Who’s Your Daddy?

In the interest of full disclosure, let me be clear that daddy/boy culture is foreign to me.  I respect the hell out of it, but it isn’t mine.  I know that I get the language wrong when I try to speak it. I definitely do not get the rich nuances that guys within the culture thrive on. From the outside, there’s something that seems static about it, too rote, too sedimented to fully engage my homoerotic imagination. But like I said, I respect the hell out of it, and I’m happy to take a hit off it from time to time for the less nuanced allure that even I can jones on.

Muscle Domination Wrestling’s Daddy’s Home release strikes that chord in me.  I’m certain that their are daddies and boys who will enjoy this (and critique this) with a much more nuanced and appreciative eye than mine.  But even a tourist like I can suck down this local fare and enjoy myself.

Matt Thrasher nips home for a quick “lunch.”

One kink that Daddy’s Home instantly tweaks is the eroticism I love when one guy is fully clothed and the object of his lustful attention is naked, or like in this case, nearly so.  In baggy khakis and a sky blue button up dress shirt, Matt Thrasher comes home from work for a quick “lunch” and instantly pushes my buttons. The contempt that pours off of him onto skinny boy Theo Devair is rich with subtle undertones of lust, physical domination, and ownership. He rolls his eyes at baby boy Theo doing bicep curls in the wrestling ring wearing nothing but a zip-crotch leather thong and a medallion hanging from his neck.  He bullies his way into the workout to show the lightweight how to work a pump. With a knowing smirk, Theo calls salt-and-peppered Matt “old man” and questions what he could possibly know about it.

Cocky, handsome Theo keeps prodding. He’s smooth, fay and delicate in contrast to the stubbled, thick masculinity of Matt. His provocation sounds less like an honest challenge and more like a well-worn opening plea to be dominated and controlled. Matt seems reasonable enough, so perhaps he needs a reason to need to whip his boy into line. Smooth, pretty Theo gives him what he needs to work up a head of steam and effortlessly slap the youngster down to the mat.

“You need to learn some respect!’

Commandingly, Matt starts slapping Theo’s lily white ass, leaving bright red handprints. “Yeah, you like that, don’t you,” Matt says knowingly. “You need to learn some respect.” Theo cringes and grunts, but hardly argues with the obvious truth of those words.  Matt controls the boy by roughly manhandling him by the scruff of the neck like an errant puppy. “Tell me who’s boss!” daddy Matt demands, rolling Theo to his back and schoolboy pinning him. Theo stares up lustfully at Matt’s muscled, hairy chest partially visible underneath his half-unbottoned dress shirt.  Matt obligingly strips off his shirt and flexes his biceps. “You’re nothing next to me,” he growls. Theo eagerly kneads the muscle daddy’s belly and pecs.

Matt bulges beautifully!

Perhaps Theo is clearly enjoying himself too much. Matt smacks his hands away and begins to choke him. “You need to learn some respect!” he snarls through gritted teeth.  His arms are thick and veiny. Again, the fact that he’s still in his khaki’s somehow turns me on even harder. Theo grimaces in the blatant choke, given something other than his daddy’s powerful body to have to pay attention to. Matt only decides to climb off after the boy obediently repeats the obvious truth, “You’re the man!”

Matt planned ahead this morning, figuring a Nasty Pig jock strap would be called for come lunchtime.

Matt promptly strips off his khakis (slapping Theo with his belt for good measure).  He’s wearing a black Nasty Pig jock strap underneath.  The idea that daddy Matt goes to work, planning ahead for fun and games when he comes home by wearing a jock strap, intoxicates me. He’s big and muscled, lightly hairy pecs and thighs echoing his Alcide Herveauxesque salt-and-pepper beard and closely cropped haircut.  Matt has a big tattoo across his right upper arm.  His nipples are awesomely delicate positioned so aesthetically on his bulging pecs. His eyes never break their hold on Theo’s gaze for a moment. That fixed, fierce gaze is incredible. That’s what I’d give my firstborn child to see more of in homoerotic wrestling.

