Tell Him Bard Sent You

Ty’s lilac trunks from Wet & Wild 7: Pool Tournament

Not long ago I moved to a part of the country where, on bright, sunny summer weekends, I frequently see hand drawn yard signs advertising “Tag Sale.” I’d never heard this term before, but I’ve since learned it is equivalent to what I grew up calling a “Garage Sale,” (yard sale, rummage sale, etc., etc.). Apparently around here, when you’ve accumulated more stuff than you honestly have room to keep, you slap a price tag on it and call it a tag sale.

Nice and fashionable before getting turned naughty in Dark Knights 12

Along those lines, Ty Alexander recently told me that he has decided he simply has to do a serious culling of his notoriously massive wrestling gear collection. The Trophy Boy has been dishing out fashion advice and cataloging every piece of ass-hugging gear he can get his hands on since he was out of diapers. I have it on very, very good authority that Ty’s gear collection has a bedroom all to itself. So just imagine what it must mean that he’s run out of room and now needing to pare down in order to keep purchasing more.

Branded pink velour from 3-Way Thrash 4

So here’s your chance to do Ty a solid and score some Ty-approved gear to start your own collection with (it’s kind of like a sourdough starter). I’ve seen on Facebook that he’s trying to organize this superhuman undertaking by starting with singlets. Presumably, he will move on to his mammoth collection of square cuts, designer briefs, and jock straps. I don’t know if his personalized Trophy Boy copyrighted trunks and wristbands will be tagged. I’m pretty sure not everything you can see him wearing in the photos I’ve included in this post will be available (I’m just enjoying the excuse to post some of my favorite Ty fashions modeled by the Trophy Boy himself).

Fashion briefs from Ring Releases 3

However, I will go out on a limb and say that I’d bet Ty would be willing to sell them laundered or not. For those Ty-Heads out there, I’d bet he’d even be willing to work up a sweat in them before packaging them up for you. If I were you, I’d ask for a photo of him wearing them to accompany your fashion purchase to verify that they have, indeed, housed his beautiful bubble butt. I cannot verify if that would cost you extra. Ask for the Bard discount.

Ty’s jock strap from X-Fights 40

In any case, contact the Trophy Boy directly about what may be on your holiday wish list by messaging him on Facebook or emailing him at

An actual photo of Ty starting to sort a mountain of gear.
Hands off these blush trunks. I’ve got dibs on these!

8 thoughts on “Tell Him Bard Sent You

    1. Thank you KL. Enough with this one already. Even if your readers like him (which I personally don’t), surely they must be interested in other people too.

      1. Nathan, you make a common error in thinking that I strive to write about what other people are interested in. This blog is entirely about what I’m interested in. It’s completely a confessional commentary on what interests me about homoerotic wrestling. It’s always been about that. You’re welcome to keep reading, but the content will continue to follow my interests. I wholeheartedly encourage people with different interests on the subject to start their own blogs. There are some excellent other perspectives available to read, if you conclude that you don’t like the same things I do.

  1. Plenty of people like me and plenty dont but ill just keep being me and love what i do if the internet trolls want to have at me go right ahead ive had worse anyway haha

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