Proving His Case

Aryx Quinn continues to perfect his fantasy physique. Exhibit A.

Aryx Quinn has been taking a beating in our Friday Fashion polls, and he’s none too happy about it. Actually, Aryx has stayed above it all, but he has noticed the attention, and he has wanted to point out that he’s been putting on mountains of succulent, hard earned, beautifully sculpted muscle since, for example, he wrestled Muscle Mask in Masked Mayhem 11. When judging the aesthetics of Aryx as a model for fantasy-inducing wrestling gear, he’d like to point out that he’s a whole new man, bringing a whole barrage of new firepower to please his fans and blow away the competition inside and outside the ring.  I’ve put in a request for him to share photos of his phenomenal physique as he approaches his first bodybuilding competition, which may happen as soon as this summer, so stay tuned. My thanks to Aryx for sharing these bits of convincing evidence that are featured in today’s post that demonstrate that he’s done nothing but continue to improve on the intoxicating mixture of beauty, power, and attitude that has earned him such a fanatical fan following!

Exhibit B
Exhibit C.
Exhibit D.

3 thoughts on “Proving His Case

  1. Thanks Bard for this update on Aryx Quinn as its nice to know what wrestlers are doing outside the ring. Had no idea that he was going competitive bodybuilding. But it figures. He’s a total pro already so think this move only broadens his appeal! And makes him even more of threat inside the ring. And thanks Bard for such a quick response to my request to see more Aryx. Customer service or what!

  2. Aryx to me is the “gentleman” wrestler…. Yes, A tough talking HEEL, but out of the ring and incredible
    thoughtful kind gentleman. Like wine, gets better and better with each year.

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