The Battle to Be the Best: Heel

Woah. I haven’t seen Cage Thunder manhandled so completely since Mitch Colby stripped him naked and smothered him in his massive pecs. Brooklyn Bodywrecker rolled right over him, and I think David sums up the defeat perfectly with his description of Cage Thunder battered unconscious, hung in a tree of woe, and taken advantage of in his helplessness.

Again, I ask, is there anyone who can knock BBW’s muscle ass off the throne? There are plenty more heels in the business, but we’ve nearly cleared that top shelf of sadistic masters who I think could pose a serious challenge. The only heel left who I can think of who is vile enough to put BBW in his place is heel daddy himself, the magnificent hunk who basically invented the homoerotic heel, Kid Leopard.

On the left, sitting pretty and smirking, muscle heel daddy Brooklyn Bodywrecker (5’9″, 190 lbs) vs. on the right, the prototype, the Boss himself, Kid Leopard (5’8″, 160 lbs).

This is an epic showdown, so consider carefully. Vote wisely, and comment below how you see this clash of legends coming to it’s historic climax.

3 thoughts on “The Battle to Be the Best: Heel

  1. The Brooklyn Bodywrecker (BB) and Kid Leopard (KL) walked to the ring trying to stare each other down. If he wasn’t hard already, BB would have been growing some wood just looking at the Kid…he knew he was hot but not this fuckable. KL wanted to pull BB’s bruised nuts off his body and bite BB’s massive cock in half.
    As they walked to center ring, KL jumped up and landed both feet on BB’s chest. The champ staggered back. KL was up off the ring in no time landed another jump on BB’s abs. KL spun the nearly falling BB around, wrapped his arm around BB’s throat, and fell to the canvas trying to break BB’s neck. BB started to get up but was stopped by KL’s boot heel kicking BB’s forehead. BB collapsed to the mat. KL dropped to his knees, knuckles as hard as brass driving into BB’s abs. He straddled BB’s upper body, securing BB’s big arms with his legs. He sat on BB’s pecs and pulled BB’s head up to his crotch.
    “I’m gonna fuckin’ own you in about five minutes,” KL told a dazed BB. KL held the back of BB’s head so BB’s mouth was tight against KL’s balls. “Lick ’em while you can, you fucker,” KL said as he drove knuckle punch after knuckle punch into BB’s forehead. He threw BB’s head to the mat, choking BB with one hand and landing more fists to BB’s forehead. He drove a nasty roundhouse into BB’s jaw, did it again with his other hand, grabbed BB by the neck, and banged BB’s head against the mat.
    He pulled BB up on his feet. He landed a chop across BB’s chest. Still holding BB’s arm, KL drove a knee into BB’s nuts and then threw BB into a corner. He punched BB’s forehead more and tried to throw BB into the opposite corner. BB baulked and planted his feet, reversed KL’s momentum, and KL wound up in the corner. Hard. BB threw him hard enough to knock the air out of KL.
    BB grabbed the top ropes, swung back, swung forward, and kneed KL hard enough that he moaned. BB gave him a hard chop, grabbed KL’s head, dropped to his knees, and gave the Kid a snap mare. BB climbed to the top rope to land a fist into KL’s gut, but KL lifted his foot and BB landed on the heel of KL’s boot. BB clutched his balls and fell to the mat.
    KL crawled to BB, rolled him on his back, and choked him as he landed blow after punishing blow into BB’s forehead. BB tried to reach to stop KL’s choke or stop the blows to his forehead or grab anything to stop KL’s assault. KL stopped the forehead punches and let go of the choke hold, grabbed BB’s head and threw it hard into the canvas. BB’s body spasmed and KL did it again with even more force.
    The Kid walked to BB’s side and dropped to the mat landing a fist into BB’s gut. KL sat up on his knees and threw a few more gut punches and wound up with a couple of fists to BB’s balls. He stood again and grabbed BB’s hair and tugged hard. BB knew he was supposed to stand but wasn’t sure how. As he struggled to stand, he noticed a couple of red drops on the canvas. He couldn’t remember hitting The Kid, so it must be his blood.
    KL threw BB against the ropes. BB bounced off the ropes and started to fall. KL rammed his shoulder into BB’s gut and, pushing up with his hand on BB’s balls, raised BB high, delivering a pile driver that practically sent BB’s head to his balls. BB was pretty much on his stomach. KL pulled BB’s leather strap down. BB tried to raise his hips, but his cock was bent down toward his feet and he couldn’t do anything about it.
    KL grabbed BB’s hair again and pulled. BB was on a knee. He sent a fist into KL’s package. It wasn’t the hardest punch he ever threw, but it took KL by surprise. KL had stopped tugging BB’s hair and BB drove an uppercut right into the Kid’s balls. KL let go of BB’s hair. BB stripped off KL’s bikini and drove a more powerful uppercut into KL’s now unprotected balls. He grabbed KL’s cock and bit into. He sank another uppercut into KL’s balls. KL backed away. KL tried to clear his head as BB got up on his feet…unsteady but up.
    KL tried a one leg kick to BB’s gut, but he missed his mark. BB figured KL would try something like this and caught KL’s foot, twisted it, pushed hard without letting go, and watched KL fall on his back. Still holding KL’s ankle, BB fell to the mat, his forearm landing square on KL’s nuts. KL clutched his balls. BB stood up and grabbed KL’s hair and pulled hard. BB started feeling in control again. KL, still on the mat, tried to punch the champion’s nuts. Nothing landed hard. This time he seriously pulled KL’s hair.
    “Get up, you fuckin’ jerk off,” BB commanded. KL had no choice. He used BB’s thigh as support to stand. BB took the arm from his thigh, slid a hand under KL’s body and pushed up. BB had KL over his head. He walked to the rope and tossed KL on the top rope, back first. KL howled as his spine nearly snapped. BB bit hard into KL’s cock again, then grabbed KL’s legs, and flipped him off the rope and onto the apron. KL’s shoulders hit the apron; the momentum from his legs threw him to the floor.
