PSA: Kirk Donahue has a great ass

Helpful back office boys at BG East have contacted me to make sure I (and you) knew a couple of things.  First, the BG East Besties poll is, indeed, still live.  The new catalog 107 update went live (holy shit, check out coverboy Zach Reno!), and apparently the poll banner got buried back in catalog 106.  The end result is that you do still have time to vote for the Best of 2014 at BG East.  Get to it before midnight Sunday.

The other thing I was contacted about was an ever so slight dispute with something I wrote a couple of days ago.  It seems my contention that Kirk Donahue must have had to fuck someone to have wormed his way onto the balloting for best butt of 2014 got a flag on the play. While never ACTUALLY clarifying whether Kirk did or didn’t fuck someone in relation to his appearance on the poll, my sources shared a bunch of as-yet unreleased photos of delectable Kirk demonstrating that he is every bit endowed with the gifts and graces to deserve a second look as a Best Butt contender. Those in the know who nominated him for the slate were also in the know when it comes to being familiar with more than what we’ve seen of Kirk in his singular debut appearance in Demolition 18.  I was assured that Kirk’s ass is infinitely qualified to be in this elite company, and several pieces of photographic evidence were provided to prove the point, as follows.

Oh! Okay. I’m sort of seeing what they’re talking about now. Damn, gear choice is EVERYTHING!
Sure, I grant you that’s a fine pair of glutes that look like they need rode hard and put away wet.
Okay, okay, okay. That’s a fine ass and I’d be first in line to get my hands on it!
Hmmm. Now I think he may be trying a little too hard. This just makes me want to rub that smirk off his face, and I don’t mean with my hands.

Now, as I pointed out to the back office boys who took issue with my comments, almost the entire BG East fan universe did not have the same access to the full study of Kirk’s ass that they did (take that however you’d like). And I stuck by my contention that Kirk’s butt was not nearly so compelling in his one and only released match as it appears to be in yet-to-be released appearances. But I agreed to the recommendation that the voting public should have the opportunity to understand Kirk’s bona fides better, after I so ruthlessly slighted him.  However, I also argued that it might be unfairly influential to post more of Kirk’s ass, and yet leave other worthy nominees left unremarked.  So as not to show favoritism, let me just include a few more shots of other nominated glutes for you to make an informed decision about. In random order, I’ve selected more evidence for you to weigh when you select who you believe had the Best Butt of 2014.

These magnificent melons of course belong to 2 time Best Butt winner Kid Karisma, vying for a 3rd title in a row this year. 
And here’s my reigning favorite homoerotic wrestler, Kid Karisma, demonstrating his ass is mindblowingly sexy in any and every gear.
Here, 3-time Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month Kid Karisma, once again in the running to be awarded Best Butt of 2014, makes having a world class ass look easy.
And finally here, former interviewee and friend of neverland Kid Karisma walks, slowly, away after decimating Ray Naylor in Undagear 22 and then peeling his own sweat soaked trunks off. Talk about making a compelling case to be Best Butt of 2014!!!

I hope this has provided an even handed way of setting the record straight about Kirk’s ass while lifting up other relevant evidence for you to consider when selecting your choice for Best Butt at BG East in 2014.

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