Hottest of the Hottest

My other writing project took a couple more days than I’d planned, so you had longer to vote on the first match up of the hottest of the hottest male fashion models of the upcoming season (transported into a homoerotic wrestling scenario).  The voting stayed consistent throughout polling, though, with oiled up Brit beauty Will Chalker taking a 2-1 pummeling from brash, trash talking American Sean O’Pry.  There were no additional comments about the method of Will destruction, so here’s how I see it.

Sean O’Pry goes on offense.

The moment celebrity ref Jared Prudoff calls for the bell, and before the bell rings, Sean throws a flying tackle that slams Will to his back. The American rains down a torrent of fists to the face. Jared is instantly starting a 5 count disqualification, which Sean exploits to the count of 4.9.  Jared pulls him off, which pisses the raging kid off.  Sean gets up in the refs face, screaming, “Don’t you fucking touch me, douchebag!” Thus distracted, he’s completely unguarded when Will climbs to his knees behind him and hooks a leg. Sean tumbles to his back, and the Brit quickly climbs on for a small package pin.  Jared just barely slaps down a count of 2 before Sean kicks free. Still more pissed, he tackles the Brit again before Will can reach his feet. Dangerously taking the Brit’s back, Sean grabs him by the ears and slams his face into the mat 3 times. Seeing blood on the mat, Jared asks Will if he’s still able to fight, but Sean shoves the ref away. As he climbs to his feet, he drags the Brit up by a handful of hair.  Blood streams down Will’s face, dripping onto his pecs. He’s clearly dazed, heavy lidded, and completely open for the savage knee lift to the gut that doubles him over, even as Sean grabs him by the head and bulldogs him straight downward, again smashing his handsome face viciously into the canvas.

Sean O’Pry says fuck the rules!

Jared lies flat on the mat and asks Will if he can keep wrestling. Again, Sean shoves the ref away, but Jared climbs up to his knees and shoves the American competitor back, sending Sean tumbling embarrassingly to his back.  “I’ll tell you when he’s fucking done with!” Sean screams, jumping to his feet and getting up in Jared’s face. You just need to get the fuck out of my way and let me do my thing, douchebag!”

Will Chalker has just about had enough of this shit.

Sean’s impulse control problem sets him up again for Will to manage to collect his wits and recognize the dire straights he’s in.  The Brit groggily reaches his feet and stumbles over to stand directly behind his unaware opponent. Jared holds the hot head’s gaze, not giving anything away as he sees the bashed Brit approach. Suddenly, Will reaches between Sean’s hairy legs from behind and latches on a vicelike ball claw that silences the raging American mid-word. Sean’s knees buckle. He bends forward, his hands clutching, pawing frantically at his opponent’s claw crushing his testicles.  As Jared moves out of the way, Will shoves his opponent forward, forcing Sean to stumble ahead and take a humiliated lap around the ring as the Brit catches his breath.

Will takes the situation in hand.

“All right, technically speaking,” Jared says after letting the scene play out about half a minute, “that’s illegal.” Will releases his opponent’s balls, but quickly grabs the back of Sean’s head and slams his face into the nearest turnbuckle. “Yeah,” Jared chuckles, “you can do that all you want.” And he does. With both hands, he drives Sean’s face over and over into the turnbuckle determined to mangle the fashion model’s face as brutally as he’d been mangled. Ten slow, deliberate face plants into the turnbuckle leave Sean wobbly as Will lets him go.  Knees buckling, the American stumbles backward a couple of steps.  The Brit steps up to the middle turnbuckle, turns to face the center of the ring, and launches himself through the air. The clothesline catches Sean squarely across the throat, and the back of the American’s head hits the mat so hard he screams.  Clutching his throbbing head, eyes closed in agony, he doesn’t see Will approach.  The Brit straddles him in a schoolboy pin and digs his fingertips savagely into Sean’s muscled pecs. The American screams again, now pawing at his opponents claws latched to his beet red chest.

Will delivers paybacks.