    KL landed on his back. BB looked at the challenger for a second. He put his hand on his forehead. It hurt, but it wasn’t bleeding anymore. He ducked through the ropes. He stood on the apron and jumped, bending his leg so he could drive it into KL’s body. KL saw what was going to happen and rolled out of the way. BB’s knee hit the concrete floor full force. 190 pounds smashed against his knee. No mats. Solid concrete. BB yelled in pain.
    Seeing an opportunity, KL crawled to the apron and pulled himself upright. Steadying himself against the apron, KL kicked BB with all the force his hurting balls would let him. BB fell over on the hard floor. KL, getting some strength back, walked to the fallen sex warrior and grabbed a leg. He lifted it high and pulled it to the side. He was about to kick BB in the nuts and grind his heel. He’d grabbed the leg with the nearly broken knee. Probably involuntarily because of the pain, BB went into a spasm that kicked the Kid back. He fell, his neck hitting the edge of the apron.
    As fast as his battered knee allowed, BB crawled to the apron and managed to pull himself up on one leg. With an arm on the apron, he reached down and wrapped his hand around KL’s throat. KL was choking, gasping for air as the big guy pulled him up. KL tried to pry BB’s hand away. BB had KL’s head almost apron-level when he let go. KL’s head banged against the hard floor. BB stood on his damaged leg and, holding on to the apron and stroking his rock-hard cock, he stomped on KL’s gut again and again. KL managed to roll to his side. BB kicked the back of his head.
    BB knew he hurt, but the pain seemed to fuel his need to win this match, to prove to everybody that this little fucker on the floor may have started playing tough with the pretty boys, but BB was the master. In any sense of that word.
    He kicked KL’s head and crossed over KL’s body. KL was on his side and his whole body was exposed. BB kicked KL’s gut with the toe of his boot. He hopped a little away to reposition himself and kicked KL’s cock into his gut. BB knew KL’s stupid fucking cock loved it. So would his balls. His boot toe met KL’s balls head on. KL curled up. It’s what BB wanted. He grabbed KL’s head and pulled up. KL didn’t move, although he was still conscious. BB grabbed KL’s hair and pulled up hard.
    “No!” KL yelled…in rage, in pain. It didn’t matter. The Brooklyn Bodywrecker was in charge.
    “You fuckin’ givin’ up?” BB lowered his face and yelled into KL’s ear. “Huh?” He KL’s head. “You gonna submit, fucker?” BB rocked KL’s head all over the place.
    “Fuck you!” KL screamed.
    BB pulled KL’s head up to the apron faster than KL’s body wanted to move. Tough shit, BB thought. He kept pulling KL up, and then smash KL’s forehead against the side of the apron. KL fell on his knees, moaning. BB grabbed his hair and pulled him up again. He threw KL’s head against the edge of the apron again, and KL sank to his knees again.
    The edge of the apron wasn’t rounded and it didn’t have the mat wrapped around it. It was canvas, mat, plywood. It was perfect. BB pulled up KL’s head again, but this time he kept KL’s forehead on the apron and dragged him slowly to the corner…the corner with the rectangular pole, instead of the round pole. BB paused when he got to the corner. KL made a desperate grab at BB’s balls. BB lifted KL’s head and rammed it into the flat metal of the pole. He did it again and nearly fell over.
    “Had enough yet?” There was no answer. “Hey! Jerk off! You have enough yet?” No answer. “Me either,” BB said and tried to lift KL back up on the apron. He couldn’t do shit with his damaged leg, but he managed to lift the Kid’s legs up on the apron. He rolled under the bottom rope. He figured it’d be best if he sat on the mat and pulled KL’s body into the ring. He found it hard to believe that the fuckin’ Kid Leopard was his. He owned King Leopard and hurt too much to really take advantage of it.
    He dragged KL’s limp body further into the ring. BB looked around and thought what he’d have liked to have done with this guy. KL flinched a little. Wasn’t he knocked out? He crawled around to KL’s cock, which was still pretty hard, and his balls, which were swollen and turning purple. He got up on his good knee and asked, “You still awake?” He relentlessly pounded his knuckles into KL’s balls. “Hey! Dick head. You still awake?” He watched KL’s cock twitch. White liquid shot out of KL’s piss slit. BB pounded KL’s balls some more and watched as more cum shot out of the Kid’s impressive cock.
    “I’ve heard that this is always a good time to fuck somebody, right after he’s cum. Shame you won’t be able to tell me,” BB said as he rammed his massive cock into the Kid’s unresisting ass.

  2. Thanks for this homage to me and The BBW. And while I eeked out a very close victory, I’m very proud to be in his company and that the vote was so close. The BBW was a fully fleshed-out, always fascinating, often scary son of a bitch who always brought something new and unique to each match. The guy behind the BBW persona is an incredibly literate, erudite and caring man. And yeah, we had our mat and ring times together in private, the details of which I think I’ll keep private for now. Suffice it to say that they were memorable, to this day. I was lucky to hire The BBW to perform in “The Threepenny Opera” which I choreographed and directed. It deepened our appreciation of one another. Scott “Dark” Rogers also worked for me when I was Associate Director of the Opera Company of Boston. He appeared in the US premiere of “Taverner” by Peter Maxwell Davies.

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