Hottest of the Hottest

Voting for the victor of the 2nd match of the Hottest of the Hottest model wrestling face off between Hamid Onifade and John Halls was again decisive. However, there were no suggestions about how you see the action unfolding, nothing about what type of victory, any particular holds or plot points. So leaving it up to me, this is the way I see things playing out…

Hamid Onifade versus John Halls

The bell rings and John Halls and Hamid Onifade cautiously circle the ring, as Jared Prudoff backs into a corner watching carefully. As they simultaneously reach forward to lock up, Hamid exploits his reach advantage to snap on a side headlock, grinding the handsome Brit’s bearded face against his ribcage. With a powerful twist to the side, he lifts John off his feet, sending flipping over and landing with a loud slam, Hamid still holding tight his head. “Fuck me,” John grunts in frustration, arching his lower back off the mat a few inches. “Yeah?” Hamid mutters in reply, sliding the palm of his right hand down his opponent’s ripped abs and underneath the top of John’s trunks. “Oh, fuck…” John gasps breathlessly, bridging higher. Hamid massages the Brit, instantly getting a rise from his eager cock. “Suck my nipple,” the black wrestler commands, pressing his left pec into the John’s face, his hand pumping harder.

John bristles when his opponent’s points out his weakness.

With a primal roar, John bench presses his opponent off of him, tossing Hamid across the ring.  Both combatants quickly scramble to their feet. Hamid points at his opponent’s erection, bobbing erratically in the stretched pouch of his trunks. “I have something for that,” he winks, pursing his lips. John’s upper lip curls angrily as they begin to circle the ring again even more warily. As they move in to lock up, Hamid reaches for another side headlock, but John ducks behind and stretches his muscled arms underneath his opponent’s shoulders, cinching his fingers at the back of Hamid’s neck and flexing a powerful full nelson into place. Hamid grunts, trying to wriggle free, pressing his arms downward in a bid to break the hold. No go, as the beefy Brit easily outmuscles his long lean opponent, shaking him like a rag doll and making Hamid gasp in pain. The black stud slowly leans backward, pressing with his legs and again taking advantage of his height advantage to force the brutal embrace stumbling toward a corner.  John shakes him harder, eliciting a yelp of pain, but again, Hamid presses backward until his captor is sandwiched between the turnbuckle and Hamid’s body. The Brit holds tight. The impact with the turnbuckle is negligible. It seems like a net zero gain for Hamid, until suddenly he arches his lower back, pressing his ass firmly against the Brit’s bulging pouch. John gasps, as he feels his opponent’s glutes rhythmically flex and relax around his now raging cock. A damp stain grows at the head of his erection, as Hamid’s cheeks massage his shaft. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck…” John mutters breathlessly, feeling his balls start to constrict. He’s moments away from giving away a first-to-cum submission-by-emission. Desperately, he releases the full nelson and shoves his opponent away. The bearded Brit bends forward, willing himself not to touch himself, not to tend to the pounding pressure in his crotch. Jared hovers nearby, dropping to one knee to take a look at the Brit’s stained trunks. “Just a little pre-cum,” he smirks, standing back up and signaling for the action to continue.

Hamid takes the situation firmly in both hands.

John tries to wave away his opponent, but Hamid charges in, hooks his left leg, and suplexes the Brit slamming into the middle of the ring. John bridges high from the pain arcing through his lower back, and instantly Hamid is on his knees next to him, grabbing hold of the Brit’s cock with both hands and pulling upward. John screams in pain, stretching upward until he’s resting on his toes and fingertips, elegantly bridging higher. “I told you, I have something for that,” Hamid smirks. Jared lies flat on the mat, his face inches from John’s head and asks if the Brit wants to submit. “Fuck off!” John snarls through the agony.

“All your whimpering and weeping is turning me on…”

Hamid abruptly lets go, and John’s hips slam unceremoniously to mat. He clutches his cock still at full mast. Hamid reaches his feet, tugging at the swelling pressure growing in his own trunks. “All of your whimpering and weeping is turning me on, you sly little fuck,” Hamid chuckles.  He kneels down and grabs a handful of his opponent’s hair, dragging him reluctantly to his feet. Hamid scoops John up in his arms, parading his prey in a slow circle around the ring, kneading the Union Jack screen printed to the Brit’s meaty ass. Spiraling slowly to the center of the ring, he drops to one knee and pounds John’s lower back across his thigh, pressing down on his chin and left knee in a savage over-the-knee backbreaker. John’s screams of pain suddenly lift an octave and turn into breathless chokes as his opponent tugs the Brit’s trunks down and start stroking his rock hard rod. Jared circles the scene, watching for an emission-submission. “Come on, big boy,” Hamid coos, pumping his fist faster. John’s eyes close, his teeth gritted in concentration. He doesn’t cum.  Hamid leans forward and wraps his lips around the head of John’s cock, his tongue swirling seductively around the engorged flesh. John gasps, his jaw now hanging open dumbly. But he doesn’t cum. Hamid releases his lip lock with a wet smack and stares angrily at the magnificent, glistening python stubbornly refusing to release.  Lip curled in frustration, he stands up and shoves his opponent off his knee.

