The Battle to Be the Best: Heel

Voting was very heavy in yesterday’s Battle to Be the Best Heel. With a fierce social media campaign, Kayden Keller made certain it wasn’t even close. It’s the equivalent of wrestling match with some legitimate back and forth offense, but soon enough, it was all going Kayden’s way. David wrote the entire match description in the comments, featuring a ton of low blows and dirty moves, apropos of a heel on heel battle. Personally, I picture this face off featuring a ton of Morgan monologuing, lording it over Kayden when he’s on top, dropping his endless, snarling references to being the “alpha dog” and the “real man.” So once Kayden has clawed his way back into the driver’s seat (which is the sexiest part of Kayden’s matches for me), he has to gag Morgan with his own trunks to shut him up. I picture Kayden sitting on the top turnbuckle with Morgan hanging, feet off the ground, from a suspended sleeper until he’s out cold. And then, on behalf of all of us who want someone to shut Morgan up, Kayden rouses him back to consciousness with his cock shoved down the Morgan’s throat. A naked pony ride (Mastodon ride?) around the ring with big Kayden’s cock pressed between Morgan’s hairy, muscled ass cheeks would leave that lasting impression that Morgan would need to never call himself “alpha dog” ever again.

In Kayden’s social media campaign to get out the vote, he mentioned his intention to officially take the title of the best erotic heel in BG East history from Brooklyn Bodywrecker.  So, who better to climb into the ring next to put The Controller to the test? Ignore chronology. BBW at his peak versus Kayden at his best. Who wins? And how?

On the left, out for his second victory of this competition, Kayden “The Controller” Keller (6’2″, 175 pounds) versus on the right, the prototype of muscle bear daddies, Brooklyn Bodywrecker (5’11”, 190 pounds).

In the ring. No rules. Victory by submission or knockout. Knowing the work of both of these hunks, I guarantee you the trunks are coming off. Vote below for who you think is the last heel standing, and share how you picture this being decided in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “The Battle to Be the Best: Heel

