Feel Better Friday

Jonny Firestorm takes orders!?

Jonny Firestorm posted this photo (below) on his blog, showing him getting checked out for an unspecified medical condition.

Jonny blogs from his sickbed

It sounds serious, because Jonny reports he’s under doctor’s orders to stay away from wrestling for the time being. No word on what’s plaguing Jonny’s hot bod, but again, it must be serious, because what has that hunky physique not been able to withstand!?

It took both Cameron Matthews and Mike Pitt to make Jonny hurt in Tag Team Torture 17.

Of course, Jonny gives about 3 times harder than he gets, but still, he’s taken a boatload of vicious punishment and cruel abuse and managed to muscle his way back on top, over and over again.

Jonny’s ripped bod takes a brutal boot to the chest as he’s cruelly double-teamed.

So I’m guessing it takes a lot to get Jonny to admit he’s hurting enough to see a doctor in the first place, much less “take orders” to stay away from the ring. How many naive opponents have thought they’d be the ones to toss Jonny’s ass from the ring, only to find themselves crushed and conquered by the resilient heel? Now some egghead with a lab coat and filth-infested neck tie (seriously, think about how many germs a doc’s tie is exposed to and how often it get’s dry cleaned!) does what extremely few musclebound hunks have been unable to do?!

Jonny’s gorgeous ass has taken some beatings in the past.

I’ve got my money on Jonny kicking his health issue in the ass, and then proceeding to take that doc, rip off his lab coat, tie him into the ring ropes with the filth-infested tie, and shockingly hot ripped-n-stripped body mercilessly for keeping Jonny from the air he breathes, aka, wrestling. Then again, my fantasy of a hardbodied wrestling nerd may be interfering with my estimation of Jonny’s rapport with his attending.

Looking forward to Jonny climbing out of his sickbed and back on top of a mountain of wasted muscle and dreams again.

Either way, feel better, Jonny.  The wrestling ring will be noticeably less exciting until you’re back in it and on top of the heap once more.

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