Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month

So much to blog, so little time.  The last quarter final match of the Hottest of the Hottest competition will have to wait, because I’m even more tardy in announcing a reigning homoerotic wrestler of the month to pluck the crown from last month’s winner Ty Alexander. So many long time infatuations of mine starred in August new releases, the choice was very tough. I nearly wimped out and called it a tie, just to squeeze in adoration of one more sensational wrestler. But I’m buckling down and making the tough call today, and speaking of adoration, my new reigning homoerotic wrestler of the month is…


Logan Vaughn.

Pure divinity from every angle!

I’ve been wanting this, longing for it even, hell, I’ve had some mystical certainty that fate would make this happen some day ever since I first saw Logan step into the ring in Jet Set’s The Ultimate Top. “The ultimate top” Logan was not, and for that matter, The Ultimate Top was also only somewhat satisfying for my wrestling kink tastes. But one thing that grabbed me hard and made my swoon was Logan’s gargantuan legs and that phenomenal ass testing out life as a homoerotic wrestler.

Ground underfoot.

My recent review of Logan’s August new release appearance in BG East’s Florida Fights 5 gives away everything I really need to say regarding my rationale for shoving adorable Ty off the podium and giving a hand up to hardcore muscle pornboy Logan. The story arc between his first BG East appearance getting ground into dust by pro heel brute Lane Hartley and his Florida Fights 5 unveiling is epic. His Florida Fights opponent is 55 lbs lighter than Lane Hartley. Logan goes from a 30 pound weight disadvantage to a 35 pound advantage over erotic wrestling specialist Trey Dixon. I’m pretty sure Trey’s waist is just about exactly the circumference of one of Logan’s upper thighs. This was essentially a fork in the road for Logan’s homoerotic wrestling career (long may it live), because if Trey had conquered the pornboy, it would have been time to tattoo the word “jobber” across his amazing ass.

Unleash the monster quads!

And while there would have been avalanches of humiliation involved, I say there’d have been no shame. I love a hot jobber. Even the ones who resent the label inhabit a time honored, essential role in pro wrestling iconography, and selling a crash and burn suffering is not something just anyone can pull off. But Logan took the way less traveled by, unleashing his monster quads in one of the most heart pumping, most satisfying matches I’ve watched in quite a while.

Trey’s tongue takes a very close 2nd place this month.

Full kudos to Trey for more than carrying his weight in this Greek tragedy of lustful ambition crushed, wrung out to try, and reshaped into a subservient, worshipful trophy of his new muscle god. I came so close to making him a tandem title holder, something I’ve done only once before. There’s that sizzling passion Trey embodies that, once finally bent to Logan’s will, makes me insanely jealous of his tongue. Even a shade less enthusiasm, just one square inch of Logan’s magnificent muscles left untasted, and this match would be significantly less compelling.

Like Trey’s body, this moment belongs to Logan.

But then Logan smiles. He chuckles at the sound of Trey’s pitiful whimpering, muffled from deep between Logan’s hairy thighs. The pornboy flexes his quads, and those incredible columns of granite seem to swallow Trey whole, as Logan props himself up on one elbow to soak in the glory of his power milking all fight and independent thought from his opponent’s rock solid body. I continue to say his supporting player is one of the hottest in the business. But this moment I just have to give to the triumphant coming out of a muscle god ring heel.

Get on your knees and prepare to worship, bitches!

It takes a lot to make me pass over a field like Mitch Colby, Rio Garza, Mason Brooks, Ty Alexander, Tyrell Tomsen, Austin Cooper, Big Muscle Daddy Matt Thrasher, and the like. And Logan Vaughn delivered a lot, and more than I’d dared to hope, exploiting his phenomenal assets to their most perfect advantage. I’m cuing up the climactic final act of Florida Fights 5 again right now, because I just can’t get enough of reigning homoerotic wrestler of the month, Logan Vaughn.


2 thoughts on “Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month

  1. If anybody literally got the word “jobber” tattooed across their ass (or anywhere else, for that matter), they would instantly rise up to be one of my favorite wrestlers.

    Good choice, by the way. Along with all of Logan’s other attributes, I love his hair.

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