Which 3 on which 1?


I know for a fact that this ridiculously handsome collection of smartly dressed homoerotic wrestlers were NOT in residence at BG East South recently (more on that soon). In the mean time, can I just say how extremely erotic I find it to see smoking hot wrestling hunks like these guys in street clothes?  Unlike the contraband that “Our Man Inside” smuggles out of BG East for us to savor, this pic came directly from the Boss himself, treating us to what looks like a night out with one of the sexiest posses on the planet. I get a strong hit of Clark Kent about these boys all dressed up with someplace to go. I’m sensing hard feelings engendered by Brad Rochelle giving Kid Leopard a swirly have been ironed out. That, or else dimple-chinned Brad may be just about to get dragged across the floor by that tie and triple-teamed by the Boss and his new crop of BG East henchmen.  And speaking of the henchmen, I repeat myself I know, but it bears repeating: hunks in glasses drive me CRAZY!  Holy shit, Ty Alexander and Kayden Keller in specs are insanely sexy. Kayden appears to have missed the dress code memo, but I’m not about to be the one to diss the heel-rising’s fashion sense.  Then there’s delectable little Ty, looking like he just strolled off the stage of Newsboys.  And finally, the Boss, with a goatee and a cat-that-ate-the-canary grin that makes it certain that no one would be fooled by the suit and tie to mistake him for anything other than a raging heel.

Fuck, I seriously hope that this ended in a 3-on-1 brutal beatdown.  And that someone recorded it.

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