The Comeback

It’s been about 16 months since I last posted, and I want to thank those of you who reached out to make sure I was doing okay. Indeed, I was fine, and am continuing to do fine. Circumstances of life overtook my best intentions to keep musing “aloud” with you here about our shared enjoyment of homoerotic wrestling.

Well, circumstances of life have once again overtaken me, and most of us, I’m sure. The demands of my work life have changed. Not exactly gone away, thank goodness. But changed. I’m following public health guidelines that keep me inside my home for all but essential trips out. While still employed, I suddenly no longer have the killer commute I did just a few weeks ago. Practically no social demands, which truth be told, isn’t so bad when you’re as introverted as I am. With so much time on my hands, you’d better believe I’ve been charging my engine watching homoerotic wrestling in unprecedented concentrations and quantities.

Scott Williams, Man-of-my-Dreams

I wasn’t exactly planning a comeback here on the blog, until I received a sweet shout out in the comments from man-of-my-dreams Scott Williams, checking in on me. Just like that, I was fully erect, with my homoerotic wrestling imagination aflame, and my thoughts turned back to the value added to my erotic musings that comes from sharing them here.

Historically, what swamps me with keeping up with the blog is my complete lack of self-restraint when I start diving down the rabbit hole of one wrestling infatuation or another. Seriously, I dare not ever actually clock the time I invest in composing posts and pouring through photos to accompany them, because I think the reality might make me rethink if this is a “healthy” obsession I have. But in the interests of enjoying the ride again, and hopefully enjoying it for some time to come before burning out, I will endeavor to keep posts brief.  Relatively speaking. I mean, if you’re new to the blog, you’re already thinking this post has gone on too long, but if you’ve surfed around these pages, you know the over-the-top lengths I can go to in chasing that dragon.

So this announcement of my comeback is illustrated by scenes of some of my favorite homoerotic wrestling comebacks. I pray to the homoerotic wrestling gods that good fortune will shine upon me, and my efforts will be even a fraction as sexually satisfying, as the return to wrestling glory of these magnificent stars.

Joe Mazetti came back loaded for bear

There was a published gap of 6 years between the last time Joe Mazetti ripped an opponent limb from limb and when he showed up in 2015 to fuck over young buck Biff Farrell in The Comeback 2.  Joe had one of the “worst” attitudes in wrestling in his storied career, but he was determined to turn over a new leaf and play it straight in his encore wrestling career. Fortunately for all of us (except Biff), Joe rediscovered his inner muscle heel, and the years did nothing but enable him to amass more mouthwatering muscle, the better to plow young Biff under. I always think of my truest self as a baby face waiting for my heel turn. Maybe this comeback of mine will see me take a brutally nasty turn to the dark side, with Joe as my patron saint.

Christopher Bruce’s comeback – not  victorious, but glorious

Sometime around 2005, Christopher Bruce returned to BG East competition after a published hiatus of about 4 years. Sure, he got his ass handed to him HARD by the human buzzsaw of Cole Cassidy in Demolition 10, but what a gloriously magnificent ass it is! Yeah, he was exquisitely humiliated, but that was precisely what saved his seat in the pantheon of homoerotic wrestling gods in the first place. If global pandemics and renewed commutes and completely unreasonable work demands and my own lack of self-control make this comeback to blogging go down in flames, I hope it will be as erotically provocative and earnestly respectful of the sport and art and science that is homoerotic wrestling as Christopher Bruce’s spectacular defeat in his return to competition.

Brad Rochelle lays a kiss of death on The Boss!

Surely the most anticipated comeback in homoerotic wrestling history was the return of legendary babyface beauty Brad Rochelle. There was a desperate drought after Brad headlined the The Contract series through it’s ninth iteration, until he showed up 7 years later to bring the bitter work stoppage to and end in The Contract 10. And what an end it was, as management and labor renegotiated their perpetually contested terms to the satisfaction of BGE fans. The reversal of fortunes made for such perfect story telling. The puppeteer boss manhandled and humiliated the handsome hunk horrifically, until the gorgeous talent battled back from the brink with, of all things, a kiss of death, using the master’s tools against him. It’s a spectacular climax to a story of epic proportions, tying up loose ends, savoring character development. There’s sweet, jaw dropping revenge as the Boss himself is abased like never before, the ultimate heel brought low by the perpetual underdog.


I can only hope my comeback is as successful at executing the long game as Brad Rochelle’s comeback was. Of course, how can I talk comebacks without extolling that of Shane McCall, or Brendan Byers, or Kieran Dunne, or…  But no. I will not burn myself out just one post into my return to blogging.  Thanks for reading and commenting.

Brad Rochelle executes the perfect comeback

17 thoughts on “The Comeback

  1. Welcome back. Had I known how to contact you I would have checked on you. I certainly have missed you. Just glad to hear your okay and doing okay in this pandemic

    1. Thanks, Steven! You can always drop me a note in the comments, if you’re ever trying to get my attention. (Polite) commenters are one of my top 10 turn-ons!

  2. Welcome back! I hope you enjoy your return to the blog, just like we all enjoy reading your great posts

  3. thank you for posting. Scott Williams is one of my all-time favorites and I had the privilege of wrestling him last summer. We both went for the signature move: head scissors and we got each other at the same time in the same hold. I hope you are doing well; I’m home bound as well during the pandemic. I haven’t been wrestling, which is driving me crazy. I can’t wait to get back to the mats and the wrestling ring.

    1. I hope you’ll understand when I say this makes me hate you, just a little. I’m not sure if I’m more jealous of you for having Scott’s head squeezed between your thighs, or for you getting to have your head between his.

      1. I don’t mind you “hating” me for that reason. I had seen Scott wrestle at Hillside Wrestling Weekend years ago but he was one of those guys who is like a magnet. Every time I saw him, some guy was wresting him. I attended Thunderdome 2019 near Boston and Scott came by Friday afternoon for some mat action. We had corresponded online prior to the event and I asked him to wrestle me. We had threatened each other online with a mutual head scissors. The match went about 10 minutes before we both ended up in each other’s scissors. I was enjoying it so much I can’t tell you who ended up winning. We were set for a re-match this summer but COVID-19 got in the way. I’m hoping to attend the event in 2021 and Scott has promised me more suffering than ever!

      2. Sorry to ruin your work day. Hehehehe. I enjoy J/O to those matches as well. I have wrestled a number of BG East stars in my day.

      3. Like I need another excuse to cut off early from work and jerk off to Scott in action! I’ll forgive you, after I’m blissed out on Matmen 12.

  4. Longtime reader here … great to see you back on the boards (so to speak)…
    Long commutes can be soul crushing so I feel ya on that!

  5. I’m late with this, but it is so freaking good to see you back! You have been greatly missed, and it’s good to know you’re okay. And Scott Williams? Drool. I got to wrestle him in Boston a while back. What a match!

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