“Or he fucks you!”

“So you come in here all tough and shit and you think you can take on me.  Do you even know who I am!?”

Do you even know who I am!?

Cal Bennet looks on dumbly, professing not to know.  Let me explain things to you Cal.  This is Damien Rush.  This is the muscle stud I’ve been aching to interview for years. This is the hardcore pretty boy who I’ve been begging his producers to send me a pair of his trunks. Daddy’s little rich boy with a personal trainer, a high paid NHB wrestling coach, and a live in masseur (baby where do I apply for that job!?).

Damien is meatier and sexier than ever!

Muscle Domination Wrestling released their newest season today, and the first release that catches my attention is Damien Rush facing suddenly-everywhere Cal Bennet.  Six Pack Bash 6 promises that this is Damien Rush like we’ve never seen him.  No longer a naive daddy’s-little-rich-boy.  Meaner.  Meatier. Hungrier.

Damien is here to grind some muscle.

“I”m going to grind you up so fucking hard you’re going to be crying,” Damien snarls at delicately featured Cal. “You’re going to be begging me to stop, and you know what? I fucking won’t.”  I like Damien’s energy a lot here.  He’s on offense and offensive.  The running metaphor is that Cal is fresh meat and Damien is here to grind him up.

The thong and that body make up, somewhat, for some undersell from Cal.

It seems like it’s probably a good thing that Damien is in charge and pacing this battle, because Cal looks like he’s in a little over his head.  Of course he’s in over his head against a veteran like Damien, but I mean sell-wise.  Cal doesn’t sell SPB6 like anything other than a hot boy with a beautiful body and a dearth of wrestling experience. As promised in the match description, however, Damien is mature, intimidating, dominating, and sugary sweet Cal can melt all he wants because Damien’s packing the heat.

I know what I like about this position!

“Do you know what I love about this position?” Damien asks, stretching Cal’s luscious torso out in a back-breaking standing Dragon Sleeper.  “You’re so open and vulnerable for me to take full, fucking, advantage!” Taking advantage sort of sums it up, really.  Cal is flat footed.  He stumbles over a few ham-handed attempts at banter.  He struggles to look entirely like he’s struggling, but damn it all if Damien doesn’t pick up the slack and at least in a few places actually make the pretty boy hurt.  When Damien slams his back down across his knee, the grunt and explosive exhalation from Cal suggests that he, indeed, got the wind knocked out of him. And it hurt.  The more he struggles to sell, the more I’m getting into those moments when I think Damien actually makes him hurt. Fuck yeah, make the pretty boy hurt, Damien!

There’s a moment when spine impacts with knee that actually hurts, thank goodness.

I’ve marveled at Cal’s body before, and instantly been assailed by several fans complaining about his artwork.  Too much.  Distracting. Whatever.  I’ve seen shitty ink, and although I don’t think Cal’s is anywhere near the hottest, it’s fine with me.  As I mentioned to one critique of Cal’s tats, I’d be more than happy to smother him in honey from top to bottom and lick him clean. In his case, the ink is neither here nor there for me.

Damien is on fire!

Again as billed, Damien, on the other hand, is bigger, hairier, and… heelier than I’ve ever seen him before.  His physique is bulkier than in the past, and he’s definitely not nearly as cut and polished as his saccharine sweet fitness boy opponent.  But I’m turned on about 15% more by Damien’s new, rawer look.  After licking the honey off of Cal, I’d like a second course of Damien covered in chocolate sauce.


The match is a little plodding, I won’t lie.  Damien has to do all the heavy lifting, so I appreciate that he paces himself, and happily he milks every hold.  One of the first MDW matches I’ve seen in a long time not filmed in the ring, SPB6 is set in a garage, on wrestling mats, and the camera work is intimate and up close as a result.  I’m accustomed to looking up from someone’s shoulder mount ringside, so it’s nice to get to see more, and closer in this setting.  The cameraman loves cock, so kudos to you buddy, whoever you are.  He keeps one wrestler or another’s cock center-frame about 60% of the match, which when you think about the twists and turns and scrambles of even a deliberate and one-sided mauling like this, is pretty damn impressive.  Another 20% of the time, it’s one hunk or another’s ass center-frame, so again, way to go camera guy.  The final 20% is a little rough, probably a few too many attempts at close ups, lying on the mat next to the boys mid-hold, trying to hover directly overhead, zooming in, pulling out.  A little nauseating at times?  Sure.  Intimate? Raw?  Absolutely.

In the hands of the master.

Damien crushes Cal, and for those half a dozen moments when Cal actually looks like he’s genuinely getting torqued and tweaked into legitimate pain, I’m sold.  The rest of the time, I’m just thanking my lucky stars Cal is so damn pretty and Damien is so fucking hot, hairy, and beefy and making me feel deep down what a prick-richboy heel he’s got inside.  Sadly, Damien’s promise to make Cal cry is not realized.  And I am fucking disappointed in that.

“Damien Rush is not the type of man to fuck with, or…”

“Damien Rush is not the type of man you fuck with,” Damien announces, flexing so, so finely over a choked out Cal, “or he fucks you!”  I need to consult Joe about the grammar here.  I think there’s a discourse analysis called for, but if Damien is saying what I think he’s saying, then let me officially announce that I’m ready to fuck with him.  Whatever happens by the time we diagram his sentence, I’m going to be happy!

7 thoughts on ““Or he fucks you!”

  1. Damien Rush is a spectacular looking man with just about every quality that turns me on. Every time I see pics of him, I think, I have to buy something with him, but I get nervous. I bought a few of the superhero series from MDW and wasn’t impressed, so when you say the action is plodding, I get nervous. BGE doesn’t have downloads. I’m tempted by Movimus, but while I like to do submission wrestling, I don’t know if I want to watch it.

    Is there a Damien Rush match that stands out to as the best, in terms of quality action and showcasing his body and personality? One that you might say, if you don’t like this, save your money on the others, because you’ll never be happy.

    1. Great question, Alex. I think Damien has never looked and wrestled better than in BGE’s Backyard Brawls 8. It is on VOD in the Arena, I think, if you need it streaming, but obviously not to own. At MDW, he was stunning in Meaty Muscle Massacre 4, but honestly this newest match carving up Cal is probably my favorite look at D’s hot bod and personality. I think D could be a major player in the homoerotic wrestling scene, more than he already is. Tons of potential. Hope we see more and see his wrestling continue to improve.

      1. Okay, so to close the loop, I went ahead and bought this match yesterday. I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks for the recommendation!

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