Oh, Canada!

Kenny Brain can be my furry daddy/big brother any day.

I haven’t really paid attention to the Big Brother franchise in years, but seeing this slice of homoerotic fantasy gold plastered across the internet certainly caught my attention yesterday.  I can report only what I read online, because I didn’t even know there was such a thing as “Big Brother Canada,” and now that I do, I find out that I can’t watch it online from my “location.”  Bigots. However, if there’s more eye candy from furry gay male model Kenny  Brain in loosey whities and olive oil, I predict he’s got a big, big future ahead of him on a screen in front of me.


If there’s a homoerotic wrestling god on Mt. Olympus, then somebody is already offering this slice of over-the-top sexiness a contract to seriously hit his stride as a homoerotic wrestler.


And based on my 3-way interview with Drake “all-talk-no-show” Marcos and his patent holder, Mason Brooks, I’d say Kenny’s very first opponent should be Mason.  Mason mentioned that he has a tendency to get dazzled and distracted by a hot opponent’s “Canadian-ness,” and Kenny looks like he’s got gallons of Canadian-ness to shoot all over Mason’s sweet pecs.


Hell, I’m smelling a potential Southern Invasion force storming BG East if gorgeous Kenny joins the ranks of other known/rumored Canadians that have made incursions across the border.  Keep your fingers crossed!

I’ve heard second hand that Blaine Janus is a Canuck. He’s also a dead ringer for Kenny Brain’s fraternal twin. Now that would be a devastating tag team!
Self-avowed Canadian Ben Monaco has dazzled more than a few opponents with his bulging Canadian-ness.
Speaking of bulging Canadian-ness, Alain LeClair may be able to single handedly bring Boston to its knees, so imagine what he could do with back-up!

One thought on “Oh, Canada!

  1. I cannot put into words how happy I am to see Kenny come up in this blog.
    I have been a long-time reader, and I worked with Kenny for a summer, the whole time thinking he would make a great heel!
    Glad to see his face (and the rest of him) here!

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