Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month

My plate was full in October, but I still managed to take a pretty broad sampling of the new homoerotic wrestling releases.  With BG East’s catalog 105, the field was already packed with satisfying hotness, but of course Jose documented that there were in fact 87 new releases from at least 12 different producers.  Full disclosure, I did not watch all 87 matches.  Some of these fine purveyors of wrestling are not in my regular queue.  As I’ve mentioned before, my resources (both financial and temporal) are limited.  But designating a homoerotic wrestler of the month is not science. It’s thoroughly and unabashedly biased, informed entirely by what turns me on most among the matches that I have the opportunity to enjoy.  With that disclaimer made (again), let me turn my attention to crowning my reigning homoerotic wrestler of the month for outstandingly provocative October match performance…








Drake Marcos.

Someone is, at this very moment, complaining that Drake had an unfair advantage because he had the opportunity to demonstrate to me, in person, just how provocative his wrestling work was in October.  See my disclaimer above and let it go.  While the pleasure I had to encounter Drake in the ring during my BG East – South campus pilgrimage certainly looms large in my thoughts, first and foremost Drake wins this month’s title for his work in X-Fights 38.

“Jake falls for Drake’s charm offensive.”

The back cover of the DVD already had me chuckling and aroused.  “Jake falls for Drake’s charm offensive,” the caption reads underneath a shot of Drake and his opponent, Lorenzo “Jake” Lowe glistening with sweat and making out in the mat room.  Drake’s talents run deep, of course, but I have to agree whole heartedly that one of the most disarming (and dangerous) assets the Cheshire Cat brings to a match is that fucking charm.  It’s conveyed in steady eye contact, a subtly seductive tilt to his head, his sharp and savvy wit, and, of course, that nearly constant dimpled grin on his handsome face.

The backstory on X-Fights 38 is eerily familiar. “It’s pretty easy to talk trash when I’m about 900 miles away,” Drake smirks as they stare one another down on the mat.  “But now that I’m here, what are you going to do?”  It wasn’t deliberate, but that was almost precisely the backstory and dialogue that constituted the wrestling foreplay between me and Drake later in October.  Clearly it’s a potent lure that the Cheshire Cat baits his hook with, all handsomeness and disarming charm with full throttle trash talk to stoke a virtual opponent into a sweat-soaked, erotically charged, IRL wrestling battle.

Drake grabs the throttle almost instantly scoring the first fall.

LJL, fans know, is unfailingly dangerous.  The lightweight has a stunning record of toppling (and absolutely grinding into dust) much bigger muscle boys. However, about 3 minutes into this match, LJL finds his grinning, charming opponent not only countering his expertly executed offense, but abruptly rolling him into a nut-cruching Boston Crab.  Drake sits low, really leaning back and making LJL’s lower lumbar creak with agonizing tension.  LJL, the master executioner, astonishingly taps out with a note of panic in his voice as Drake absolutely glows with pleasure. Oh, yeah. I know where you’re coming from, LJL.

Soon enough, however, Drake takes a boatload of torture because, after all, this is LJL.  Long limbs and an energizer bunny battery do not spare the Cheshire Cat from being worked into a major lather quite quickly.  Both of these boys are pouring sweat minutes in, which always increases my erotic engagement.  And speaking of erotic engagement, these boys latch their claws on each other’s cocks and balls from start to finish in this bout.

Drake relishes the opportunity to document his destruction of LJL by posting this mid-match video online (Karma’s a bitch, eh, Drake?).

Things turn particularly sexy, in my opinion, and for Drake ominously foreshadowing, right around the time when the Cheshire Cat rolls LJL into a rear naked choke, reaches for his mobile phone, and starts taking selfie video of his Cheshire Cat grin next to LJL’s oxygen-deprived face.  “Exclusive for drakefuckingmarcos.blogspot.com!” Drake crows.  “Here I am with ‘Jake’ Lorenzo Lowe, and I’m making him my bitch! Smile for the camera,” he laughs at his trapped opponent.

LJL documents the truism: Payback is a bitch.

