The Battle to Be the Best: Heel

Some of the notoriously fierce Jonny Firestorm fans couldn’t help themselves but register their votes for Brooklyn Bodywrecker. That’s serious endorsement for BBW to keep rolling through the BBB heel competition! Check out David’s full force fuck stakes heel bash match description in the comments. I picture this as BBW in control the first and last thirds of the match, with Jonny working some of his pro heel magic there in the middle. But in the end, torture racked and cock throttled, sweat and tears pouring off him, Jonny cries and begs until BBW has added him to his stable of daddy’s boys. BBW collars him with a leash and makes him crawl on his hands and knees behind him as they leave the ring room.

While BBW has had his way with a couple of vicious heel cubs, how does he do against another undefeated, massively muscled notorious bear daddy? And who fits that bill better than Dirty Daddy himself, Guido Genatto? You have to ask yourself what the chemical composition would be when high impact indy pro power squares off against a legendary master of sadistic homoerotic domination. What do you answer?

On the left, defending the title for the third time, muscle bear daddy Brooklyn Bodywrecker (5’11”, 190 pounds) vs., on the right, Guido “Dirty Daddy” Genatto (5’10”, 235 pounds).

Not that it needs to be repeated, but their are no rules, no ref, and knowing these two guys, no common decency. Just a ring, and the open question of who secures a submission or knock out to advance his claim to be the best heel of them all? Vote here, and comment below how you see this daddy-down playing out.

