Beef will not be denied

I’ve been enjoying the Hottest of the Hottest series, and I swear, I’m getting back to the current match soon.  Before I do, I’ve been tickled by several recommendations I’ve received from readers wanting to add someone to the roster of competitors. Now, officially, the Hottest of the Hottest is limited to those fashion pretty boys who Details magazine put on their cover celebrating the hottest 31 fashion models. And, of course, I’ve culled the field even further because I knew from the start I’d run out of steam before I managed to write an elimination tournament in which 31 different guys make appearances.  But it’s that particular pretty of blue steel fashion boys that qualified this very small crowd to make the cut.

Sean O’Pry is a first round pretty boy fashion model winner of the Hottest of the Hottest competition.

Several of you have let me know that you’d really like to see some beefy slices of heaven that weren’t on the cover of Details climb into the ring in this round robin.  It makes total sense to me that fitness models, gay muscle stars, and solo muscle site infatuations would jump to mind and pique your homoerotic wrestling imagination as you read about the Milan runway crowd throwing down hot and heavy.  So far, there are three nominees who’ve gotten play in your imaginations.

Eliad Cohen – Papa Circuit Party maven and fantasyman extraordinaire, he was the coverboy a few years ago for the Spartacus World Gay Travel Guide.
Underwear model and professional gay beefcake Colby Melvin could very possibly paralyze opponents with those baby blue eyes!
Beefcake personified, Eric Lavin has a big fan of his All American Guys portfolio.

So yeah, I can easily see a follow up elimination tournament of beefy muscle stars, and if (and I mean IF) I maintain the fortitude, maybe the champ of the Hottest of the Hottest tournament, whoever he turnout out to be, will find his painfully pretty cheekbones tossed into the ring with the fitness model champ. The only question left is who else needs a shot at the fitness model homoerotic wrestling title? Let me know what you think.

4 thoughts on “Beef will not be denied

  1. In the cruiserweight division, I nominate fitness/underwear model Bryant Wood. He was a semifinalist on America’s Next Top Model, in case anyone needs more proof of his modeling bona fides.

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