“Come on, sweetheart…”

The black hunk stomps the Brit’s meaty pecs a couple times in frustration. John looks defenseless as he curls up in the fetal position, trying to protect his throbbing cock from another onslaught. Despite himself, Hamid absently strokes his own full erection now peeking over the top of his trunks. The feel of power, of sexual and physical domination are beginning to place him in a vulnerable position. Sensing he’s losing momentum, despite all the evidence to the contrary, he straddles John’s hips, grabs the Brit’s right leg, and hooks it under his armpit.  Squatting low and lifting the single leg crab, a brilliant white smile stretches across the black stud’s gorgeous face. “Do you want me to break you, boy?” he asks. Reaching down, he massages the base of John’s balls, licking his lips at the sound of the Brit’s increasingly panicked whimpers. Jared is on one knee, head bent to one side to examine the Brit’s cock for evidence of orgasm while listening carefully for a verbal submission. “Come on, sweetheart,” Hamid coos. “Just let go. Let go, boy.”

Hamid’s erotic offense threatens to backfire on him.

No orgasm. No tap out. Furiously Hamid flings his opponent’s body to the mat after several unfulfilled minutes. He rips John’s sweat soaked trunks off his body. The hotly muscled hunk writhing in pain at his feet makes Hamid bite his lower lip with lust. He tugs his own 9 inch beauty out of his pouch and slaps it furiously. “This is going end here and now, boy!” He grabs another handful of hair and drags the Brit to his feet, Hamid’s swollen cock swinging eagerly. He slips his right bicep around John’s throat, cinching it tight.  Pulling the naked hunk backward, Hamid leans against the nearest turnbuckle. With his right arm still pressed hard against John’s throat, Hamid reaches his left hand around his opponent’s hip and grabs hold of the Brit’s massive member. He nibbles on John’s left ear as he pistons his fist around his opponent’s cock. “Just let go,” he whispers.  Jared stands inches away, staring fixedly at the Brit’s captured cock. The intimacy, the domination is making Hamid’s blood boil, and his luscious 9 inches stretch upward, sandwiched snuggly between his opponent’s upper thighs. Suddenly, John flexes his legs and begins to slide his hips forward and back, stroking Hamid’s erection between his damp inner thighs. The black stud gasps in shock, suddenly quickening the pace of jacking off the Brit. John groans in ecstasy, his cock on the brink of exploding. Hamid’s heart pounds as he feels his own balls constricting, a blinding orgasm threatening to wash over him. Sweat streams off both sensational bodies, locked in an erotic battle for self-control.  Both of them suddenly scream out in frustrated ecstasy simultaneously. John’s head leans back against Hamid’s neck, Hamid’s jaw gapes open silently, eyes fluttering beneath closed lids. Two loads of cum slap the mat and Jared calls for the bell.

The winner by mere milliseconds

Hamid releases John, who falls to his knees, head hanging low. But when the black hunk opens his eyes, Jared is lifting the Brit’s hand over his head and pulling him to his feet in victory. “By a fraction of a second,” Jared announces, “Halls holds out just long enough for the emission-submission!”

So John Halls joins Sean O’Pry in surviving the first round of the Hottest of the Hottest elimination homoerotic wrestling tournament.

Canadian Noah Mills

The third match of this round features a familiar face around here.  Noah Mills is not only continuing to muscle his way into the top ranks of current male fashion models in real life, but he also has a recurring role in one of my wrestling fiction series. My writing partner Metellus has quite a thing for the Canadian actor and model, and how can you not? 6’2″, 32 years old, Noah is sensationally sexy as he climbs into the ring wearing red bikini briefs and nothing else.

Australian Jarrod Scott

Across the ring from him is Aussie sensation Jarrod Scott. The 26 year old insists on being clear that he’s six-foot one and a half inches precisely. With bulging pecs and a retro stash, Jarrod shows off his ripped, muscled ass cheeks in a heather gray jock strap. He stretches slowly and seductively, refusing to acknowledge the arrival of his opponent.

Jared Prudoff enforces the rules.

The other Jared in the ring, referree Jared Prudoff, calls for the bell…

Vote below to register your opinion about who wins, and if you really want to get your hands dirty, comment below about how you see the action unfolding.

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