One thought on “The Battle to Be the Best: Heel

  1. “Hey! They let you outta the old fucks’ home,” Genatto sneered. “Did they leave the wheelchair? ’Cause you’re gonna need one.”
    “Well if it ain’t ol’ pizza face,” the Brooklyn Bodywrecker (BB) said as he entered the ring naked. “Where’re you hiding that big ol’ Italian salami? I like havin’ a sub for lunch.”
    “Oh, fuck you, fag,” Genatto said, rubbing his growing package.
    “Fag?” BB stood in the corner and laughed. “You talk to your fuck buddy Firestorm lately?”
    Genatto didn’t have a comeback and rubbed his rapidly expanding package.
    “He tell you how I put out his fire?” BB asked.
    Genatto squeezed his balls.
    “Ah, fuck it. How about a little roshambo for a warm up?” BB suggested. “You can keep your panties on, if you want.”
    Genatto stripped fast. And his meat certainly could compare to a salami. He stroked it as he kicked his speedo from his feet. He walked to center ring.
    “I’m the champion, so I go first,” BB said. Genatto widened his stance. BB took aim and blasted Genatto’s balls with his boot. He staggered back a little, rubbing his balls. “Now it’s your turn,” BB said as if he was talking a child.
    BB stood with his legs spread wide. His big cock bobbed around, his balls still a little large from yesterday, his knees bent, his back arched so his junk stood out proud. Genatto dropped to his knees and smashed BB’s balls with a powerful uppercut.
    BB got a rush of pain, exactly what he wanted. He bounced on his feet. “Nice,” he said, briefly rubbing his balls. “Hope that wasn’t your best shot.” His hands around Genatto’s throat choked the challenger as BB pulled him to his feet. “It was real nice, though. Kinda like this,” BB said as he lifted Genatto high and pushed the challenger on his knee as BB dropped to the canvas. Not even on his thigh; both balls on BB’s knee. Genatto involuntarily gasped from the impact. “How about another?” BB squeezed his arms around Genatto’s waist. Before he raised Genatto’s body, he rubbed his hard, tough cock around Genatto’s firm ass. “Oh, that’ll be sweet.” BB pushed Genatto up and again pushed Genatto on his knee. He let Genatto fall to the mat. “Your turn,” he said to the curled up Genatto.
    He pulled Genatto up by his throat. Genatto propped a hand on the canvas. BB raked his boot hooks across Genatto’s face. BB laughed and did it again, figuring Genatto couldn’t do anything. Instead, Genatto grabbed BB’s balls and pulled. BB let go of Genatto’s head, but Genatto didn’t let go of BB’s balls. He held them tight as BB let go of his head, which dropped Genatto almost to the mat and helped him pull and squeeze harder. He pulled harder as he positioned himself under BB’s balls. He held on with one hand and drove his fist into BB’s ballsack with the other. Fist after fist and he still held BB in place. BB tried to pry Genatto’s hand from his hurting nuts.
    Adrenaline rushed through Genatto’s body. He let go of BB’s nuts and with his iron-hard knuckles smashed the champion’s red nuts practically into his stomach. Genatto stood and faced BB.
    “Your turn, fuck face,” Genatto sneered. BB stood and couldn’t move. “No?” asked Genatto as he grabbed BB’s arm and threw him into the ropes. BB almost fell, but Genatto met him with a clothesline that felt like it took BB’s head off. BB fell back on the top rope. Genatto grabbed that arm and pulled it under the rope and gut punched BB until it looked like he was going to puke.
    Genatto let go of BB’s arm and gave him a couple of rib-breaking chops across BB’s pecs. BB grimaced as he reached Genatto’s balls and squeezed tight. He saw some blood on Genatto’s face from the boot hooks. He squeezed harder. Genatto’s arms were down with his hands trying to get BB’s nut strangler loose. BB pulled down on Genatto’s balls and Genatto howled in pain. He kept his hold on Genatto and turned him so Genatto’s back was on the ropes. BB pulled down even harder and Genatto started howling louder until BB grabbed Genatto’s pec and squeezed. BB’s smile came back as he punched Genatto’s nip with his knuckles. Still applying his nut strangler, BB focused on Genatto’s other nip and bit it hard and long as his fingers squeezed and punched the other one. Yes, BB thought, enjoy it.
    BB drove his knuckle into Genatto’s nip, bit the fuck out of the other, then stopped and let go of Genatto’s balls. He grabbed an arm and flung Genatto across the ring, but the challenger dropped to the canvass before he got there.
    “Let me help you,” BB said. He pulled Genatto to the ropes and draped an arm over the lower rope. He dropped to the mat, driving his elbow into Genatto’s arm. BB got to his knees, held Genatto’s wrist firmly to the rope and punched the same spot harder and harder. Genatto struggled. “Oh, no, you stupid fuckin’ shit,” BB said. He ducked through the ropes, grabbed Genatto’s arm, and dragged him over the lower rope. Genatto tried kicking, but his feet came nowhere near BB. He grabbed Genatto’s legs…one over the low rope, one under, and pulled him so Genatto’s balls squeezed against the rope. BB jumped up on the apron, now with Genatto’s feet in hand, put his feet on the edge of the apron, and fell back, trapping Genatto’s balls against the rope. BB pulled and released a little, then fell back again, Genatto’s balls and cock trapped, pulled, almost smashed.
