Calling the Shots

Eye of the Cyclone’s Flex is very, very excited to be fighting the forces of super villainy again!

Eye of the Cyclone has a current serial with twist on tag team partners (and lovers). Dynamic duo Flex and HALO are superheroes partnered for a mission to respond to a distress call. They’re both beefy and handsome and bubbling over with excitement. Hell, infinitely fuckable Flex is so excited to be fighting the forces of super villainy that he’s yanking his rousing cock enthusiastically through the tight fabric of his super suit.

Babyface Beefcake Bros on a mission.

What the wonder-twins don’t know is that it’s a trap (though they should know that, because it’s always a trap!). Suddenly, they are magically possessed by a diabolical super villain named Bertie, an “evil, maniacal magician.” Using playdough “voodoo” dolls of the bulging beefcake good guys, Bertie turns our superheroes on each other.

Bertie customizes this match to his liking.

I’m crazy hot for Flex. Ever since he “returned” to action (new model) and luxuriously enjoyed trying on (then off, then on, then off) a series of super suits to select his new muscle hugging, crime fighting gear, I’ve been hooked. He has a beautiful body, sweet ink, and a sensational ass. As a super hero, he’s big on brawn, light on brains, and a bit prone to becoming distracted/aroused by his own gorgeous, hard, powerful muscles. I don’t blame him one bit.

Flex took a while sucking all that muscle into one super suit after another before settling on head to two blue latex (I was voting for the super tight blue singlet).

HALO is no slouch either. He’s a beefy, hot, bear daddy with a luscious, muscled bubble butt. His hero profile says he’s a computer generated crime fighter who can step in and out of virtual reality, but he also appears to be the alter ego of the computer programmer himself, Dr. Schmitz, who created HALO. It was Dr. Schmitz who plucked Flex, naked and disoriented, from the phantom zone to return the hard hunk to fighting villainy. He also “hand picked” the beautiful slice of beef to be his partner on this particular heroic mission. Between you and me, I’m pretty sure Dr. Schmitz has got daddy crush on sweetly innocent, slightly dense, and built like a rugby pin-up boy, Flex.

HALO’s got Flex’s back.

The latest chapter in the serial “Who do you Voodoo?” chronicles the depths of depravity into which evil Bertie is eager to plunge the two hot hunks in his control. He forces the horrified heroes to not only crush and pummel each other, but also to claw each other’s balls and butts, hump each other through their overtaxed latex super suits, grind crotches relentlessly, threatening to remotely manipulate the helpless good guys into involuntarily fucking one another for Bertie’s pleasure.  Mind you, as much as Flex and HALO protest and plead with one another to fight the maniacal manipulations, it’s quite clear they’re both fully excited by the prospect of dropping all pretext and fucking each other like alley cats.

Flex’s mouth says, “No, no, no,” but that look of ecstasy on his face suggests digging his fingers deep into HALO’s muscled glutes isn’t exactly the worst thing he could imagine.

I was just talking with a friend about the erotic allure of remote control. EotC has touched on something true, I think, at least as far as my homoerotic wrestling kink. There’s something intensely compelling about the notion of story boarding your own homoerotic wrestling fantasy with two fantasymen who do precisely what you fantasize. I think it’s part of the allure of custom matches that several producers and wrestlers have dabbled in, most notably Cameron Matthews and Jonny Firestorm. You pay (often a lot), and within some set parameters, you order up which two wrestlers you want to see, what scenario or pretext you want them to be in, what gear, what holds, what sequences, and, of course, who wins.

I can tell Bertie and I are kindred spirits, because I would have ordered up exactly this hold, as unmasked Dr. Schmitz gropes and grinds Flex while nibbling on his ear.

As I mentioned to my friend, obviously the primary erotic pay off is getting to own a copy of your particular fantasy come to life. You have a match fully customized to your particular kink. But I also strongly believe that there’s another level of erotic power in this exercise, and it has to do with remotely manipulating two hot studs. The customizer possesses this second-hand control, molding two fantasy wrestlers into the particular positions he orders. It’s not unlike Bertie with his voodoo dolls, gaining carnal delight in not just seeing a fantasy come true, but in calling the shots, controlling the bodies, possessing, if just for 20 minutes (or however long you can afford it), the muscled bodies and motivations of a couple of hard, powerful, beautiful muscle hunks.

Locked involuntarily in a brutal embrace.

So, yeah, I’m channeling Bertie bad. If you can’t help yourself but get aroused by the idea of remote control of a couple of beautiful, beefy, babyface superheroes, you want to tune in and see how this incredibly hot match sorts itself out. We’ve seen Flex entirely naked, and though it’s a different model in HALO’s hero profile, he’s also been peeled out of a super suit as well, so I’m hopeful that Bertie is as depraved and lascivious as I am. And if HALO finds himself trapped between those gargantuan, naked thighs of FLEX in face-to-crotch headscissors as his partner is irresistibly forced to jack himself off, you won’t hear any complaints from me. But, of course, I know. That’s just what I would do, if I were calling the shots.

HALO executes the paralyzing reach around at Bertie’s command.

2 thoughts on “Calling the Shots

  1. I prefer the original Flex, but this one is good, too. Cyclone has been on fire lately, with some of his best content ever.

    You can actually see a lot more of the new Flex and his partner HALO at their website where they sell videos, etc. Don’t expect a ton of professional acting, scripting, action or videography in the wrestling or superhero ones, it’s more like watching two guys stage a photoshoot as a prelude to sex. The wrestling video has them just moving from hold to hold, even discussing it.

    Still, I figured I’d mention it in case you didn’t know. They said on Tumblr that they’re having a 50% off sale all July, so it should be pretty cheap if you want to check them out for yourself.

    1. I didn’t know about their site. Thanks Alex!
      And I like the previous Flex a little better, too, I admit. The new hero The Shadow is looking mighty fine, though.

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