The Battle to Be the Best: Heel

I thought Kid Vicious was going to dethrone Brooklyn Bodywrecker, when he jumped out to an early lead in the voting. But BBW started to slowly pull away, and KV just wasn’t able to reel him back in. I don’t weigh in so forcefully most days, but I have to say that I voted full heartedly for KV, and I have a searing image of him pounding the fuck out of BBW’s back in an OTK, and working his cock and balls with both hands and his mouth until he’s drained him dry. Since submission by emission isn’t spelled out in the rules, however, I suppose I can forgive KV for prematurely celebrating the victory, dumping BBW off his knee and backing into a corner to demand BBW service his monster cock in return. BBW plays along with the misunderstanding, climbing out to stand on the ring apron and wrap his arms around KV from behind, violently throttling his Louisville slugger, before he suddenly snaps on a sleeper and rag dolls KV until he’s knocked out cold.

The ranks of heels who could seriously challenge Brooklyn Bodywrecker are shrinking. One challenge he hasn’t faced yet is the diabolical mystery of a notoriously nasty heel in a mask. I’m pulling out the signed photo of Cage Thunder I possess and kissing his crotch for good luck as he climbs into the ring and lowers the boom on the reigning champ.

On the left, muscle bear daddy Brooklyn Bodywrecker (5″11, 190 lbs) vs. the masked terrorizer Cage Thunder (5’11”, 180 lbs).

Which sadistic legend wrings out the other? Vote here, and comment below to describe how you see this breaking one way or the other.

