Dark Chemistry

Some challenges should not be taken up lightly.  For example, making a contribution to BG East’s Dark Knights series strikes me as a huge undertaking with so many nuanced and necessary moving parts that it’s little wonder that they go years at a time between producing new ones. Finding the particular constellation of wrestlers with certain erotic fantasies and personalities to embody them, along with hot bodies and a readiness to go all-in on the psychoerotic content of sexual domination and wrestling has got to be a rare gem to unearth.

Ty Alexander and Goren Ford make a bid to inhabit the Dark Knights series.


Frankly, I wasn’t certain whether BG East had the recipe quite right when I sat down with Dark Knights 12.  For one thing, lovely, lickable Ty Alexander seemed like a possible miscast.  The sweet jobber has been owned by every eager pair of hands to grab hold of that bodacious butt of his so far in his outings with BG East.  I’ve noted from the beginning that the fashion-forward stud clearly has a wrestling arsenal to be reckoned with, despite his ultimate defeats, but still, I’ve had this sneaking suspicion all along that Ty may get off on getting owned. Having him star as the stubborn, competitive prize that must be conquered and bent to the will of a new master could have been a short trip. A full-fledged jobber who’s demonstrated conclusively his arousal at being dominated by prior opponents might not make a compelling conquest for a Dark Knight.

Ty is no pushover!


Happily, I was wrong about babyface Ty.  The kid is most definitely not made of sugar and spice and everything nice, and with a baritone bruiser never seen on camera before showing up and promising to tag and bag him, Ty’s response is fucking brilliant.  He sorts the rookie daddy-wannabe out right quick, squeezing the fight out of Goren Ford with those smooth, powerful legs. “You think you’re pretty tough, eh boy?” Goren grunts locked up nice and tight. “I can handle you,” he promises ironically looking stuck-but-good in Ty’s confident clutches.

Ty’s answer to an opponent who “talks to much.”


“You talk too much,” Ty smirks, rolling his would-be conquerer to his back in a schoolboy pin and slapping on a full-throttle kiss. He suddenly covers Goren’s mouth and nose with his hand, threatening to smother the handsome rookie out early, using his free hand to squeeze and stroke Goren’s gorgeous, meaty pecs.  Nope, Ty is not a pushover, and if a ripped rookie like Goren anticipated that would be the case, he’s sorely mistaken.

Goren looks hungry as he ties Ty into knots.


Casting a raw rook as potential Dark Knight daddy also worried me initially. Selling this story requires a ton of sell, not just of physical domination, but deep, raging hard lust to take ownership of another man, body and soul.  There are certainly BG East stars fully qualified to take me down that path without a second glance, .  The bench of tried and true heels with proven track records for delighting in crushing, humiliating, and reveling in the spoils of victory is deep, any one of which could easily show the capacity and motivation for this role.  A rookie must not only tell this complex story of physical and psychological domination, but he’s also introducing himself to us. He’s conveying the tolerances and temptations of his commitment to wrestle. He’s demonstrating his tactical prowess and convincing us of his ample strength and stamina.  He has to sell us on him, and then sell us on him as hard-as-granite for bending a boy’s body in order to break his will and make him his bitch.  As instantly infatuated with Goren’s look as I was, I was skeptical.

Hottest pair of asses to appear in the same match!? Quite possibly…


Then again, never mind!  Holy fuck, Goren looks like he owns the place!  Or, perhaps more to the point, he owns mouthwatering Ty with a decisiveness and delight that leaves me with the feeling that I’ve been lusting after this handsome hunk (and that outrageously phenomenal ass!!!) for years.  Like a truly dominating daddy, Goren doesn’t raise his voice.  Even when he’s letting the kid get riding time, his sexy-as-fuck deep baritone coos and croons, demonstrating over and over that the worst that Ty can do (and obviously, it’s seriously bad), is nothing that a hot hunk like Goren is worried about in the least.  Stunningly, the hunk simply tosses Ty off of him like an errant piece of lint.  With total command, he mounts Ty’s face, treating the boy to an intimate encounter with those glutes Ty has been pawing at eagerly, and lets the kid squirm and writhe in a panic.

Goren sternly trains Ty in precisely how he likes it.


So sure, I had my doubts before pushing play, but I am totally sold as this Greek tragedy plays out all over Ty’s gorgeous body.  Bit by bit, Goren wears him down, wears him out.  Fuck, he just plain wears him like a hot banana hammock that makes daddy feel that extra bit of sexy at the end of the day.  He’s just too much muscle and raging crush-lust for cherubic Ty to resist for long, and once Ty’s battered into defenselessness, Goren goes to town turning the kid into his personal sex toy.

Goren had better never see that angelic little white thong on his boy ever again!


Defenselessness, however, is not the end game in a Dark Knights match.  It’s not that Ty is beaten into an inability to keep fighting.  It’s not that he’s sleepered out cold, or physically dominated into submission.  The end game is psychological submission, the handing over of not just Ty’s body, but his will to his aspiring daddy.  And delightfully, Ty doesn’t give it up willingly.  That sly, shit-eating grin that grows on the boy’s face whenever he’s about to defy his would-be conquerer is priceless.  My friends, in this daddy-boy performance art, Ty is a naughty, naughty boy.  And as fun as it is to watch Ty grow petulant, it absolutely works me into a lather to watch Goren grin right back at him, relishing the challenge of (often literally) slapping the kid back down.

Ty can’t remember if this was his idea or daddy’s.



The chemistry between these two is explosive.  I mean, literally, the explosions that happen here are way messy and making me bitter that the DVD doesn’t come with the ability to smell the body fluids coating the mat and both beautiful bodies.  As infatuated as I was from the start with Goren’s phenomenal ass, I’m simply stunned by his incredible cock.  If BG East decides to launch a Best Cock category in the year-end fan poll, Goren Ford is at the top of my ballot.  I can’t imagine that being forced to provide full service to that magnificent member is exactly an onerous task for beautiful Ty, but Ty’s pleasure is regularly punctuated by the harsh discipline that his new daddy metes out in expertly measured doses.  He’s training his boy sternly, demonstrating that once conquered, Ty’s pleasure and pain are entirely within the purview of daddy Goren. And for the record, daddy Goren likes to taunt, but there’s something incredibly moving about watching the look of satisfaction on his face as he watches Ty obey daddy’s command to jerk himself off.  Chemistry.  Fucking incredible chemistry.

A match made in Dark Knights heaven. What a team!


Dark Knights 12 is visually stunning, incredibly compelling psychodrama with two outstanding combatants who sell this erotic fantasy with an enthusiasm that convinces me that there’s a lot more here than just putting out for the camera. There will remain a bitter, unfilled hole in my life as long as I don’t see these two show up in a daddy & boy tag team ring match.  And I’m saying here and now my money is on the Ford-Alexander team. Please, oh please wrestling gods, hear my prayer!

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  1. Hey bud, thanks for the cool review. I really hope to work with the studio again soon – and hone my craft to take the hot action to the next level.

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