Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month

I gave up on trying to back track and pick a homoerotic wrestler of the month last month.  Too much craziness and phlegm.  But I’m on it this month.  You know I have opinions about many of the new releases that came out in October. I seriously had my crank turned by several notable matches and remarkable wrestling performances. But I pretty quickly came to the conclusion that one particular wrestler did it for me best. Towering over the rest of a very, very impressive field was just once beefy baby heel that made me sit up, unzip, and take notice. The new reigning homoerotic wrestler of the month around these parts is…



…BG East’s big, bad Kayden Keller.

Kayden grabs the bull by the horns.

Kayden is nothing short of sensational in BG East’s October release of Ring Releases 3. I know, I know, in my review of the match I spent more time marveling at the coming of age narrative that centers on Kayden’s opponent, Leo Tomasi. Count me as highly attentive to lovely Leo’s future balls-out erotic wrestling appearances, because if he has a follow up that does justice to Ring Releases 3, his g-g-g-g-gorgeous ass will be an instant top contender for the title. But there’s just no getting around the fact that it’s Kayden’s 6’2″ domineering, ravishing ring presence that serves up the tasty dish of Leo’s beaten, naked ass to such perfection.

Kayden gets OWNED early going!

If you know me at all, you know that I occasionally slay my sweet tooth on a lopsided squash from time to time, but what truly nourishes my homoerotic wrestling hunger is the element of competition and an honest suspenseful tension in the ring. So when sweaty, beautiful, delicately vulnerable Leo opens up a major league can of whoop ass on the diabolical, babyface Wolf, I am both screaming, “No shit!” in stunned disbelief and having to do major adjustment of my crotch for the erotic value added of watching big Kayden get knocked out cold about midway through this match.

Suck on that, Kayden!

Not only was I not expecting to see big, bad Kayden get laid out by a lean, babyface beauty who has been steamrolled in every match prior to this one, but I was completely caught off guard by how sincere and stirring it was to witness Kayden going down for the count. Leo works him hard, and as I’ve said, I’m a little enthralled with the Tomasi character arc thus far. But a rising erotic young heel like Kayden who can sell me on getting dangerously distracted by his opponent’s sensational assets and then made to suffer like a simpering little twink jobber (which Kayden most definitely isn’t, but in this moment as Leo bears down on him, fuck…. yes, yes, yes), now that’s a range that I respect and that 110% turns me on!

Sensationally sexy ambivalence.

It doesn’t hurt one little bit that the dastardly heel’s humiliation is tripled by being awakened by having his face shoved up the astonishing rookie’s magnetic ass. Again, kudos to Leo for instinctively taking us (and Kayden) right to the place that his phenomenal ass was demanding from the moment the camera zoomed in on the prize glutes as he arrived ringside. And I believe it when Leo closes his eyes and looks like he could just about lose a load with nothing but the joy of shoving a dominant heel’s defenseless face right where fans are longing for a better look. But the sell here that makes me break out into a sweat is Kayden. Owning ambivalence is a nuance in homoerotic wrestling storytelling that I just don’t see attempted (much less pulled off) often. But as K comes to, the situation only slowly dawning on him, the bitter realization that his heel cred just took a seismic hit at the hands of a boytoy who’s been made mincemeat of by his prior opponents, I’m feeling the Wolf’s humiliation pulling hard in one direction and his erotic attraction to Leo’s bodacious butt driving his face that much deeper between those lush cheeks.

Taking the bull by the balls

If you’re worried about lasting damage to Kayden’s heel cred, don’t.  Leo’s choice to celebrate his early going victory by literally shoving in his opponent’s face is epically right for the genre, but oh so short sighted for really nailing down what would be the upset of the decade to ride out this match lording it over the beaten baby heel.  No, shoving his tasty morsels in Kayden’s face eventually plays itself out when a once-again clear headed heel grabs hold of the problem by the balls and nearly rips them off. The visual of Kayden slowly climbing back to his towering height as lithe Leo crumples to the mat is sweet, sweet drama that is right up my alley.

How much is Kayden enjoying this?!

I repeat, I love discovering more about Kayden’s range in this match, but the real crotch stirring happens when that sadistic smile stretches across his handsome face the louder Leo screams in agony. With the humiliation of those few moments ago still lingering on the lips, it’s just that much more compelling to watch the heel exact not just revenge, but the spine tingling thrill that a rising master in his field enjoys at making another grown man weep. Kayden taking it to the erotic novice is fabulous, and if Leo has even a fraction of the taste for a return to erotic wrestling that I’m hoping he does, I hope and pray he’s making mental notes about just how to milk me the moment of corporal domination for every ounce it’s worth.

I’m completely blindsided by the true breakout star of this match, Kayden’s ass!

You’ll have to (trust me, it won’t be a chore) watch the match and/or sign onto BG East Arena to savor the slow, seductive, sensational climax. Well, there’s the ring release that many fans will be tuning in to enjoy, but for my money, the real money shot is Kayden (having forced Leo to remove his trunks for him), plants his sexy, naked ass on top of Leo’s face and smother’s him there for days on end.  I mean, message received, Kayden.  You fucking owned this meat, body and soul, and he was completely your possession as this bout careened to its conclusion.

Kayden’s ass steals the show!

Having already popped my cork in adoration of Leo’s ass, it says something that the lingering image burned into my retinas by the time this match is over is that of Kayden’s meaty, naked glutes perched permanently across his prey’s trapped face. And in the spirit of the best ring releases, I feel like all three of us, Kayden, Leo, and I, want to be nowhere else in the world in that moment.

Pucker up!

Kayden & Leo go precisely where my deepest longing wants them to go over the course of this match. But it’s that uncanny knack Kayden has of grabbing exactly where my eyes are drawn, shoving precisely where I want to see lovely Leo shoved, clawing, stroking, and possessing his opponent as if Kayden is listening to my unspoken cravings and moving for the pleasure of no one else but me. But clearly, that’s not the case. Because Kayden and  Leo leave the ring with pleasure quite literally dripping off of them. Please, oh please, tell me that Kayden is even now tutoring his young padawan in the ways of balls out, full throttle, hot, sweaty, cum soaked erotic wrestling. In the mean time, pucker up boys, because there’s a new HWOTM in town, and he knows exactly where your lips belong.

Kayden, Leo and I are good right here, thanks.

Congratulations to Kayden Keller for owning the competition and leaving me dizzy and dehydrated as my new homoerotic wrestler of the month.


4 thoughts on “Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month

  1. “…and his erotic attraction to Leo’s bodacious butt driving his face that much deeper between those lush cheeks.” EXCELLENT WORDS…

    Yes, Kayden Keller is very, VERY handsome…

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