    Finally, BB let go and ducked between the ropes. Genatto was seriously curled up, moaning, whimpering, his hands uselessly cupped around his nads. “How’s the salami and meat balls?” BB asked. Moans were all he heard. “I thought you’d never ask,” he said as he pulled hard on Genatto’s injured arm, pulling him up against the ropes. BB figured he had enough strength to do one of his favorites. He punched Genatto’s arm, stood in front of Genatto, who tried to raise his leg to bang BB’s balls and couldn’t do more than tap them. “That’s fuckin’ pathetic,” BB said, stroking his huge cock. He slapped Genatto’s back and forth, held it with on hand and threw a couple of punches with the other. He gave Genatto a couple of chops. Genatto spread his legs a little to balance himself. BB smiled and rested his foot on the middle rope.
    “Wanna try that ferocious bust again?” BB taunted. Genatto could barely get his foot off the mat. “Maybe this’ll help,” and BB raked his boot hooks over Genatto’s swollen balls. BB ripped his boot hooks over Genatto’s balls until his foot hit Genatto’s ass. He lowered his boot and then drove the boot hooks into Genatto’s balls. He put his boot under Genatto’s balls back to Genatto’s ass and firmly pulled Genatto toward him.
    “How you doin’, boy?” He turned Genatto around, grabbed his neck and slid his other hand roughly between Genatto’s legs. BB wasn’t sure he still had the strength to lift this fucker, but he did have the desire to finish Genatto off. He lifted Genatto, dropped to the canvas and let Genatto drop on his back across BB’s well-muscled thigh. He pushed Genatto’s head down so it almost touched the canvas. With his other hand, he massaged Genatto’s still-swelling ballsack. Genatto’s long, thick cock bounced around on his red gut.
    “Have I been ignoring you, little guy?” BB asked Genatto’s cock. “I’m sorry.” He raised his arm high in the air and then drove his fist into the shaft. He let go and the cock bounced around again. “You like that?” BB asked. BB pushed hard on Genatto’s chin to make sure he was secure, then grabbed Genatto’s cock. He twisted it and bent it as much as he could, squeezed it with his fingernails, and pushed it down to the big ballsack. He used the heel of his hand to push it against the nuts, rubbed it over Genatto’s balls, pushed down on Genatto’s chin, let go of the cock, and, when it smacked into Genatto’s red belly, he punched it couple more times. “Feel better?”
    BB moved his hand and covered Genatto’s balls. He felt one nut and squeezed it, released it, squeezed some more, harder, then found the other and did the same. He made a fist and battered the balls over and over, and then cum gushed out of Genatto’s cock. BB pounded the aching balls and more cum flew out onto Genatto’s stretched-tight chest. “You like that, little guy?” BB asked the still-spurting cock. “Do you have more?” BB pounded Genatto’s balls some more. No more cum, but Genatto was still screaming from the pain.
    “So, now who’s the fag?” BB asked as he lifted Genatto off his thigh and threw him to the mat. “All that yellin’ and screamin’…and then you come in front of another guy? Sounds kinda faggy, if you ask me.” He stood and kicked Genatto in the ribs. “Had enough, fag?” BB said “fag” in a way that sounded like he never wanted to hear that word said like that again. “You gonna give up like your fag friend did yesterday?” He kicked Genatto’s ribs again. “I’m askin’ you a fuckin’ question, fag.” He never used that word like that and now he couldn’t stop. He grabbed the sore arm and pulled it hard. He dropped to the mat driving a knee on target. With both hands firmly on Genatto’s wrist and body, he swung up and drove his knee on target. After a few more knee drops on what was becoming quite a bruise, BB stood up, kept his grip on Genatto’s arm, and dragged him to a corner. Genatto made sounds that pleased BB.
    “You know, I fuckin’ really hate you right now.” Genatto was still on his stomach. “You’re all mister tuffy-wuffy…’til today, motherfucker.” He hoisted Genatto’s legs over the top rope. “Until fuckin’ today.” Genatto tried to power a fist into BB’s balls; his arm ran out of steam before his fist could reach the target. “Seriously? I mean, fuckin’ seriously?” BB kicked him in the stomach.
    “I don’t blame you bustin’ the pretty boys’ balls,” he said with a hard fist to Genatto’s balls. “I always kinda like that, too.” Another fist. “And I hope you like fuckin’ their brains out after.” Another fist. “I always do.” Another fist. “Nice, pretty asses to go with those pretty faces.” Another fist. “But you don’t call me or anybody a fag.” A harder punch. “You don’t” punch “call us” punch “fags.” BB jumped up on the low rope and sprang off, giving his fist a much more powerful blast. He climbed to the middle rope, jumped up and landed a knee on Genatto’s blue and purple balls. “You” punch “don’t” punch “say that” punch “to anybody” two punches. Another volcano of cum erupted from Genatto’s battered cock. “Well, ain’t you lucky, little guy. I bet you haven’t cum twice in one day for a while.” He lifted Genatto’s cock away from his body and licked the cum off its head. He licked the shaft, then bit his meat hard. “That ain’t no salami.” He took Genatto’s legs off the top rope and twisted his body so Genatto was on his back. He yanked Genatto’s legs open wise. No reaction. He put Genatto’s knees on his shoulders. Genatto didn’t move. BB started to poke at Genatto’s hole and looked at Genatto’s knocked out body in front of him.
    “Do you know if cum makes a good lube, little guy?”

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