Will Breaker

Charming Chase Addams

I saw on Jonny’s blog that he’s booked big Biff Farrell and Charming Chase Addams for some Firestorm custom taping next week. Of course, Biff’s been turning heads and making wrestling fans drool (me included) for well over a year now, but I’m captivated by the house on fire that is Charming Chase, not only appearing in two matches in his BG East debut, but already getting called up for custom taping to make fans’ fantasies come true. That’s already a seriously impressive start for the young stud!

Chase made a big impression in TTT19. Just ask Christian’s abs.

There’s a sweet, sexy irony about a vicious, dangerous, merciless pro wrestler who calls himself “charming.”  Charming Chase Addams embodies that very sweet irony. One of the very few hunks featured on these pages to earn the title of Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month for his debut match (albeit, he shared the honors), Chase certainly grabbed my attention this summer in Tag Team Torture 19.

Someone is about to cum right here, and it isn’t Chase (hint: it’s me).

There’s something loud and despicable about him as one half of doomed Team Vanity. Then when he opens up distance in his grudge match with is tag team partner, Ty Alexander, I catch several glimpses of brilliance from the sexy newbie  He likes dishing out the hurt. Not like a sloppy drunk gagging for a shot, but more like a wine connoisseur, controlled, attentive to nuance, savoring every sip and mouthful of his opponent’s suffering, letting it roll across his tongue.  He finishes by stretching Ty out in another of his infinite variations on an armbar, both of them standing, Ty bent forward. The newbie stretches out his long leg and presses the sole of his boot into Ty’s cheek. Suddenly, the newbie falls to his back, pulling on that armbar so that his opponent’s face slams hard into the bottom of Chase’s boot. Ty is out cold, and I completely buy the execution of this finisher for its precision and viciousness. A hot, new stud with a command of the ring and a total disregard for the life or limb of his opponent, AND who calls himself Charming Chase? Fuck, that’s rich and so delicious.

Oh. My. God. Are those leopard print briefs!!!!?

Then again, I have to admit that I did find Chase remarkably charming in my interview with him (and eventually, Ty joined us as well). There were earnest and sincere notes making his big talk and raw ambition come across as complex and evocative. In a couple of sidebar conversations since, Chase has continued to charm, and with just the right application of compliments and respect (all genuine), I’ve coaxed from him both a few private pics and his permission to share them here with you.

For the record, this is Chase’s Will Breaker.

One thing I’ve learned about Chase, both during our interview and in conversations since, is that he is a serious student of professional wrestling. So he’s been quick to point out when I, armchair commentator that I am, haven’t gotten things quite right.  For example, I gushed about this sensational hold he locked Christian Taylor up in. I described it something like a suspended surfboard or some such nonsense. I actually have a tough time describing everything that’s going on in this hold, because like Chase himself, the hold is complex and nuanced. There are about 5 joints being cranked on all at once as Christian hangs in this position. It gives a hit of defying gravity, or perhaps a puppet master pulling on his plaything’s strings. In any case, Chase informed me that whatever I call it, he calls this hold the Will Breaker.

Take a look at the Will Breaker from another angle, because it’s fucking art, people.

And there’s no question, he breaks Christian’s will down like a battering ram when he snaps the Will Breaker on to that long, luscious frame Christian has. I love this hold for a lot of reasons, but first and foremost, it’s indicative of a serious wrestler. You don’t just stumble into this hold. It’s not like anyone would impulsively give this a shot right in the middle of a competitive pro match (not to mention, one’s debut). No, the Will Breaker is something that a serious student of pro wrestling would think through, perhaps diagram first, then practice with a friend, then practice with an enemy before pulling off in the middle of the unpredictable ebb and flow of an actual match. And the fact that Chase has named it suggests pride in his work.

What’s rock hard, jutting up from between Chase’ sexy thighs, takes both hands to handle, and gets him (and me) off?  A Harm-bar.

Similarly, Chase politely pointed out that he refers to this particular armbar variation as his Harm-bar. If you saw TTT19, and particularly if you heard the screams of Christian Taylor going from hot jock to panicked, wounded animal, you know why he calls it that. Personally, I love this position for the unmistakable phallic reference.

I think I like him best in pink.

So in summary, he’s got a long, sexy body, a loud, super-aggressive attitude, a passion for putting on the hurt, and an earnest devotion to mastering the execution of a growing arsenal of debilitating pro maneuvers. AND he reaches out to politely correct the record when sloppy wrestling bloggers like me don’t get it quite right. Maybe it shouldn’t come as such a surprise that he’s been on the scene less then 2 months and already has two published matches, a HWOTM title, a published interview, and a standing appointment to star in some lucky fan’s custom wrestling fantasy.

Who’s next?!

Keep it coming, Charming Chase. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for you next!

Fantasyman in the making.


3 thoughts on “Will Breaker

  1. Chase can only get better. Not a fan of pink, but love that gear. I prefer to be watch these lightweights wrestle as compared to the muscle heads. Plenty of those on tv, but how often can you see the Chase types? Would love to see him and Jayden Mayne rassle on the mat. And keep up the good work Hard.

  2. Chase is a perfect double trouble! He is both a cute jobber but also a skilled heel twink of the Ashton Vuitton variety. The Will Breaker is a thing of beauty, and should be used on other BGE pretty boys. Jake Jenkins or Rio Garza come to mind…that is if the latter still does any wrestling videos.

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