The Bandwagon

Don’t try to tell me I was the only one whose heart beat faster when shots of Zac Efron and Adam Devine in sexy, tight wrestling singlets popped up earlier this week. The set stills apparently come from an upcoming movie called Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. I think I permanently broke some synapses watching the trailer, so I seriously doubt I’ll get to the theaters to see this high brow, thinking man’s thriller. With a title like that, it has ” Dude, Where’s My Car written all over it, and I still hate the world for that two hours of my life I’ll never be able to get back. However, let me repeat: Zac Efron and Adam Devine in sexy, tight wrestling singlets.

Zac Efron strikes Blue Steel while Adam Devine can’t keep his hands off his junk.

I’ve been highly skeptical of the Zac Efron bandwagon. With almost no real evidence either way to go on, I’ve been unable to look at his (literally) unbelievably pretty face without seeing the word “Douche” superimposed across his forehead. Before Efron fans grab their pitchforks, let me just point out that I fully embrace the likelihood that this phenomenon says much more about me and my biases than it does about Zac.

Wrestling gear makes the man.

However, two things warm my cock about seeing Zac in these intended-to-titillate teasers. 1. The wrestling singlet. If anyone is going to pop a cork for a hardbodied Hollywood pretty boy sexed up in a wrestling context, it’s obviously going to be me.  I love the way he’s tugging at it and bulging all over the place. I know, this movie will not feature any rip and strip homoerotic wrestling, but for the eye candy and the nod to the powers of my homoerotic wrestling imagination, this cock tease PR does, indeed, elevate my estimation of Zac’s erotic fantasy potential.

Erotic potential coming and going.

And as for the other cock-warming element that makes me rethink my biases about Zac, 2. Adam Devine. What the fuck is it about this guy!? If anyone ought to have “Douche” tattooed across his forehead, it should be Adam for his work in Workaholics. Pretty face in a fratboy-after-one-too-many-kegs way. Soft around the middle. And yet, fuck he turns me on every single time. True, Zac’s body is clearly harder. He’s obviously the headliner. But it’s Devine’s hot ass squeezed into that lycra next to him that’s turning my eyes back to Zac’s big, bulging package and wanting to see these two fight for fuck stakes.

Narcissist pro wrestling heel, if ever there was one.

Ah, well. I know the Efron bandwagon is packed already, but with singlet and Devine at his side, he’d better make room for one more, damn it.


5 thoughts on “The Bandwagon

  1. That’s what bandwagons are for. The more the merrier! And honestly, it’s usually only a select few who are bandwagon fans from the beginning!

  2. heh – beginning bandwagon rider here ;p I was either a freshman in high school when the movie came out, and while we teased my little sis for having a crush on him, couldn’t help but like him too ;p

    he also wears a wetsuit pretty well too, if you’re interested ;p

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