I Need a Hero

I woke up to a deep and dark funk in light of the election results across the country yesterday.  These are dark days, I fear, and I’m desperately in need of a hero to fight off the villains who are robbing us blind.  Fortunately, this Halloween seems to have brought out the superheroes from among the ranks of homoerotic wrestlers, and I for one am relieved to have these gorgeous hunks suit up to slap down the bad guys. Because there are so many fucking bad guys. In Congress!

Kayden Keller reveals his secret identity: Super Sexy Superboy
Look at the shoulders on this kid! Villains step back!
I’m I’m not mistaken, Robin’s jobberboy alter-ego very well may be adorable Ty Alexander!
Unmasked, it’s definitely Ty to the rescue.
It’s Superman vs Batman, the next generation! Can’t we all just get along!?
Maybe a little next incarnation Night Wing can save the day.
Hey, I recognize that not-so-secret lair!








Wait, staring down from above at those lips, checking out those abs, I’m having flashbacks to recently putting Drake Marcos on his back in the ring!


Night Wing rocks. I hope he’s better at conquering the bad guys than Drake is.


Wolverine always turns me on, particularly when it’s a certain homoerotic wrestling heel selling the look.
The size of the villainy today calls for the big guns. Bear daddy Shane McCall, save us!

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