PSA – Gio Benetiz Gets Wet

In the interest of public safety, I’m afraid that Gio Benitez has to re-shoot this segment for Good Morning America.  I know that I’m not alone in being unconvinced by his demonstration of the dangers of rip tides.  That shirt and those baggy trunks he’s wearing were clearly weighing him down as he swam in the surf, exaggerating the threat of a rip tide.  If Gio had done this segment shirtless and in more modest trunks, I feel confident he’d have muscled his way right through that rip tide without breaking a sweat.  I, for one, refuse to believe in the dangers of rip tides until Gio Benitez goes back to south Florida, strips down (in HD slow motion) to nothing but a tiny speedo, and does this entire demonstration all over again.  If Gio truly cares about public safety, he will make this happen, and he’ll send me photos of him flexing those gargantuan biceps, bouncing those juicy pecs, and I’d pay double for an extended video of him bearhugging that hottie lifeguard who, let’s face it, despite acknowledging how much of “a grown man” Gio is, still questions Gio’s masculinity by “rescuing” him.  Then, when Lara Spencer clucks, “and speaking of ripped!” about Gio’s hot body at the end of the segment, it’ll really mean something.

Gio Benitez mulls over whether journalistic integrity requires him to go shirtless for this segment (and shows off his massive bis).
So much beach body hotness, GMA tracks Gio’s pumped body from 4 different angles.
This is the angle that catches my eye! This extremely fleeting glimpse of Gio’s bubble butt is catapulting him ahead of so many other newsboy crushes I’ve had.
Nothing quite a tasty marinated, salted beef!
Gio jumps waves, making his huge pecs bounce.
“Hey, twerp,” Gio snarls, “did this muscle body really look like it needed rescuing!?” “Dude!,” protests the lifeguard, “you’re producer told me I had to!”*
“Bring it on, Baywatch!” Gio snaps. “I’m going to wrap these pumped pythons around you and make you scream like last night’s trick!” “Uh…” Baywatch boy stares slack jawed, “… okay!”*
GMA host finishes the segment by purring, “…and speaking of ripped!” Gio rips off his coat and shirt, lathers himself with oil, and delivers a 3 minute muscle posing session*.

*Events and dialogue reported here may not exactly conform to what actually happened.

9 thoughts on “PSA – Gio Benetiz Gets Wet

      1. I sometimes found the teasing of a wet clothes to be more arousing, but would have given anything to those pecs and arms in display.

        Also I think is *Benitez. You got it right on the tag!

      2. Good catch, Jose. My spelling is crap when I’m in a hurray. Of course it’s Benitez, though I think the preferred spelling is B-e-e-f-c-a-k-e.

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