The Battle to Be the Best: Heels

The competition was smoking hot and full of surprises when it came to settling the question of who is the best classic homoerotic wrestler. The dramatic finale was incredibly close, but in the end, muscle hunk Ace Hanson ripped the trunks off of Mikey Vee’s stellar ass and the title out of his hands to be voted The Best.

Since the BBB classic competition generated a lot of votes and inspired some sweet, sweet description of wrestling action, let’s tuck in to another elimination tournament to determine who, of a deep bench of vicious heels, is left standing in the end. The rules are the same: there are no rules, just like heels like it. The winner advances based on eliminating his opponent with a submission or knockout. I realize it’s a little iconoclastic to spotlight heel-on-heel action, but honestly, some of my hottest homoerotic wrestling fantasies revolve around the idea of a hardcore heel shocked, worn out, and whimpering at the mercy of his opponent.

The first two wrestlers to take their shot at being the best of the best heel are, on the left, BGE’s reigning Top Heel of 2017, Kayden “The Controller” Keller (6’2″, 175 pounds) vs. the Mad Monologuer Morgan “The Mastodon” Cruise (5’8″, 170 pounds).

Vote below for which hunk out-heels the other to stay in the running to be the Best of the Best Heel in the business.

2 thoughts on “The Battle to Be the Best: Heels

  1. “Seriously?” Cruise shouted. “I’m supposed to prove I’m best against you? This’ll be over in two minutes.”
    “You don’t have to prove shit,” Keller spat back as he climbed into the ring, “’cause you are shit.”
    Cruise ran across the ring and kicked his boot into Keller’s face. Keller fell to the floor and Cruise landed on him with knee on Keller’s side. He picked Keller up by his hair and slammed Keller’s head on the apron three times. He grabbed Keller’s legs and put them on the apron. Cruise got into the ring, grabbed Keller’s leg and lifted it. He grabbed Keller’s other legs and pulled, smashing Keller’s balls into the rope. He pulled, relaxed just a bit, then pulled hard again. Keller tried not to howl.
    Cruise did that again then let go. He walked to center ring. “Come on, fuck face, and let’s get this thing over with.”
    Keller had to catch his breath. He knew Cruise was a sucker for corners, so he rolled on his knees, pulled himself up by the ropes, and got the corner. Cruise sneered as he leaned forward, ready ram his shoulder into Keller’s abs. Keller rolled to the side just in time and Cruise’s shoulder hit the metal pole with a thud. He pulled back, clutching his shoulder. Keller grabbed Cruise’s head and threw it into the turnbuckle. He pulled Cruise’s head back and slammed it even harder. He landed a fist on Cruise’s hurting shoulder, then flipped Cruise’s arm over the top rope. Keller put his foot on the middle rope and used it like a spring. He jumped, raised his arm high, and drove his fist right on top of Cruise’s shoulder. Cruise howled like a dog. He started to turn and Keller threw a roundhouse directly on Cruise’s jaw. He fell against the corner. Keller was about land some gut punches, but Cruise shoved his boot in Keller’s balls. Keller doubled over and staggered back a couple of steps.
    It’s not like Keller had never been kicked in the balls before. He expected it; he just didn’t know when. He also didn’t know if Cruise would wear he steel-toe boots. It felt like he had. He looked at Cruise, who still had a hand on his shoulder. Cruise’s nuts were fair game now. Keller waited for Cruise to make a move.
    Cruise ran toward Keller, who stood up straight and kicked Cruise’s nuts just as Cruise lifted his arms for some kind of attack. Keller knew his boot landed a good one. Cruise’s hands quickly wrapped around his balls. His legs parted a bit for a wider stance. Keller landed a gut punch. Again. Harder. He wrapped Cruise’s head into a headlock, squeezed tight, and fell to the mat with Cruise’s head crushed into the mat.
    Keller stood up and started kicking Cruise’s damaged shoulder. Cruise squirmed and tried to move out of the way. Keller followed. Cruise was on his side. Keller aimed his foot and bulls eyed a toe into Cruise’s nipple. Before Cruise could roll over, Keller kicked him again.
    Cruise was on his back now. Keller fell with his elbow driving into Cruise’s abs. Keller got on his knees and punched Cruise in the gut harder and harder. Cruise’s abs were turning red. Good, Keller thought. But Cruise managed to get his hand to Keller’s nutsack and squeezed like a sonuvabitch. Keller noticed it and slammed his fist harder into Cruise’s gut. Cruise’s grasp eased a little until Keller punched balls repeatedly, just as had done to Cruise’s red belly. Cruise let go.
    “So, you want to fight like men,” Keller said as he stood, massaging his balls. And his cock. Cruise tried to position his foot to kick Keller’s package, but Keller swooped down, grabbed Cruise’s speedo to his ankle. Keller was surprised Cruise’s cock wasn’t fairly average. He pulled Cruise’s briefs off him completely.