2 thoughts on “The Battle to Be the Best: Heel

  1. “Are you fuckin’ kiddin’ me?” Cage Thunder laughed. “They told me I had nothin’ to worry about, but…Depends?”
    The Brooklyn Bodywrecker stood in his corner.
    “I got nothin’ between this bikini and my cock,” Cage Thunder (CT) laughed as he rubbed his cock and balls. “Call it a day, you old fuck.”
    The Brooklyn Bodywrecker (BB) remained silent, hands on the ropes and stretching forward. His cock and balls had been brutalized the last couple of days and he wanted to keep them safely inside for a while.
    CT walked to center ring. “You here for gym class or are we gonna fight?”
    BB lowered his arms and fast as a bolt of lightning, CT kneed threw his body against BB, shoving him hard into the turnbuckles and landing an elbow into BB’s face. CT slugged BB’s gut and pulled his head into a side headlock. He started to run, but BB grabbed the ropes. CT let go of the headlock, turned around, and threw a hard punch onto BB’s jaw. He grabbed BB’s head again and hauled him to center ring. His arm was firmly around BB’s throat as he landed on his ass, driving BB’s face into the canvas and his forearm into BB’s throat.
    CT stood and grabbed BB’s arm. He hauled the champ to the ropes, picked up BB’s head, and threw him, throat first, into the rope. CT straddled BB’s massive back and pulled the rope back, choking BB. He used his hand to hold BB’s head still as he pulled the rope, bounced on BB’s back, and getting a nice hard-on, too. He pulled BB’s head back and threw a drove a powerful fist into BB’s forehead. He held BB’s throat against the rope and bounced again.
    “You shittin’ your Depends yet?” He reached back and swatted BB’s ass.
    BB changed his grip on the rope and pushed it forward. He leaned into it and started pushing up on his knees. He grabbed the top rope and stood, CT falling on his back.
    “You want me to shit on your fuckin’ face?” he yelled at CT. Instead, he dropped to the canvas elbow first, driving it into CT’s belly. He got on his knees and pounded CT’s body…fists, elbow, forearm. He stood and stomped on CT’s belly. He walked to CT’s feet, grabbed his ankles, pulled them up and parted them.
    CT figured it was nut kicking time. He was wrong. He drove the toe of his boot into CT’s thigh repeatedly, kicking a little lower each time. He saw CT’s cock and balls aching to get out. BB kicked CT’s leg again, then drove his heel into CT’s balls. He kicked CT again and again. He turned CT’s body his back and raised CT’s leg. He punched hard where he’d used his boot before. BB was getting off on CT’s yelling, so he grabbed CT’s package hard and squeezed even harder. Let CT’s leg drop to the mat. He kicked BB’s ass a couple of times.
    “Why the fuck are you even wearing this?” BB asked as he pulled CT’s bikini off. He rolled CT onto his back. He rolled CT’s body slightly, shoved his hand between CT’s legs and squeezed his neck as he raised CT’s struggling body overhead. He slammed CT on the mat. BB growled as he straddled CT’s body, grabbed his chin, and pulled back. CT was in pain. He rocked on CT’s back, pulling CT’s head back father each time. BB held CT’s head in place by slipping his fingers under the hood. He raised his other arm, made a fist, and landed knuckle after knuckle fists into CT’s forehead. The hood proved perfect. He stopped punching CT and slid that hand under CT’s mask, too. Much easier to lean back and rip CT’s head off. He landed a form on CT’s head and let him drop. BB stood and stomped his boot into CT’s back repeatedly.
    “About time you boys got some air,” he said as he walked to the corner. He slid his leather strap down to his feet. He grabbed at the waist of his tights and pull them down. His giant cock bobbed around and BB massaged his balls. “I thought you guys’d like that.” He walked toward CT’s writhing body.
    “Ready for Round 2, oh scary hooded one?” BB asked as he scooped CT up by his throat and his nuts. He bent CT’s back as he squeezed CT’s balls. BB walked to a corner and as he flipped CT’s body, he stood on the lower ropes and jumped high as CT. CT’s back landed on the top turnbuckle. BB stood on the middle rope, jumped high, and drove his knuckles into CT’s guts. He grabbed CT’s cock and smacked it around. He liked confusing guys by giving them a blowjob and then a solid punch to the nuts. But this was CT, so he grabbed CT’s cock and bit the head hard. He pulled on CT’s balls and bit some more. CT cried out. He changed his position a little so he could use his back teeth on CT’s now very hard shaft. He still pulled CT’s balls. He stopped, climbed onto the rope again, jumped and crashed two fists into CT’s red gut. CT folded in half and fell from the top turnbuckle.
    “Hey, should I give you a chance?” BB yelled at CT, still on the mat. “You know, one fuckin’ tough leather guy to another?” CT only moaned. “You should stand up first.” BB leaned over CT. “You should be standin’,” and he wrapped his furry arms around CT’s waist, hauled him by his waist, and banged CT’s head into a turnbuckle. “Oh. Sorry, motherfucker.” He pulled CT into a standing positioned and jerked his arms into a reverse bear hug. Since they were the same height, BB made CT’s collide with BB’s steel-hard rod. “Ouch, honey, that hurts.” He laughed as he fell to the mat, driving CT’s balls onto BB’s knee.
    “That didn’t work,” BB said, shoving his fingers under CT’s hood. He pulled…no intention of unmasking him because, really, who gave a fuck?…and CT clawed at BB’s hands so he wouldn’t take off the mask. BB felt a light kick on his balls. “Oh, right. Fuck. I forgot.” He grabbed CT by the throat and threw him to the mat. He grabbed CT’s ankles and pulled them up and spread his legs wide. “You remember which leg it was?” BB repeated kicked CT’s leg. “Or was it this one?” CT howled as BB drove the toe of his boot into CT’s already bruised thigh. “This one, huh?” He kicked it a couple of times, wrapped his arm around CT’s leg, fell to the mat, and drove fist after cement-like fist into CT’s thigh. As he was about to stand, BB saw CT’s junk. He drove his head into CT’s balls, then licked them and tugged at CT’s cock. “Nah. You probably taste as good as you fight.” He used CT’s balls to stand up.
    He jumped on CT’s midsection. He saw CT’s cock bob around from the impact. He drove his heel into CT’s cock, making more pain for CT’s gut. He kicked, ground his heel into it. CT tried to grab BB’s leg. BB turned around and picked CT’s head. He brought it up to cock level, grabbed the back of CT’s hood, and ground his cock and balls into CT’s face. CT made a couple of tries to land a fist on BB’s balls.
    “Well, that’s about as terrifying as that hood. And it’s plastic, right? I knew you couldn’t deal with leather, but plastic?” He grabbed CT under his arms and pulled up slowly as BB’s cock and balls glided over CT’s sweaty body. He turned CT toward the ropes and leaned him against them. “Hold on tight. Otherwise you’ll be collapsed on the mat again. That’ll ruin your reputation. Knocked out by an old guy in Depends.”
    BB clenched CT’s fists over the rope. He pushed body against CT’s back. He held CT’s pecs and rubbed his hairy chest over CT’s back and he ground his cock around CT’s ass. He reached CT’s hands again and made sure they clamped tightly in the rope. He took a few steps back, then grabbed CT by the ankles, lifted CT’s legs, and with a powerful kick, he yelled his satisfaction. CT’s hands let go of the rope and his chin caught the middle rope, jerking his head back as he fell.
    “That’s for you, motherfucker.” He landed a boot on CT’s shoulder. Nothing. He hauled CT’s body to a corner. He hung CT in a good tree of woe position, easy since CT wasn’t struggling. When he finished, he licked CT’s cock and started beating off. He looked at CT’s battered body and it turned him on. He beat his meat, rubbed his cock against CT’s red abs, took CT’s cock into his mouth, let it go, stepped by, and jerked his champion cock until he came over CT’s body.
    He swooped down and grabbed the tights he’d worn. He lifted CT’s head and stuffed the tights into CT’s mouth.
    “So now you’ll know if I shit my Depends.” He walked out of the room, stroking his cock and wondering what awaited him in the showers.

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