Friday Fashion

It looks like Polldaddy is back and playing nice with my blogsite, so let me return to the Friday Fashion poll that I attempted to post a couple of weeks ago. In June there was a lot of indirect attention paid to fashion in homoerotic wrestling new releases. In addition to the extensive fashion showdown posed by Chace LaChance and Mutant in MDW’s Oil Hunks 3 (in which Mutant won the match, but Chace won the runaway decision for he who wore it best), over at BG East hot gear was the very point of the viciously sexy battle between Drake Marcos and Ty Alexander in Babyface Brawl X. Prior to the match, Drake was apparently running his mouth (as he has a tendency to do, you have to admit), including bragging about the sexy lime green trunks he’d found to wrestle Ty in. Larcenous Ty, however, managed to sneak into the mat room when Drake’s back was turned and steal said trunks. Not only did he steal him, he had the audacity to wear them for their match, protesting that they were his all along and forcing Drake to don florescent pink and white trunks to start the battle for repatriation.  Before all is said and done, both babyface studs have worn both pair of trunks (and nothing).  In the mat competition, it’s Drake who manages to score his very first ever victory over a real live opponent, but in the battle for fashion, first for the lime green and then the pink and white trunks, who wore it best?

Typically I order the competitors by who wore them first, but this is a contested issue this time. Let’s take a look at adorable Ty, because, at least, we saw him in them first on camera. His all-over tan contrasts nicely with the tight, lime green Calvin Klein briefs. Did he wear them best?
Drake eventually retrieved his prized lime green briefs and, though momentarily wooed to pliability by a nibble on his ear lobe (I’m taking notes), Drake wears the hell out of the Calvin Klein briefs on his way to wiping the floor with his larcenous opponent. With that treasure trail leading down his flat stomach, pointing toward his swelling bulge, it’s not hard to see why Drake was so eager to compete in this lime green gear. But did he wear it best?


Despite getting stripped and worn the fuck out, Ty managed to get his licks in, as when he smothered Drake with that pink pouch in a bitterly humiliating schoolboy pin (again, I’m taking notes). For the pink and white square cut Junk “Underjeans,” did Ty wear it best?


Glistening with sweat and sporting thick thighs while staring down at the naked bubble butt of your opponent never looked bad on anyone. Drake’s flat gut and lightly hairy quads make the lines on these pink and white square cuts work beautifully, no doubt. But did he wear it best?

4 thoughts on “Friday Fashion

  1. Can I just say that I love Fashion Fridays? These are so much fun.

    This one was hard, because I don’t really know either of these guys (because BGE doesn’t have download-to-own, but that’s another topic). I ended up voting for Ty just based on the pictures. I just think that color looks better on darker skin. It does look like a great match, though. Love the idea of a gear swap during the match.

    1. Yay for Friday Fashions! I’m glad you like them, Alex. And these boys have been drumming up votes from friends and family, so your unbiased opinion gives this poll a veneer of objectivity!

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