Super Sexy

I knew there were a lot of you sexy beasts dressing up/down last weekend.  My sincere gratitude to some boys of BG East who sent along photos of their super sexy styles in honor of Halloween. I forgive them for not inviting me to join what looks like a fabulous party, only because I was flat on my back and in bed all weekend (which sounds so much more enjoyable than it was).

The Flash (Drake Marcos), Green Arrow (Ty Alexander), and Aqua Man (reigning HWOTM Kayden Keller) go out on the town to party…

This raises for me the ages old dilemma of wondering who would cum out on top if superheroes were to suddenly turn on one another.  In this case, Aqua Man, Green Arrow and the Flash throw down in the middle of the dance floor. Whose super sexiness and wrestling skills win the night?

3 amigos
Drake & Ty appear to have made up since their bitter-to-the-cum-slapped-end erotic grudge match in Babyface Brawl X. It was D who reigned victorious on the mat that day, but does this friendliness signal a 2-on-1 in store for big bad Kayden?
Of course, we know the score with regard to the 1-on-1 ring history between Ty & Kayden, as well. It was the Wolf who smacked Ty’s ass into line back in Raunchy Rookie’s 7. If Drake joins the fray on Ty’s side, though…
I’ve always argued Ty is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, though. He hsd plots  and schemes worked out 3 and 4 steps ahead.
But, holy shit, Kayden Keller is one big, bad, beautiful HWOTM! And he wears glasses, which instantly increases my attraction to him by a multiple of 10.
I worry about blogger bait Drake in this scenario. Since owning Ty’s ass, Drake suffered brutal, bitter, publicly documented  humiliation in the clutches of a “mere” blogger. And looks at Ty’s eyes. He’s got plans. Don’t turn your back, Cheshire Cat/Flash.
On the other hand, Ty is never one to miss an opportunity to turn his bubble butt backside to the camera.
I have it on good authority (i.e., Ty)  that Ty designed all 3 super sexy costumes for the three super amigos this year. Which, knowing his eye for fashion, is hardly a surprise. Of course, as sexy as the costumes were, you have to admit, he had fabulously sexy raw material to work with. Thanks for sharing, boys. May I suggest next year a sizzlingly sexy Superman blogger addition to the crew?

2 thoughts on “Super Sexy

  1. Wow all three studs drive me wild individually no idea how I would be if I were in the club with all three super studs.

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