Online taunts turning into a mobile-phone documented reckoning at BG East South?! Oh, Drake, it was a very busy month for you, wasn’t it? And similarly to a certain ring match later in the month, Drake soon enough finds his taunts and bluster catching up to him as LJL starts to maintain momentum and work the Cheshire Cat into more and more compromised positions.  The blurring of combat and erotic lust is pitched beautifully in this match. The boys use their bodies to dominate and torture and somewhere, almost imperceptibly, their bodies become focused entirely on giving and receiving pleasure.  Those big doe eyes of Drake’s suck LJL right in as Jake can’t help but taste those lips. He rides Drake’s dripping torso, peeling those pink trunks off, feeling that body.  Drake gives himself over to his opponent’s control, and when LJL is fully engaged, Drake rolls on top of him, lips locked, hands stroking, crotches grinding intently.

Not so fast, LJL!

And then Drake replaces his lips with the palm of his hand stretched across LJL’s mouth and nose.  That sly son of a bitch was, indeed, working his charm offensive all along, luring LJL into a defenseless position.  LJL slowly, reluctantly slips into unconsciousness with the Cheshire Cat perched atop him as pleased as can be, returning the favor of peeling of his opponent’s trunks. Where does combat end and carnal lust begin remains the question as both of these delicious boys bring incredibly accomplished “charm offenses” to bear.  The question of who will be erotically lulled into a vulnerable enough place to be decisively conquered, with photographic evidence in hand, and finally led from the mat by his cock is uncertain almost to the bitter end.

So much trash talk silenced as Drake is forced to suck on LJL’s bicep.

But as with all things, there is a naked, drenched, humiliated end, and if you can run a simple correlation on Drake’s win-loss record, you can guess whose cock is the leash for whom.  LJL is handsome as hell as always, devastatingly dangerous and deadly serious.  But the Cheshire Cat is just having more fun. His humor and charm propel this story powerfully. Drake’s full throttle passion for homoerotic wrestling is like a wave crashing over and over again upon the mat (and his opponent), and his intensity and intelligence raise this far above what I often expect in a carnally explicit X-fight.

October’s Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month: Drake Marcos

And, sure, it doesn’t hurt that I have my own photographic evidence that trash talk from 900 miles away is a lot easier for a certain Cheshire Cat than facing a challenger on the mats.  But when it comes to picking which homoerotic wrestler appearing in an October new release entertained, provoked and aroused me most, there’s just no contest.  He may be this blogger’s bitch, true, but he’s also without question this blogger’s homoerotic wrestler of the month: Drake “Cheshire Cat” Marcos.

Wait, how did that photo get into this blog post?! That’s not from X-Fights 38. Oh, well…

9 thoughts on “Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month

  1. You were in the ring with him. For real. You had your foot on him. How could you NOT name him Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month?! 🙂 In fact, maybe that decision will merely serve as motivation for other wrestlers wanting the esteemed honor of HWotM to seek you out in the ring, to curry favor. (Couldn’t hurt.)

    P.S. Not to be too personal, but: Lovin’ the glimpses of unshaved arm and leg from your match!

      1. I was gonna reply with a modest 5’7, kinda lean, longer hair than most people here would approve of. But then I remembered nobody can see me, so I’m changing my answer to: Basically, I look pretty much like Brian Cage.

      1. I think the camera angle may make me look a little hairier than i really am, but I’m glad you all enjoyed the au naturel glimpse of blogger skin.

  2. Now let me get this straight, after spending some personal time in the ring, with at least one of you naked as deemed by the photographic record, though hopefully both combatants were in the raw, and by the way feel free to share those snaps, you name Drake to the highest honor in all of Neverland, a casual observer might refer the honor bestowed as “pay to play”, “quid pro quo” or whatever the kids are calling a reward for a reward these days, and in that sense it was literal for me, cause after reading of your adventures with this month’s HEWoftheM, i clicked right over and laid out cash as I purchased Drake’s 2 latest releases, which, by the way i expect to do as soon as the DVD’s arrive, release that is, all over myself,

    Sounds as though the Florida trip was truly memorable, apt reward for the reading pleasure you provide us mere mortals.

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