Kneeling next to the action, Jared asks if Sean is ready to submit. “Fuck you!” the American shouts through his pain. Jared shrugs and announces, “wrestle on!” Will climbs to his feet and backs into the ring ropes. Using them as a catapult, he leaps into the air and drives his right knee pounding into his opponent’s chest. Sean jackknives, and then flops back down to his back, clutching his chest. Will again reaches his feet, backs into the ropes and then sprints, hurdling his opponent’s prone body and bouncing off the ropes on the opposite side of the ring before leaping high into the air and splashing down on top of his opponent.  Sean screams in pain again, but in an instant Will has hooked his right leg and leans back, rolling the American to his shoulder.  Jared quickly drops to the mat and slaps down a quick 2 count, but Sean kicks hard and rolls one shoulder off the mat to break the count. Yet again, Will reaches his feet, backs into the ropes and sprints overtop of his opponent, bouncing off the far side, then hurdling his opponent one more time, building up blazing momentum as he hits the ropes again, catapulting off them, high into the air, and stretching his gorgeously fit body horizontal to the mat in mid air.

Sean’s down, but nowhere near out.

Too late, he sees Sean pull his knees up to his chest.  Will lands hard across his opponent’s lower legs, the air abruptly vacated from his lungs, his ribs throbbing. They’re both sprawled across the ring, trying to will their bodies to move, attempting to clear their heads. It’s a race to see who can pull his shit together first. Will is kneeling on one knee first, but Sean swings his right foot wide and lands a roundhouse kick to the side of his head. Will is thrown back to the mat as Sean climbs up to his feet, gasping for air, but feeling the tide turning his way.  As he catches his breath, he lands heel strikes to Will’s head and torso to keep him down. Both hot bodies are smeared with blood and sweat.  Sean grabs his opponent’s ankles and wraps his legs up, locking down a figure-4 that threatens to snap the Brit’s right knee off. Will screams. “That’s what I’m talking about, bitch!” Sean crows, excitedly tugging at his own crotch. “Ask him now, ref!”  Jared slowly kneels down next to Will’s head and asks him if he submits, but the Brit silently shakes his head. After a minute, the frustrated American releases the hold, climbs to his feet, and drags his opponent up to kneel in front of him. He shoves Will’s head between this hairy thighs and squeezes the vice shut tight. Will grunts, prying at his opponent’s thighs but going nowhere. Still sucking down air, Sean takes the moment to shove his hand down the front of his gold trunks and stroke his swollen cock still harder. “Get ready, ref!” he shouts commandingly at Jared. Finally, he leans forward, wraps his arms around his opponent’s midsection and hoists Will upside down. Suspended, inverted, blood rushing to his head still trapped tightly between Sean’s thighs, Will is royally fucked.  Sean holds him there for what seems like an eternity, before finally dropping to his knees, releasing his opponent’s head and driving the top of Will’s skull viciously into the mat. Will’s body spasms involuntarily, before he flops to his back, knocked out cold. Jared swoops in to start slapping down a 3 count, but Sean screams, “Wait for it! Wait for it!” Tugging his gold trunks down and pulling out his fully aroused cock, he stretches out over top of his opponent, pinning Will’s face with his self-lubricated meat. “Now do it!” Sean barks at Jared, leaning forward on his elbows as he slowly swivels his hips, grinding his cock into Will’s bloody face.  “One!” Jared counts slowly. “Two.  Three!”  The bell rings and Jared and Sean climb to their feet. Jared grabs the winner’s wrist and lifts it in the air, but Sean jerks his arm away and pumps both fists in the air derisively.

So in the competition for Hottest of the Hottest, it’s the brash American Sean O’Pry who may not of won any friends in this match, but certainly possesses an army (or at least 68) of loyal fans.

Hamid Onifade is ripped and glistening!

Next match in this opening round pits two more of the fashion models that Details mag says are the it boys this season. First up, Hamid Onifade is a 6’3″ and hailing from parts unknown (seriously, I can’t find where this stud is from). Dark, smooth, and stunningly sexy, he stretches out in the ring awaiting his match wearing stark white speedos and white knee pads.


Across the ring is his opponent, former footballer and now Brit fashion model icon John Halls. At 6’1″, he’s two inches shorter but about 10 pounds heavier than his super lean opponent. In white briefs with the union jack stitched across his ass, he stares ominously across the ring like trying to plan how he’ll carve the turkey dinner. In black shorts and black and white striped short sleeve shirt, Jared Prudoff is on hand to call for the bell. Then..

What happens next?  Who comes out victorious between John Halls and Hamid Onifade, and what does that victory look like, do you think? Vote here and comment below.  I’ll close the polls quite a bit sooner this time, so vote soon.

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