The Battle to Be the Best: Heel

Brooklyn Bodywrecker did not take kindly to Kayden Keller’s expressed intention to unseat him as the hottest erotic heel in BG East history. BBW took the victory in the voting by 2-to-1. I never find Kayden sexier than when he has to dig his way out of a deficit, but he just couldn’t stand the onslaught of BBW’s sadistic erotic offense. Read David’s blow by blow of the action in the comments, because it’s dizzyingly hot. I picture the climax of this face-off including Kayden choke slammed repeatedly, and then spreadeagled across the ropes, hanging in a corner. BBW milks Kayden’s battered cock, and then force feeds him his own. I think he could knock Kayden out at will, but BBW wouldn’t be satisfied until Kayden has submitted, body and soul, pledging to obey his new daddy until the day he dares make another run to beat him in the ring. BBW hoists his new boy over a shoulder, spanking his naked ass as he leaves the ring room with a new acolyte.

On the one hand, who in the fuck can unseat BBW? On the other hand, have you seen the deep bench of nasty ass heels in the homoerotic wrestling business?! For the next match-up, I’m picturing a stark contrast of size, strength, and style to see if a super-popular pro-heel turned homoerotic legend can get under BBW’s skin. Kayden pulled off an upset in taking the BG East title as Best Heel from multi-winner Jonny Firestorm, so let’s see if Jonny can get double redemption here today.

On the left, defending his claim on the title, muscle bear daddy Brooklyn Bodywrecker  (5’11”, 190 pounds) vs. on the right, Jonny “the Ballbasher” Firestorm (5’5″, 145 pounds).

The first to wring out a submission or knockout in the ring advances, but the real fun is in how it goes down. So vote here, and share your ideas about what turns the tables one way or the other.

