Roguish Irreverence

While it’s true I haven’t been able to post regularly lately, I have, nevertheless, been enjoying hot new homoerotic wrestling.  BG East’s catalog 112 landed late last week, and I am a happy, happy camper.  There are whole lot of gems here to marvel at and obsess over.  Possibly inspiring the most intrusive erotic thoughts in me is catalog coverboy Mason Brooks facing off against Best Butt winner 3 years and counting, Kid Karisma in Gazebo Grapplers 18.

Mason enthusiastically faces that award winning ass!

It should come as little surprise that this match grabs me hard, since I’ve extensively documented my erotic infatuation with and genuine appreciation of both of these sensational hunks. I feel like Mason shows us something new, something honest and self-disclosing about himself in every match. And Kid K is the very definition of a fantasyman juggernaut. So pitting and unstoppable muscle hunk against an erotic wild card like Mason is instant chemistry.


I’m sucked in instantly as the cameras roll, because Mason is visibly, audibly, obviously into Kid Karisma. Have we ever seen Mason at a loss for words? Well facing the ginger Tom of Finland physique star come to life, Mason stutters and stammers awkwardly confessing how excited he is to get to wrestle Kid K. I don’t know how it’s possible that we don’t see more genuine corporal appreciation to start homoerotic wrestling matches like this. There’s so much bluster and psychological warfare, we seem to seldom witness an honest moment of one wrestler checking out the divine physique of his opponent and actually blushing with desire. My read is that Mason is pretty much gagging for it as his eyes soak in every bulging inch of the karismatic one, and for that, Mason instantly transports me into that gazebo with him.



Mason makes him pay hard

And anyone with a passing familiarity with Kid Karisma’s work knows that the magnificent muscleman has an ego every bit as spectacularly bulging and bursting at the seams as his muscles. So adding to the authenticity of the moment is the quite obvious ego stroke he gets when he recognizes Mason is a fanboy. Again, who wouldn’t be tickled to see his opponent soaking in the sight of him with obvious erotic desire? And there’s something very Tarzan about the way Kid K starts the whole thing off by snapping Mason up across his shoulder and parading him around the Gazebo.  Then there’s something very, very, very Mason about the way that Brooks, even hanging upside down and appearing so clearly in the complete control of his opponent, calmly latches his fingers around Kid K’s balls and squeezes the musclehunk to his knees with a whimper.

Positioned… just……… right.

As I’ve said often, I like my homoerotic wrestling with extra helpings of homo and erotic, so this match punches all my buttons hard.  We knew about 4 seconds into this thing that Mason was enthralled with Kid Karisma’s body, but it takes Kid K little longer than that to signal that he is abundantly aware of precisely Mason’s assets that have made me a fan all along. The intensity with which Kid K rides Mason’s sweet ass, grinding his crotch slow and hard between those cheeks, is unmistakably amorous.

Someone’s either getting fucked or broken in two. Or both.

Both of these studs are master surfers when it comes to riding waves of momentum. I like the elements of stern discipline and punishment that infuse Mason and Kid Karisma’s entire catalogs.  So getting to see that passionate delight in both of them go head to head, to watch them both grab advantage and wring the living daylights out of it, makes this a rare gem.  The wrestling is brutal, powerful, and dripping with erotic desire.

Mason’s magically magnetic nipples strike again!

It was less than 2 months ago that I made the hard, hard (hard) decision to take the title of my reigning favorite homoerotic wrestler away from Kid Karisma and return it to the sensationally sexy waist of bodybuilder beauty Lon Dumont. Just to show you how closely these two are owning me, I’m flipping the script right back around today and watching Kid Karisma mount the throne again as my current top favorite. It doesn’t hurt Kid K’s claim that Lon was not featured at all in this newest catalog.  But let me take absolutely nothing away from him. Kid K drives me crazy with his delight in taking possession of Mason’s hot bod. Karisma is fitter, harder, more sculpted and cut than we’ve ever seen him, and seeing a fantasyman like that get so clearly turned on by the moment of wrestling a mouthwatering morsel like Mason is epic.

In love and war

And lest this start to sound like I’m all about Kid Karisma in this match, I think Kid K owes a very special lap dance to Mason for his hand in bringing out sides of Kid K that I just don’t think we’ve seen before. When all is said and done, I honestly believe Kid K wants Mason’s sweet body nearly as much as I do, and that is first and foremost a testament to Mason. Their roguish irreverence is beautifully matched, exponentiating the erotic talents both hot boys bring to the mat. They irritate each other’s egos just right. The head of steam they both have by time all is said and done is scorching hot.

This is a homoerotic match where you don’t have to read between the lines.

At the end of this match, one bare assed beauty conquered, the other huffing and puffing at the effort it took to beat him, there’s the perfect end to a homoerotic wrestling match. The winner strolls off, calling the loser to follow him to enjoy the real spoils of homoerotic warfare. And the lucky, lucky loser eagerly climbs to his feet and obeys.

Returning to the top of my list of very, very favorite homoerotic wrestlers is sensationally sexy Kid Karisma!

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