    Keller’s pouch in his bikini was way too tight. “Mind it I join you?” as he lowered the cloth. His giant cock sprang to attention as he lowered the brief. His balls were a little red…it’s what happens. Cruise’s eyes grew large. The last thing he wanted was to be fucked by the cock. Keller bent over to get the bikini off his boots. He fell back and sprawled on the canvas when Cruise kicked him in the head. Cruised looked at the muscle stud laid out on his back. Cruise stroked his cock as he got to his knees.
    He knew standing would be difficult, but his attack would land better. He crawled to the ropes and pulled himself up. He rubbed his sore balls. Then he realized his shoulder still hurt, so he rubbed that, too…but it felt better when he rubbed his balls. Keller was starting to get up slowly. He was on his side, facing Cruise. Cruise staggered as fast as he could and kicked Keller’s abs with his steel-toe boot. He changed his position a little and then landed his toe on Keller’s head. Keller’s body rolled and Cruise kicked him in the ribs. He noticed Keller’s legs were apart, his cock bouncing around with Keller’s body spasms, and Keller’s unprotected balls.
    He staggered to Keller’s feet. He kicked one leg aside, then the other. Keller’s cock and balls fully exposed. He’d waited for this. He raised his leg behind him and his toe hit Keller’s balls like he was kicking a football. Keller howled and grabbed his nuts. Good. Keller was on his side. Cruise tried to push a boot between Keller’s legs, but they were too tight, so walked to Keller’s side and kicked him and rolled him to his back. He jumped on Keller’s body and pounded one heel into Keller’s pecs, then stood on them as he hammered his heel into Keller’s guts. But he was still hurting and, with a sudden and determined spasm, Keller sent Cruise flying backs onto the mat.
    Keller got to his knees as fast as he could. Cruise was also trying to get to his knees. Keller lowered his head and rolled forward, his heel connecting hard with Cruise’s shoulder. He collapsed head first, a hand on his shoulder. Keller kicked him hard. Cruise’s hand didn’t stop the power of the drive. And again, hurting Cruise’s hand as well as his shoulder. He kicked Cruise’s head. Cruise had no where to go. Keller used Cruise’s ass to stand up. When he was on his feet, he kicked Cruise’s balls and told him to get up. Cruise barely moved, so Keller kicked them again. Cruise’s body rolled to his back.
    Keller thought Cruise still looked conscious. He grabbed Cruise’s wounded arm and dragged him to the corner. Cruise’s attempts to free himself were feeble at best. Keller propped Cruise’s arm over the lower rope. He walked to Cruise’s side and looked at his face. Just as Cruise had done, Keller stepped on Cruise’s mid-section and, with one foot on Cruises gut, punished Cruise’s pecs with stomp after stomp. But then he got off. He ducked out of the ring and hit Cruise’s shoulder with fist after fist. Cruise’s rolled his head and moaned in pain.
    Keller didn’t bother to ask if Cruise wanted to stop. He yelled at Cruise to get on his knees and face the corner. Cruise didn’t move. He pulled on Cruise’s arm and jumped off the apron. Cruise howled.
    “On your knees, fucker. Corner! Now!” commanded Keller. He was on the apron again as Cruise struggled to obey. Keller got back within the ring. Cruise struggled to get up…somehow. His sore arm flopped to the mat as he turned. He tried to roll to his “good” shoulder. Keller helped him, rubbing his cock against Cruise’s head. Cruise used the ropes and Keller grabbed under his arm and lifted him on his knees.
    “Rest your nuts on the turnbuckle,” Keller told him. Cruise just looked at him. Keller grabbed Cruise’s cock and balls and pulled. Cruise hobbled forward on his knees. Keller got out of the ring and stood beside the corner to make sure Cruise got it right. Cruise’s balls had swollen and it was hard to keep them on the turnbuckle. He tried, but they kept sliding off. Keller grabbed Cruise’s cock and said, “Hold this.” Cruise pressed it against his stomach.
    “Say goodbye to your balls, fuckwad.” Keller made a fist, slammed it hard on Cruise’s swollen balls and ground it in. Cruise looked like he was about to pass out as cum spurted from his cock. Cruise fell back on the mat, still spurting cum everywhere. “That’s a service I like to give to you assholes that can’t get laid.”
    He ducked into ring, grabbed Cruise’s sore arm, and dragged him to center ring. He grabbed hold of Cruise’s feet, lifted his legs, and spread them as wide as he could. He saw some reaction Cruise’s body. Good.
    “I like to make sure your boys are empty,” Keller said and stomped his heel into Cruise’s balls. A couple of white droplets popped out of Cruise’s cock. “I told you so.” Keller fell on Cruise’s balls with his shin. He stood, grabbed Cruise’s cock, examined it, and said, “I think we’ve got all the little buggers out of there. But we really should be sure,” and he stomped his boot heel on Cruise’s balls, ground it in, and ended with another kick. Cruise was still.
    “You’ll thank me in the morning, fucker.” Keller ducked under the ropes and walked to the showers.

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