Searching for a Story

Dave Markus and Doug Acre tangle in Movimus new(ish) release

I’m late to the party, I know, but I’ve only just had time to compose my thoughts about Movimus’ Doug Acre v Dave Markus. SP, Jose & Joe have already shared their notes, so you should check out their more timely thoughts.

Gorgeous bulges on both boys!

First, I could watch Doug Acre stretching and warming up for another hour or so.  Knowing what he’s packing makes it only that much more provocative when he gives his bulge a vigorous tug after stretching out his gorgeous muscles.  There’s a reason Doug won the Naked Kombat Smackdown title this year.  The stud is a serious, seriously skilled wrestler.  His work on NK certainly demonstrates that, but the no (few) gimmicks setting of Movimus is like tossing a shark back into the ocean.  All wrestling, no hype, and I’m just not sure anyone is as competitive.

Dave’s ass is one of the 7 wonders of the world, as far as I’m concerned.

Of course, Dave is a work of art as well.  That ass is stunning.   He looks like an Abercrombie poster come to life.  Watching how flexible and ripped his physique is takes my breath away, and that doesn’t even start to describe that gorgeous face.  Simply phenomenal, top to bottom, and then let’s stare at that bottom some more.

Doug is on him like glue!!!

The action is intense, lot’s of heavy breathing, and Doug is relentlessly on the offense. The way he works his way into Dave’s guard is so subtly sexy and foreshadowing.  He’s like fly paper. The very moment Dave shoves one arm away, it’s like Doug is attached that much more tightly, working his way into a tighter and higher clinch on the Dave’s incredible physique.  When Dave counters, Doug seems that much more solidly cemented to him, maintaining stunning balance and control and accumulating what would be an eternity of riding time, if that was relevant.

If only this were NK, and we could see Doug lick those luscious pecs!

I’m not sure what happens at the awkward scene cut around 13:45, but my hunch is that gorgeous Dave is sucking down too much air to keep going. His body may be trained to superhuman tolerances, but he’s wilting under the spell of Doug Acre.  When the action picks up again, Doug is back on his feet but nearly defenseless against the crashing waves of Doug’s controlling offense.  Just like that, Doug tosses the beauty to his back again.  Dave defensively squeezes body scissors with all his might.  And that’s a lot of might!  Look at the meat in this thighs flexing!  And it does appear to momentarily put the energizer bunny in slo-mo.  But Doug just…  keeps… coming.

He is all over gorgeous Dave!

Again, I could watch bodies like these entangled like works of art for days, but what’s missing for me is personality.  When Dave starts grunting and flailing in a panic around the 16:45 mark, there’s some sweet, mostly silent drama that’s erotically charged.  But the action is so straight-up, so naked (metaphorically only, sadly) that the ferocity and hunger that we know of Doug’s NK work seems largely absent.  It’s a very simple tale that they tell.  Not to say that simple isn’t sexy.  I get off half a dozen times on that sexy sheen of sweat making Doug’s back glisten as if his entire body is getting lubed in preparation for a victory.  But it’s not an NK victory.   No lube is really called for.  It’s not a pro victory, with strut and narrative beyond just the fact that gorgeous Dave got out hustled and outmuscled by a smaller, more skilled technical wrestler, whatever the finish actually was.

What it lacks in personality, it certainly compensates for with high class ass watching.

I’m a little fuzzy on how this match ends, because it simply stops mid-action. The web description says that it simply ends without a submission, but the editing seems odd to me (as in, why didn’t someone step into call the draw, or ring a bell, or.. something?).  It is, however, a foregone conclusion, barring some act of God, that Dave’s phenomenal ass would get beat and good, because although I never see him give up, he is completely outclassed.  I’d give a lot more to see these boys with more attitude, more story to tell, but even as is, it’s provocative fuel for a wrestling fetishist.

2 thoughts on “Searching for a Story

  1. I liked how It kinda builds and the excitement as you feel how Doug is closing in on Dave and is about to get one from him (of course I love a bit of a thriller!)… But exactly as you say, I was missing a more concrete conclusion to the story. It is as we only had seen three quarters of a match.

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