Most Wanted

I frequently get questions from wrestling fans asking for updates about some of their favorite wrestlers who’ve been absent from the scene too long. Do they still wrestle off camera? Will we ever see them join the ranks of the comeback kids? I appreciate that I may seem like a likely source of such behind the scenes information, but typically I have no idea. When I’ve had the opportunity to talk with wrestlers, especially those who’ve been off the radar for a while, it’s always been sheer luck on my part. They’ve reached out to me.

Jeff Kenney – 6′, 155 lbs

Surprisingly, for me, the most commonly asked about vintage wrestler is lovely, lanky, deceptively dangerous classic mat scrapper, Jeff Kenney. Jeff wrestled in 15 matches released by BG East, starting as far back as catalog 6 (compared to BG East’s most recently released catalog 111). He wrestled exclusively on the mats, including 3 sensationally sexy X-fights. He was the bread and butter of the Matmen series for quite a while, often completely shocking and ripping apart bigger opponents.

Shane got way more than he bargained for against Jeff in Matmen 15.

He faced off with classics like TNT, Andy Bailey, Chip Slater, and friend of neverland, Shane McCall. He was far more innovative and cunning that polished. Not classically handsome, at least not by my standards, there was nevertheless something intensely erotic about the lightweight stud. He was about as sure to get peeled out of his trunks, and vice versa, as he was to get his curly locks and big ears pulled.

TNT grabbed hold tight in Bratpack 11.

So, unfortunately, no, I have no leads on anything about sexy Jeff Kenney beyond his published work with BG East. I know of several homoerotic wrestling fans who would join me in feeling a special thrill to hear whether he kept busting balls and crushing spirits on the mats. If we don’t get any updates, just let it be known: Jeff Kenney is fondly remembered, frequently replayed, and passionately arousing wrestling fans still today!

Glen Watson’s big muscles were no match for Jeff in Matmen 4.


4 thoughts on “Most Wanted

  1. If we can submit names for the “whatever happened to….” list , please see where Beau Nasty and Shane Styles are ? Two of my favs

  2. Most wanted…? What are the last known whereabouts of my faves: Cliff Conlin? Phil Latini? Mike Reuter? Bass Wallace? Daniel Pryce? Chase? Jon-Boy Tyler? Casey Cutler? Bill Potter? Colin Vaughn? Frank Daly? Ethan Pryor? Johnny Dean? Rick Ferris? Taz Action? Chip Slater?

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