  1. They stared at each other.
    Kayden thought, “A lot of gray hair. He’ll submit in no time.”
    Brooklyn Bodywrecker thought, “What a fuckin’ punk.”
    They approached center ring. They grabbed hands for a test of strength. The Bodywrecker noticed Keller’s large pouch.
    Keller may have been taller, but the Bodywrecker had the strength. He pushed Keller’s hands back to what felt like the breaking point.
    “Hey, kid. You wanna fuck?” Bodywrecker (BB) yelled as he powered Keller down, knees to the mat and eye level with his package. Keller tried to free a hand from BB’s grip, couldn’t do it. BB pulled Keller up to his feet. “You man enough to let me fuck you?”
    BB swung a leg back, then swung it forward and kicked Keller’s balls hard. Keller’s knees buckled, but BB kept him standing.
    “You talk?” BB shouted as he pulled Keller tight against his massive, furry chest. “You want a little hug before I fuck you?” BB pulled tighter. He slid his arms down to Keller’s waste, lifted him high, and fell, driving Keller’s balls onto BB’s knee. Keller fell on his back, hands wrapped tight around his balls.
    BB stood on Keller’s hand-wrapped balls and bounced. Keller tried to kick BB, but his foot landed lightly. BB lifted Keller’s leg and fell, burying his elbow into Keller’s already aching balls. BB grabbed Keller’s leather brief, pulled it off, and threw it toward a corner.
    “You won’t be needing that,” BB said. He looked at Keller’s cock and balls. “Why, grandpa, what big ball you’ve got,” BB said.
    BB stood and walked behind Keller’s head. He was pretty sure this kid was a lightweight and could use some ballbusting experience. He grabbed Keller’s head by the hair and pulled up. Keller tried to turn, but BB put his furry arm around Keller’s chest. When Keller was on his feet, BB grabbed an arm and the opposite leg, hoisted Keller high, and threw Keller balls first onto the top rope. BB shook the rope up and down a couple of times, grabbed Keller’s head, and dragged Keller’s unprotected cock and balls on the rope to the corner, where BB slammed Keller’s head into the top turnbuckle.
    Keller fell off the rope to the apron and down on the floor. “Hey, Junior,” BB said as he climbed through the ropes, “you’re supposed to be up here.” Keller was on his back. BB jumped off the apron and landed with his knee on Keller’s abs. BB grabbed Keller’s shoulders and them on the apron. “I have to win this IN the ring. I think. Well, it doesn’t matter. Ready for a time out?”
    BB pulled his leather briefs down. His cock sprang to attention. He stroked it hard.
    “You see any lube around here?” BB asked the dazed Keller. He pulled Keller’s ass up. He spat on his hand and rubbed his cock. “Don’t matter. I like it better this way anyway,” BB said as rammed his hard cock into Keller’s ass. Keller squeezed his ass tight. BB landed a couple of hard-driving fists between Keller’s shoulders, then grabbed Keller’s hips and started to drive his cock into Keller’s hole. Keller started to scream. His ass was practically virginal and he didn’t want this old fuck’s cock ruining his reputation.
    BB kept pushing, his cock making headway with each thrust. Keller balanced his upper body on the apron. He moved toward the apron a bit, then caught BB’s low hangers with his ankle and pushed his body against BB’s cock. The combination sent BB sprawling on the floor. He wasn’t hurt, but it did surprise him. “You fuckin’ piece o’ shit!” BB yelled as he rubbed his balls. “You don’t do that to me!” Keller crawled back into the ring.
    Keller pulled himself up by the ropes and rested his shoulders on the top one. He figured he’d hear BB coming and he needed a breather. His balls, already sore from yesterday, felt like they were on fire. It wasn’t the ballbusting he liked. He tried to take a deep breath as he rubbed his swollen nuts. He turned around.
    BB was waiting for him. He grabbed Keller’s arm and threw him across the ring. Keller barely made it to the other side without falling. BB assumed as much and walked toward. He punched Keller in his abs. Keller tried to hold onto the top rope as BB landed another fist.
    “I’ll help you stay up,” BB said. He stood against Keller’s check, cock to cock, nipple to nipple. “Like that, punk? That’s what they call ‘man hair.’” He leaned into Keller’s body. Keller made a futile attempt at kicking BB’s balls. “Nice try,” BB said as he pushed down on Keller’s arms, brought the middle rope up, and tied Keller’s arms into the ropes.
    BB stepped back to look at the fully exposed Keller. He walked to Keller, got on a knee, and lifted and then pushed Keller’s leg behind the lower rope. He started to do that with Keller’s other leg, but Keller was struggling and made it difficult. BB gave him a swift uppercut to his nutsack. Keller went limp and BB tucked the leg behind the lower rope.
    BB stood back and rubbed a fist into the palm of his hand. He took some fast steps and rammed his fist into Keller’s gut. He rubbed his knuckles and did it again. He liked the kid’s body. He stood in front of Keller and ran his hands over Keller’s pecs. He massaged with increasing strength, then put an arm behind Keller and drove knuckles in Keller’s nips. He covered the nip with his mouth, licked it a little, then bit it hard. Keller’s body writhed, but he had nowhere to go. His teeth still biting Keller’s nip, BB explored Keller’s chest and found the other nip. He squeezed it. Twisted it. Keller howled in pain.
    BB let go and landed a hard fist on Keller’s gut. He liked to see Keller’s big cock bounce around as he gut punched Keller harder and harder. He punched lower and took hold of Keller’s cock. He held it against Keller’s body and hit it hard, knuckles first. He grabbed the cock of twisted it, then slapped it hard from side to side. He made a fist and steadied Keller’s cock in top of it. He made a fist with the other and slammed it on Keller’s shaft. He hit with the fist under it. He looked up. Keller was watching.
    “Like that shit?” BB asked, still playing with it. He licked Keller’s cock, then bit into it like he was going to bite it in two. “He likes it,” BB said as he flicked Keller’s cock out of his mouth. “But I know what I like.” He grabbed Keller’s aching ballsack and squeezed tight. He pulled down and snapped at them with his fingers. He wound up pounding them with his fist.
    “Well, that’s enough warm-up,” BB said as he stood and loosened Keller’s arms. He pushed against the top rope and Keller fell to the mat, his feel still on the lower rope. BB grabbed them and pulled them into a Boston crab. He pulled back hard. He didn’t care whether Keller was tapping out or just hitting the mat in pain. He pulled back harder, let one leg go, and punched Keller’s balls. Keller didn’t know what hit him.
    “Submission or knockout,” BB said. “You want to play some more?” There was no answer. BB stood up and kicked Keller’s body onto his back. He bent over and grabbed Keller by his cock and balls, one hand, squeezed tight, and lifted him off the canvas. “Get up,” BB yelled, and let Keller’s ass drop to the mat. He pulled Keller up by his cock and balls again. “Get the fuck up!” He pulled up harder. Nothing. He let go. He picked up Keller’s head and dropped. Nothing.
    “Well, guess what, you fuckin’ punk. I fuckin’ own you.” He rolled Keller onto his stomach and raised Keller’s hips. “I’ve been wanting to fuck your little ass since first time I saw it.” He spit on his hand and rubbed the spit on his cock. He spit again, this time on his fuck finger. He spread it around Keller’s once-reluctant hole. Once more on his cock and he plunged his huge cock up Keller’s relaxed ass. It didn’t take long for BB to cum…he always liked destroying another sex warrior and pain fucking was his favorite reward. His cum long and pleasurable. He kept plowing Keller’s hot ass and decided he was through. He pulled his cock out and slapped Keller hard on his ass.
    “Thanks, fucker. That’s was fun.” He walked to the ropes, then walked back for one more boot kick to Keller’s balls. Keller fell to his side. “That’s my boy. We should do this again.”

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