Shane McCall is back!

I’d heard rumors and even seen photos of classic wrestlers from early years of BG East history promising to make their returns to the ring sometime soon.  I did not, however, know to expect to see classic hunk Shane McCall climb back into the ring as a major league bear daddy beating the living shit out of too-big-for-his-britches babyface darling Ty Alexander. The climactic 3rd match in BG East’s new Catchweight 6 collection is as epic as it sounds!

Ty bristles with every insult the consummate veteran slaps down.

First of all, this is not your daddy’s Shane McCall!  Of course, the stud is handsome as ever, and if I daresay, the salt-and-pepper full-on facial hair does nothing but turn me on several times harder. The epic reveal here however is not that Shane has facial hair. No, the big news is that the 5’11”, 165 pound babyface muscle stud of years gone by is now every ounce of a 210 pound burly, bear daddy bruiser! I think many fans may miss the fact that adorable Ty is looking fitter than ever, because he’s simply dwarfed in stature and ring presence by his opponent. But Shane steps into the ring like he’s never left it, takes possession of the territory, sizing up 5’7″, 145 pound Ty, and pretty much having already finished crushing the rookie punk in everything but deed within seconds.

Catchweight crushes

I’ve had several conversations (though surprisingly less than I’d have thought) with wrestling fans of all stripes about the role and allure of a big, burly, bellied bad ass like the second coming of Shane McCall.  There are enthusiastic and fully engaged homoerotic wrestling fans who don’t have a place in their wrestling fantasies for anyone other than a 6% bodyfat, six-packed and primped underwear model, and I respect the hell out of that.  Each of us has our pantheon of wrestling fantasies starring the particular bodies and personalities and gear and settings that milk us hardest. I’m one of the wrestling fans for whom a hefty, hairy, sweat soaked belly can raise my temperature sharply, particularly when paired like a fine wine with a tasty little morsel like bubble-butted beauty Ty.

Ty tied in knots

To say that the second coming of Shane manhandles the bronzed beauty Ty is a gross understatement. And although I continue to nurse a little infatuation with the doe-eyed rookie, let me be adamantly clear: he deserves every ounce of terrorizing punishment he gets in this match.  Shane tosses and crushes him, twists him up and rips him apart.  The 65 or so pound weight differential between the two of them makes for some of the most stunning displays of physical domination that I’ve enjoyed, and regular readers know that I’ve enjoyed A LOT!  Shane makes the kid scream. He makes him weep. He drags Ty’s lovely carcass from brutally ripping him apart joint by joint to crushing the fight and consciousness from him and making Ty go limp and defenseless in his paradigmatic bearhug.  And I repeat, Ty deserves every excruciating hold, every agonizing second, every scathing helping of contempt and humiliation, and I’ll be happy to tell it to his face. Why?  Because Ty Alexander had no idea who Shane McCall was when he climbed into the ring.

Ty’s going to remember who Shane McCall is now.

What. The. Fuck!?  Fashionista Ty was clearly begging for this lesson about the big, broad, brutal shoulders he stands on as a newcomer to the world of homoerotic wrestling today. His contemptuous dismissal of Shane’s age, weight, and beard only serve to establish Shane’s pedagogy as he demonstrates for lovely Ty exactly how looking prettiest is just not the endgame at BG East.  Before all is said and done, Ty gets smothered by that bear daddy belly, brutalized by the vast superiority Shane has in experience and methods of muscle torture, and (what seems to irk Ty most) repeatedly given whisker burn by Shane’s full beard.

“Ty Alexander pinned like a little bitch.”

Shane doesn’t just push the same old buttons in me he always did years ago. He punches them relentlessly. And although not the svelte hottie he once was, his masterful ringwork in Catchweight 6 demonstrates that he’s lost none of his athleticism and, more importantly for my tastes, he is, if anything, more diabolically sadistic in tearing apart cupie-doll Ty than ever before.  He’s a big helping of bear daddy meat, and using every dominating ounce to punish lightweight Ty is deeply moving to watch. There are big, hard, sweaty lessons that an all-too-pretty boy like Ty has got to learn sooner or later if he’s going to stick around BG East, and happily for all of us, The Boss pulled a staple of so many of our fantasies out of retirement to “coach” young Ty in everything he has yet to learn.


Welcome back, Shane!  So happy to get a front row seat to watch you work that thrilling magic of yours!  Can we recommend some other relative newcomers who need a session with Coach?!

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