I really enjoy newbies.  In addition to the extra sexiness of untested waters, of anticipating who they will reveal themselves to be when unleashed on the mat, I also just enjoy the taste of fresh meat.  I also enjoy deep, sexy accents, and I’ll never say no to a tall, ripped, blond hunk of a man with a mammoth, monster, more than a mouthful of a phenomenal cock.  So it should come as little wonder that I’m deeply moved by the debut of stunning, 6’3″ Ivan “the Terrible” Gregory fresh off the plane from South Africa.

Jessie Colter faces ripped newbie Ivan Gregory

Ivan’s veteran opponent in blue is 6’2″ Jessie “Cut-Throat” Colter, who I’ve mused on before as backdrop to other fantasy men who have captured my imagination.  It’s not as if Jessie is chopped liver.  His body is delightful and his enthusiasm on the NK mat is thrilling.  I’d climb him like a jungle gym and claw those pecs for days, but Jessie gets the lucky distinction of doing battle with simply stunning, fantasy pornboys that I have trouble tearing my eyes away from. Case in point: Ivan.

I think Ivan is getting the hang of this.

Ivan swears he as absolutely zero wrestling experience in his pre-match testimonial, which makes Jessie smirk in the background. A perfectly proportioned muscle god with no idea how to engage in kombat? You can just about see Jessie’s beautiful cock squirming excitedly inside his tight trunks as these two face off.  So imagine Jessie’s surprise when big, beautiful Ivan doesn’t just hold his own, he grabs Jessie’s as well and wrings the veteran’s cock relentlessly.  The South African’s technique isn’t refined, but with all that muscle, he consistently puts his opponent on his back in round 1.  You can see him having to think through, move by move, how to accumulate NK points, which is a step beyond simply dominating an opponent with wrestling offense.  But stud puppy demonstrates some innate talent, forcing Cut Throat off balance and smothering the veteran with his bulging package.  When Jessie turns his back to swat a stripped pair of trunks off the mat, Ivan launches his massive muscles on top of him from behind. Body and brains? This beauty needs a wrestling ring and a few lessons from a pro heel, and he’d be unstoppable!

And the real star of this match: Ivan’s monster cock!

I swear to the wrestling gods I hear a choir of angels break out into 8-part harmony when Jessie manages to rip the red trunks off of newbie Ivan.  The thick, massive, monstrous cock that’s unleashed makes my jaw drop.  Some big, tall muscle hunks with absolutely impressive members nevertheless look somehow undersized due to their oversized everything else.  However, 195 pound, 6’3″ Ivan’s phallus is, if anything, disproportionately huge on his gladiator body.  Even more epic of reveal, as the tussle continues with his monster unchained, the South African phenom gets hard, fast.

Ivan challenges Jessie to come and get it!

No shit, the ripped blond newbie porn god from South Africa is tied with the saucy, seasoned veteran to finish round 1.  In the post-match review, Ivan mentions that he was a little surprised and very enthused by to learn that he kept points even after his blistering first round on the NK mats. That smirk on Jessie’s face is decidedly vanished as he sucks down air, posing like a statue for the camera to study his every inch between rounds as NK does. Bulldozing a pretty boy looks like it’s simply not in the cards for Cut Throat, so he’d better pull out some NK savvy in order to avoid a deeply humiliating (though you have to figure very exciting Sex Round) finish.

The newbie uses those long, strong limbs to lock down Jessie and make the veteran squeal.

There’s an awesome moment at the very end of round one where Jessie has the newbie hunk in a cradle, using his free hand to score points by poking the rookie hole (one of the finer subtleties of NK competition).  Ivan writhes and groans in frustration.  Suddenly, he roars, pops free and absolutely bench presses big Jessie off of him, tossing him halfway across the mat.  Holy shit.  However, round 2 sees big Ivan start to seriously get winded, and Jessie starts to really batter him hard.  The physical and sexual domination is matched beautifully with verbal domination as the veteran unleashes a stream of trash talk, prophesying the newbie’s downfall and promising a wad blowing sex round victory for the veteran. Even as the big South African grows weaker and less able to defend himself, his mammoth cock swells harder and, unbelievably, bigger as the kombat unfolds.

Judging by that ever ready monster cock, Ivan isn’t too disappointed to have to pay the price for his first Naked Kombat loss.

There’s a sweet intensity in this match that’s punctuated periodically by Ivan giggling, mostly in a self-deprecating way, marveling at how Jessie is slowly but surely taking possession of him.  By the end of round 2, Jessie opens up a 9-point lead.  By the end of round 3, Ivan can barely drag his gorgeous body off his hands and knees to return to the neutral position to learn his fate.  Ominously, Jessie reaches over and spanks the newbie’s awesome ass to encourage him to face the music. The 3rd round points were even, but it was that devastating round 2 that result in Ivan’s debut loss by 9 points to Jessie.

Ivan wants more!  Jessie looks like he does, as well.

Fantastic debut from a truly stunningly gorgeous newbie with a thick, marble-mouthed accent.  I hope he gets his wish to make a sophomore appearance with NK and let us see the look of horror on some losing opponent’s face when he realizes that monster cock is headed his way.  I hope I get my wish to see this handsome superhero make an appearance in a pro wrestling ring sometime!

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