to reveal most of the sizzling hot stud beneath! Hot damn, I’m in love! The end of this story is still to be written, so we’re left watching this slice of heaven tied down and quite obviously turned on still harder as The Huntsmen do what you and I would… work over that luscious body with relish. His hot nipples get a lot of attention, as does testing, vicious attacks on his astonishingly sexy abs. But proving that you and I may not always be on the side of virtue and light, The Huntsmen really go to town exactly where we would: working over the pendulous package dangling in the banana hammock. The very last frame of this serial (to date… still to be continued), shows this super-hot specimen of a masked man giving in to the lust stirred by being owned by his new bear daddies, stroking himself to superhuman proportions, leaving the head of his out of this world cock spilling out of that totally inadequate thong.

Out of this world super sexy back!


Holy hunk in trouble, Batman! Eye of the Cyclone has got a direct line to the homoerotic wrestling superhero kink that I’ve been nursing along since my pre-adolescent imagination took my comic book heroes in entirely different directions that what appeared on the page. Helpless in the grip of his own libido, Astro-Ninja is jumping off of the page/screen and driving me crazy!  And the new nearly naked profile shots of this hunk are out of this world! In particular, that sculpted back is incredibly gorgeous, making me think that his one, last hope for survival may be in being so completely irresistible that the Huntsmen cannot help themselves but pour out their super villainous juices all over that sexy back and leave them, at least momentarily, weakened. Me, I can barely stand right now this is wearing me out!  And hey, Astro-Ninja! Give me call. I’ll watch your back for you. Believe me.

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