Matt gives just a taste of what Theo is aching for.

He straddles his boy on his knees once again and flexes.  Theo can’t help himself but run his palms up and down that awesomely erotic, muscled belly. He’s enjoying it too much again. Matt shoves the boy’s face in his crotch, then rolls him over and stomps on his back, slaps his ass some more, rubs his face into the mat while humping Theo’s ass.  “Yeah,” he growls deep and breathy, “who’s your daddy?” Not that there was ever any real question.


Soon, hungry Theo is on his knees at his daddy’s feet. Matt tugs down his pouch and wordlessly Theo wraps his lips around the big man’s cock. Again, watch the eyes. Matt stares upward, clearly trained to be held in Matt’s gaze. He pleasures the muscled hunk because he is silently being given permission, no, being commanded to do so with that fucking hot gaze. Have I mentioned how much I’d like to see more eye contact in homoerotic wrestling?  Big Matt let’s the boy work his rod awhile, but soon enough goes back to spanking Theo’s ass, demanding the boy say the words, “You’re my daddy.”  More ass humping. More cock sucking.  Matt’s getting sweaty, not because there’s been any heavy lifting, but because quite obviously his heart is pumping hard.

Muscled Matt glistens

Theo works the big man’s cock with a studied expertise.  I get the impression pretty much anyone with a cock would have no choice but to respond to his technique, but I’m also left with the suspicion that he specifically knows exactly what his daddy likes.  The two are paced beautifully, working in concert to strum Matt’s rod harder and harder.  It’s all about Matt, but he permits his boy the indulgence of stroking his big, hard muscles as he services his daddy’s cock. Sweat pours down from Matt’s forehead.  Whatever pretense, whatever staging, there’s an honesty that his physiology cannot disguise. He’s getting worked hard.

Cock pin to START with.

Neither of these two want things too easy, though.  Before Matt can get topped off completely, he throws Theo back to the mat, mounts him and humps his face.  Matt rips off Theo’s leather thong and humps his naked ass, clearly turning both of them on even harder.

Grinding hips, bulging muscles, veins flush with a racing heartbeat

Matt wants his boy to show him some well-earned respect, so they finally tussle.  It’s like wrestling, but Theo’s willingness and enthusiasm for every ounce of Matt’s offense makes this something essentially different. A reverse bearhug, side headlock, full nelson, trampling, ball claw… the physical domination is more performance art than combat.  The “winner” was self-evident from about the 00:05 mark of this video.  “Daddy’s right all the time, isn’t he!?” Matt demands with his hard cock cradled snugly between Theo’s cheeks.

A handful

Matt continues to offer and then take away his big, juicy cock, frustrating and tormenting Theo. Like binging on the Halloween candy, the boy would feast for days on it, but Matt dishes it out tauntingly.  Theo scarfs down everything he’s offered but always is left wanting more.  Matt takes both of their aroused cocks in one massive hand and starts pushing them toward the edge of the cliff.  “Tell daddy how much you like that!”  “Oh, daddy… OH, DADDY!”

Now that’s a cock pin!

Face fucking, muscle worshipping.  Matt gets off but leaves his boy’s balls blue.  Daddy grabs his clothes and smiles, satisfied. “All right.  Back to work,” he mutters, leaving he ring.

Daddy worship

The most genuine element of wrestling in Daddy’s Home is the ring. Otherwise, this is about 85% a part of the MDW domination catalog, not the wrestling side of things. That said, even a laser focused homoerotic wrestling kinkster like me can enjoy this drama.  Matt is incredibly hot. Over the top. I’d pop my cork for a straightforward homoerotic wrestling match to include even a tenth of the chemistry between these two. I’m nobody’s daddy, and I’m certainly not anyone’s boy, but this is a fine place to visit from time to time.

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