One thought on “The Battle to Be the Best: Heel

  1. He’d never admit it, but Jonny Firestorm owned every Brooklyn Bodywrecker DVD.
    Brooklyn Bodywrecker liked to jerk off watching Jonny Firestorm destroy some random pretty faced sex boy.
    They knew each other’s moves. Both heels looked forward to this fight and fucking the shit out of the loser.
    “You really need that thing?” the naked Brooklyn Bodywrecker (BB) said as he jumped over the top rope. His boots hit the canvas with a thud. “I’m gonna strip it off you anyway.”
    Firestorm looked at BB’s hard, long cock. He rubbed his package roughly. “I wouldn’t want you to have any fun,” he said, and he bent over lowering his speedo. He lifted one leg to take the speedo off. He heard boots running toward him. He was precariously off-balance as he stood up, back against the corner. BB landed his shoulder hard into Firestorm’s abs. It drove Firestorm’s ass into the pole. BB wrapped an arm around Firestorm’s head and in one motion pulled Firestorm out of the corner, into the air, and smack on his back on the canvas.
    “Still got your jockstrap on,” BB said as he drove the heel of his boot into Firestorm’s stomach. “You should take it off, shit head. It might get in your way.” With that, BB reached down. He wrapped his hand around Firestorm’s arm and lifted him. He pulled Firestorm’s arm around neck, smacked his other hand on Firestorm’s firm ass, and lifted him like a bag of feathers. He held Firestorm overhead and threw him on the canvas. Firestorm bounced up. He propped himself with one hand while trying to rub his back with the other. BB landed a hard kick to Firestorm’s ribs, which threw Firestorm to the mat. BB walked to Firestorm’s feet, grabbed them, pulled them up, spread his legs, and drove the heel of his boot into Firestorm’s balls. He stomped on them again and ground his heel into the nutsack. Firestorm sat up, howling, and tried to pull BB’s heel off his balls.
    BB let go of one of Firestorm’s legs, fell, and drove his head into Firestorm’s helpless balls. He fell back to the mat. BB got up, grabbed Firestorm’s feet and dragged him to a corner. He started to lift Firestorm’s legs up to the top rope, but Firestorm jerked his body up and landed a powerful uppercut on BB’s balls. The big man staggered and held on to a rope as he rubbed his balls.
    Firestorm kicked his legs over his head and rolled away from the corner. He stroked his cock looking at BB rubbing his balls. He knew he had to take advantage of the moment. He stood. BB watched him and rubbed his balls some more. Firestorm lunged at him as BB walked out of the way. BB was playing possum, and he was surprised Firestorm didn’t know it. Firestorm fell against the middle rope trying to get BB. BB walked behind Firestorm and kicked Firestorm’s balls from behind. He grabbed Firestorm’s neck and turned him around. He tossed Firestorm onto the rope and smashed his fist into Firestorm’s jaw. He punched him with his other hand and landed a fierce uppercut under Firestorm’s chin. Firestorm lifted his leg and tried to land his knee into BB’s balls, but it didn’t do much.
    BB took hold of Firestorm’s arm and whipped him into the corner. He landed chest first and bounced off the turnbuckles. BB stopped him from falling backward and threw against the corner. He reached around Firestorm, started to jerk Firestorm’s cock, and cooed into Firestorm’s ear, “Oh, I bet that’d feel good up my ass.” He squeezed the cock he was pleasuring, tighter, changed his grip and used his fingernails to jerk it some more. “It’s just you won’t be doin’ the fuckin’. Not this time, shit head.” He wrapped his other arm around Firestorm’s waste and got hold of his cock. He held Firestorm’s cock tight against the turnbuckle and drove fist after fist into it while rubbing his hairy chest against Firestorm’s back and his cock between Firestorm’s firm ass cheeks.
    Firestorm waited until he felt BB’s balls rub his ass and pushed BB off him and landed on him as BB hit the mat. Firestorm scooted his ass up BB’s body a bit and kicked BB’s balls with his heel again and again. BB yowled in pain. He lifted his torso enough so he raked his fingers over Firestorm’s eyes. Firestorm grabbed at his eyes and rolled off BB, who gripped his hurting ballsack with his hands.
    “No rules, you stupid fucker,” BB said as he got to his knees. “No. Fuckin’. Rules.” He inched away from Firestorm and got to the ropes. He pulled himself up. He was hurting but he couldn’t pass up this opportunity to show Firestorm who was the better heel, who deserved the championship.
    He bent down and dragged Firestorm back to the corner. He slowly lifted Firestorm so his arms wrapped over the top rope. BB nodded his head and slammed his fist into Firestorm’s gut. BB really liked the feel of those abs. He did a minute of relentless gut punches. Firestorm looked like he couldn’t believe he could lose. BB pressed his chest against Firestorm’s as he pulled down on Firestorm’s arms. Firestorm lifted his knee into BB’s balls. Nothing. BB slammed his fists into Firestorm’s midsection again. He grabbed Firestorm’s hands, pushed a boot in Firestorm’s nuts, and let himself slide down until he sat on the mat. He looked up at Firestorm and asked, “That enough for you?”
    Firestorm managed a “no.”
    “Fine with me,” BB said as he pounded his boot into Firestorm’s nuts and ground it in. “This is pretty comfortable for me. Hey. Look at my balls. They’re so close to your foot. Drive your boot into my nuts like I’m doing to you. They’d love it.” Firestorm knew he couldn’t.
    “Well, enough of this sittin’ around,” BB said as he hopped back and stood. “I got an ass to fuck.” He took Firestorm’s arms off the ropes and pulled him to middle of the side’s ropes. “I was thinking about this last night, ’cause I knew you wouldn’t pass out. You’re too tough for that. But how do I get my old fuck buddy Firestorm to give up?” He gave Firestorm a chop across his chest. “Know what I’m saying?” Another chop. “And then I got it.” One more punishing chop and he turned Firestorm so he faced the ropes.
    He tossed Firestorm’s arms over the top rope. He jerked Firestorm’s cock a couple of strokes, patted Firestorm’s balls and bent down. He brought the lower rope up and wrapped it over Firestorm’s cock and balls. Firestorm screamed. BB jiggled the middle rope. Firestorm was too weak to get his arms off the top rope.
    “Never thought of this one, did you?” BB asked as he pulled the ropes up and let go. “I wasn’t sure if it’d work.”
    Firestorm was close to passing out from the pain. BB punched at the ropes. Firestorm had never felt this pain. BB kept a grip on the ropes. “How’re you doin’?”
    “Stop it!” screamed Firestorm. “I give! I fuckin’ quit! Stop it!”
    BB knew Firestorm would never stop punishment right away. Hell, BB wouldn’t stop punishment right away. He bounced the ropes.
    “What’d you say? I couldn’t hear you ’cause of all the screamin’ in here.” BB hit the ropes again.
    “I submit! Just fuckin’ untie me!”
    “You submit? You submit what?” BB pushed on the ropes.
    “Sir! I fuckin’ submit SIR!”
    “That’s better. Every fuckin’ shit head slut should know his place.” He opened the ropes and freed Firestorm’s now huge balls and still hard cock. He pulled back on the top rope and sent Firestorm sprawling on his back.
    “Other way,” BB commanded. Firestorm didn’t move. “On your stomach, shit head!”
    Firestorm turned over slowly.
    “That’s better,” BB said He grabbed Firestorm’s hips and pulled his ass up. Smacked each cheek hard. Firestorm yelped. BB hit him again. “You like that, shit head?” He poked his long, hard cock around Firestorm’s ass. He spit on his cock and rubbed it around. He spat again. “I don’t want to hurt myself,” he said as he started ramming his steel-hard meat up Firestorm’s ass. He got into fucking and slammed his hips against Firestorm’s ass. Harder and harder and a slap on Firestorm’s ass cheeks. He liked the sound and it made him fuck even harder. He could feel himself ready to cum. He pounded against Firestorm’s ass even harder. He shoved his cock hard against Firestorm’s ass, pulled Firestorm’s ass even closer, and arched his back. No doubt, this was a fuck he’d been looking forward to, a climax he’d remember.
    He kept his cock in Firestorm’s cock holster for a while. As he pulled out, he asked, “Do you rent yourself out for parties?” BB began to get on his feet. You should. You got a good, hard ass there” and smacked it again. He stood up and put a boot under Firestorm’s ribs and rolled him on his back. “’Course, word gets around about this one, you’ll have to find some way to pay the rent,” he said as piss gushed from BB’s victorious cock, “’cause this Firestorm is definitely out.”

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