Fantasy Come True

Trey Dixon works his erotic fantasy as a dominating, golden luchador crushing a blond boy toy.
The most beautiful pairing of a body and gear? Quite possibly.

You know me.  I enjoy some playful gear play in homoerotic wrestling as much as the next guy.  Not as much as some of you, I know, but I’m intrigued and motivated by the concept of two gear fetish boys living out their fantasies in a winner gets to pick the next gear scenario.  Trey Dixon and Skip Vance are intensely passionate to go to town on each other from the start in BG East’s new release Gear Wars 4.  Fantasy manTrey apparently got to select the first fantasy gear: masks and tights for a sizzling hot ring beatdown.  I fucking LOVE the temperature and pace as these two tear into each other, convincing me conclusively that they’re both stoked hotter and hotter by the fantasy gear itself, turning the high impact combat into sweet, sweet homoerotic wrestling. I’m completely turned on by both Trey and Skip groaning with pleasure when they enjoy riding time with a grope chaser.  The momentum turns around a few times, but at face value, Trey is just too fucking big and strong to see this match up going anyway but his.  And sure enough, strung up in the ropes and completely at his opponent’s mercy, Skip gets unmasked and forced to submit, giving Trey the next gear choice. But holy baby Jesus, I’m absolutely blown away by the sight of golden muscle boy Trey squeezed impossibly tightly into a yellow singlet. I mean, wow.  I need to wipe some drool off of my chin. Other fluids are flowing as well.  And clearly I’m not alone.  Skip is momentarily speechless (and that’s saying something) as he stares slack jawed at this ripped, golden vision standing in front of him. I’m in awe of the mouthwatering beauty of Trey head to toe, but like Skip, I keep finding my eyes fixating on his tantalizing package suctioned into the pouch of that singlet.

Skip’s eyes and hands go everywhere I’m longing for once he’s got Trey at his mercy.

That yellow singlet seems to inspire Skip to even more fervent offense, and if the ring action was delightfully erotic, the match combat is nothing short of full contact foreplay.  Skip makes the most of every advantage he earns by squeezing and stroking the golden muscle boy with a hungry fierceness.  As proxy for me and my wrestling imagination, Skip does a fine job of lustfully admiring Trey’s phenomenal physique from every angle.

I’m bitterly jealous of Skip Vance.

The simpatico between Trey and Skip is stunning to watch.  It’s not as if either wrestler is unaware of those moments of distraction they stumble into when one of them gets carried away with the eroticism.  When Trey turns the tables on Skip, clearly aware of the blond boy’s carving to study every inch of Trey’s ripped bod, the golden boy sits on his chin and yanks on Skip’s hair to plant the punk’s mouth right between those stunningly hot, gorgeously muscled golden glutes. Honestly, I’m a little disappointed Skip didn’t say, “thank you!”  Then again, he had a mouthful of meaty ass to choke on.

Skip fails to lip lash every inch of that golden physique when he has the chance.

Skip scores a stunning submission on the goldenboy, earning both the right to rip the mask off of him and select the next gear.  Seeing Trey’s ripped muscles stretched out and at Skip’s mercy absolutely grabs me by the balls.  Skip works in just a little, too little for my taste, groping and muscle worship on his momentarily vanquished opponent.

Mutual gear fetish arousal.

The first gear change happened off camera, so I was incredibly pleased to see that the rest of the switheroos happen in full site of each other and me.  Trey’s pissed as he peels out of that suction packed singlet, irked at having been submitted by the vicious boy toy.  I’m a little pissed that we’re done with seeing him in that singlet, because… fuck.  He’s insanely sexy in that thing.  Then again, seeing Trey’s naked body before he slips on the designer briefs that Skip has chosen for him next isn’t a disappointment in the least.  The briefs are beautiful as well, and appropriately, Trey stays in shimmering gold.

Putting the “erotic” in homoerotic wrestling.

The boys quickly move through the next submission and into jock straps, which last about 45 seconds before the next submission and the fully aroused combatants start going at it entirely naked.  I’m long gone several times over well before the full monty climactic scrap at the end, but the pause button, a little recovery time, and some water make the brief naked wrestling deeply satisfying all over again.  Both boys are hard, but Skip’s uncut cock is absolutely raging with lust as he wraps up and is wrapped up by the stunning physical specimen bare beneath him.  Personally, I find Skip more compelling as a wholesale jobber.  He screams bloody murder and whimpers in a way that tickles my prostate just right.  So his highly competitive and frequently dominating/domineering work in Gear Wars 4 isn’t quite in the sweet spot where I enjoy Skip most.  But I have yet to see Trey fail to make me gasp in awe and wonder.  His body is superhuman.  His wrestling is raw and very rough.  And having never heard the golden god talk nearly as much in any prior match, I am weak at the knees to hear that visually dizzying form of his paired with a deep, slow Southern drawl.  I cannot wait (CAN NOT WAIT!) to see this phenom face a serious challenge in the ring.  In whose expert hands do you think Trey should seriously be initiated into the ring?  I’ve got my own ideas…

Trey “Academy Award Statue” Dixon

2 thoughts on “Fantasy Come True

  1. First of all, a guy as handsome as Skip should NEVER wrestle under a mask and this is the second time BGE has done it. Shame on KL! Secondly, Skip’s last 2 matches show he no longer has as lean a physique as he once did, which is a bit of a disappointment.

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